Grand Victoria Hotel "XI GARDEN" Luxury Yilan Beijing Duck course


2014March 5Just been reopened to the Chinese restaurant "XI GARDEN"The、
"Grand Victoria HotelIt located on the second floor of "。
After the evening hotel、Along with the clock tower is lit up、
The ♪ has attracted a different shine to the day of face


"XI GARDEN"The、We provide professional chef's taste。
And the taste of China、Atmosphere
And mainly Cantonese cuisine carefully selected luxury ingredients and seasonal flavors、Guests can enjoy Chinese cuisine。
Auspicious in China is a good bird "Kikasasagi (Magpie)"Two birds with、Designed logos。
It was also attached to the name of the shop "Happiness"The characters are、"Hee (sea)"" From that overlap twoShuanshi"Also referred to as、
Meant to overlap pleasure each and、And good luck Chinese、
"Click here to to visit many happy events to guest all carried the foot"Feelings and we are rice ♪


Shop、White and black colours and、Images filled with restless comfortable, while also、
Decorated with color saturation also、A fascinating atmosphere.


Is the number of seats provided in the spacious 100 seat and、Unified with chic colours。
As a VIP room、House number 6-4 room provides private 24-capable.


On this day we have private rooms、
Sales Assistant ManagerKenji TakahashiIs going on while you translate、
Of PR Marketing ManagerElvila ChenEnclose the table with Mr. ♪


Sales Assistant ManagerKenji TakahashiAnd I both had common acquaintances also has、
I am a friend of Japanese living in TaipeiHiedaAnd I invite you、
♪ that I was taught, such as various Taipei circumstances you feel in Japanese eyes


Sales Assistant ManagerKenji TakahashiSan、
"XI GARDEN"Including、
Chinese General Executive Chef of Hong Kong peopleKevin Ho
Of PR Marketing ManagerElvila ChenSan。


Sales Assistant ManagerKenji TakahashiMr. a、
Your hobby is in the camera、Previous、"Taipei 101"The countdown Fireworks textures will be taken、
"Lonely PlanetYou have a skill enough has been adopted by "! (Terrible!)
The camera was、As her husband "Cannon"It seemed to、Now "Nikon"That is used with the。
TakahashiMr. a、Is like taking a landscape painting、Holiday go out shooting well and、Especially from Xiangshan town do you like.。
Climbers take elephant mountain is 20 minutes ' walk、The views of the city from there、
Better on the net often, great sunsets version。
The next time、I think wanting to climb during a visit to Taipei if I have time!
TakahashiSan、The rest should fit、It should come out.


Italian hotel、Steak House、
Executive Chef partitioning the Western food banquet halls, etc.Thomas ChiuWith the、
BeforehandFacebookIn communication because、Us frees to greet them! (Xie Xie! )
Unceasing of cheerful and throughout smileThomas ChiuMr. a、Was a great chef as I imagined!


"Alpine organic tea."

On this day、Yilan productionAnd full of warts using a Duck
"Truffles Cantonese roast duck " 4 before 6,257TWD
and (Japanese Yen to 4 servings at approximately 23,150 yen per 5,790 yen and very profitable!)
You will enjoy a full course!
This course is、5-In the 6 available on、And the Peking duck can be order separately。
In a large number of people sharing a duck、It's around the dinner table with even better。
During the meal、Taiwan tea in beautiful tea leaves with a refreshing scent of popular high "Alpine organic tea"We will。
It's also nice teapot、In the Cup "HappinessCharacter is drawn logo has been written of "♪



And the first change in daily on a small plate appetizer (2 kinds)、It is golden kimchi and "peanuts and dry with hot sauce.。
Small fish、Appetizer Salad is spicy, green onions and、
Golden kimchi mellow finish with eggs、2 beer look very much like it is!


"snacks Sea Garden welcome"

The last 3、Sea Garden welcome snack。
1The item is、In the mushrooms and carrots wrapped in bean curd appetizer、Also is recommended for vegetarian。
Enjoy a gentle taste to feel nostalgia along with the texture of Yuba ♪


"snacks Sea Garden welcome"

2The item is、Spicy carrot and cucumber tossed by a jellyfish appetizers。
Crunchy and then texture is irresistible ♪


"snacks Sea Garden welcome"

Pork leg meat wrapped in pork fat、Soft and moist stewed pork。
Purunpurun and the collagen is looks good also for women of skin ♪


"Truffles Cantonese roast duck"

Is the emergence of the main dish of this course meal!
In Ilan County of Taiwan's famous cherry Dack、
Spring onion and ginger、Garlic、Star anise、And then marinated in various spices and cinnamon with、
After the coated in sauce cooked in the oven、Finally crisp skin surface finish。
Old soft duck meat within 3 months of the outside is crisp and、And while juicy finish、
Chef's great in front of me。
And finished in a very sleek、It encourages appetite!


Cherie duck skin, scrape the hope、You placed the Chinese bread、
While meat and bone、With courses in cooking it!
Exactly what、Beijing duckOf it will be served in the full course and not come and exhaustive taste ♪


The high-quality thin chipped off our Peking duck fat、
Sweet will taste well elegant and melting in the mouth ♪


1Each politely staff just because he placed the Chinese bread、Good manners to wait!


Open the Chinese bread, warmed in a steamer、
Special Sauce sauce sweet face and sliced cucumbers and onion、And establishes a baked on crispy Peking duck skin.


Chinese Pan (steamed buns)、The texture of the skin of the pork buns like an sense of satisfaction.、
Peking duck wrapped skin is sweet jucie an.、Flavours of green onions、Enjoy a taste of cucumber、Is the rich flavor!


"scallops and sunfish soup"

Is the ocean Sunfish candid、Condensed flavor of dried scallop soup、
Easily and also enjoy the elegant taste while ♪


"fried duck of XO sauce source"

Using the earlier Peking duck meat、He served in the stir fry。
I loveXOIn the FRY is spicy、Closer to the bone, where it is also delicious!
Red、Yellow bell pepper and sweet pepper、With the texture of fresh vegetables, such as onion crisp.


"lettuce wraps of black truffle"

Coarsely chopped duck meat and fragrant black truffles、Fruit of the quay、Carrot、Stir fried with green peas add color。
Here wrapped in lettuce and eat、And only in the moist texture of the lettuce、
Delicious crisp texture、So if you fancy filled with deliciousness。
In Taiwan、Previous、Keelung (Geelong)But "Shrimp lettuce wraps"Whats up、
And the capacity of the lettuce wraps、Skills to create texture、And there was one taste of synergistic effect of magnesium!
Since then、Even my house is handy is wrapped in lettuce.


"When gold and silver eggs stewed vegetables"

Don't need too much in Japan、Stir-fry sweet potato leaves (leaf potatoes)、
Serve with century egg。
And century egg、Duck egg with lime、Charcoal、Salt、Tea、Clay, etc.、The coating around the egg, the aged、
Over time、Metamorphic protein and alkaline slowly penetrated inside the black egg。
That is a habit with the smell of hydrogen sulfide odor and taste、Flavor!


"Hong Kong type of duck meat fried noodles"

Peking duck meat and shredded、In the Hong Kong S.A.R.-stir-fried with bean sprouts and noodles 〆 the happy meal。
Of thin noodles is at ease eating、In the light unit。
About the cuisine here is left over、Japan is different.、So it's possible takeaway、
If you are good leaving the volume of、Let me back do not hesitate。
Then I will be、Ogoto treats followed by next day!


"seasonal dessert"

In the desserts of Taiwan、Watermelon pineapple in addition Lok (guava) will be.


"Chinese-style Suites"

Finish in desserts、Steamed bread was kneaded dough high aroma green tea、
Item with beam paste, wrapped it its was an bun。


After enjoying full course filled with crispy duck skin warts、
Friends inHiedaAnd I'm of to share their food and beverage store owner who lives in Taipei and、
Take information night in Taipei、
3Boarded a taxi in person、Zhongxiao Dunhua aspectsIn the head!
Next in line、Other stores will be eating and drinking places
The ♪ Japanese owner is the introduction of the new store has just been reopened

Grand Victoria Hotel
Location:104 Taiwan Taipei Nakayama, Takashi industries 4 channel 168 No.

Double Happiness Restaurant XI GARDEN
Hours of operation

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