"Grand Victoria Hotel" It introduces a variety of facilities for a comfortable hotel stay


"Grand Victoria Hotel"The north side、
MajesticJiannan MountainSevere、Green landscape filled with。
Jiannan MountainThe figure is the "Dragon"The has been compared、
This owner says、The hotel is exactly、Located in the middle of the abdomen Dragon per、Good luck with that。
Overlap the happy couple will be married here、Is known as very likely twins are born! (Surprise)
Actually owners like the heard and the birth of the twins in the family。
In terms of good luck、Another one、Owner of this customer's commitment、
To the street address of the address of the hotel、In the Steak House restaurant”168”Of numbers、
"N ° 168 PRIME Steakhouse"As has been。
Sync, NOERROR、”168”And a very auspicious number in Chinese。
"6 (Ryo)" is "66 large order (ryouryoudaaushiunn)" that means "all goes well", and、
Pronunciation of '8 (path)""(FA) development of"said" make money、Money-making "that words pronounced similarly、
So-called "168 (iryoupaa)" = "straight engine (iruufa)",、
And "money on the way from now on.、Would figure that is very popular in Taiwan。
Somehow feeling It is a good figure!
Also、Hotel、Wellness and business、Bridal、Event venue、And public space
Provides a variety of facilities、Hotel in enhancing the。
4Outdoor garden-floor next to the outdoor pool, equipped、
Immediately and ♪ Let's go to visit


4Garden-floor next to the outdoor pool、Because it is not the heated、Is limited in the summer、
Guest accommodation is available free of charge。
The view from the pool、Staff and illuminated at night。
European-style clock tower and is imported from the United Kingdom、The Bell was Thunder far、
Now when a big event only、The sound of the bells is exhibited。
The entrance to this、5Equipped with the latest athletic equipment on the floor
"Health Center (Health center)"For out of the aisle and down the stairs、4It is possible to arrive with the floor to here ♪

[4th floor outdoor pool]
Opening period:5Monday to the end of OctoberSummer limited use of up to (depending on temperature)
Opening hours:6 am:30-11:30/Afternoon 16:00-21:00


From the fourth floor of which has been reopened in about four years ago now "N ° 168 PRIME Steakhouse"In the previous、
Because Japan cuisine restaurant、There are some remains of Japan garden courtyard。
Now、Organic herbs are used in restaurants,
Use our outdoor garden、Is your garden!


Sales Assistant ManagerKenji TakahashiIs going on while you translate、
Of PR Marketing ManagerElvila Chen,
♪ that I was guided in the facility


Elvila ChenMr. a、Bright, bright,、
173cm tall model's such a charming woman.。
Even if you can't says too much、"The combination of her gentle, bright、From the smile has been through enough!


3On the next floor floor in Conference rooms and event Hall、
And there is also a spacious waiting area、Can rest on the sidelines of meetings and events.


Go outside and open the door to more waiting space、Continue to the terrace。
And so we wouldn't block the line of sight is through the roof、Filled with a sense of openness.


1On the floor next to the lobby、Phone、FAX、Copy、Print out、Scan、Wireless Internet、
Business card production、Books and magazines started.、Includes a Business Center equipped with various facilities and Office services。
Before business center、Is the area for a brief meeting.、It is useful!

[Business Center]
Opening hours:24Time


Private room and PC room 24 hours free use and、Affecting business.


When I opened the door next to the business centre、Become a garden deck、
While surrounded by green、Equipped with umbrella-covered tables。
Sound of water dripping from the fountain of shellfish with bright tile is healed me also feel the comfort ♪


1In the entrance lobby of the left rear、Event Hall and continue。
Flower arrangements to the tall vase is wonderful ♪


1 Floor "Grand Ballroom (Grand Ballroom)"The、Ceiling height 8 m and filled the openness、
170The venue boasts a staff of、Pillar-less space doesn't block your vision。
Banquet with a brilliant reception area, such as the United Kingdom-theater。
Capacity minimum of 24 persons-up to 450 people and become widely available, and、
Other wedding party、Available on the holding of international conferences and large events.


Behind the front counter right hand、
Has planned a wedding guest and meeting rooms。
Here you will、Filled with bridal planners originate
It is possible to assemble a romantic wedding plans。
1And garden wedding at the floor the fourth floor of the poolside garden European-style garden and the sound of the bell sounds of
As the wedding party in the banquet room plan、
You can enjoy a variety of planning ♪


Even the bridal toy、
Select, such as a gift memorable is possible ♪


3In the floor floor、Available for meetings and small parties events
Private room "Noble"Are provided.


Embroidery Peel partition gold leaf ceiling fan is Tun-Huang and and? world view、Dress like a Royal banquet。
Each room can accommodate、
16Name-about 20、And by removing the room dividers、And banquets up to up to 9 high (about 100 people)
Is also available for small wedding receptions。
The hotel provides various facilities、
Since us to flexibly to each use, it is safe!
Now、Next in line、In the hotel's popular restaurant "N ° 168 PRIME Steakhouse" introduction!

Grand Victoria Hotel
Location:104 Taiwan Taipei Nakayama, Takashi industries 4 channel 168 No.

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