Grand Victoria Hotel "N ° 168 PRIME Steakhouse" Exciting steak of aging beef !


"Grand Victoria HotelThe most popular restaurant in "
"N°168 PRIMEステーキハウス(N°168 PRIME 牛排館)"The、4Will be on the floor。
It is also a lit shop name in projector spotlight at the entrance of the floor”168”The numbers are、And good luck in the pronunciation of the Chinese numbers、
For the number that is very popular in Taiwan、Owners like the commitment、Hotel location, is。
Here's Steakhouse、In the Michelin wine version
America's"Wine Spector magazine Wine Spectator" Of "Award of Excellence"In the、
2 glassThe laurels are earned。
This award offers a wide range of regional wines, vintage wines、
Given only a restaurant fitted with condition、
Very prestigious award said.。
At the main entrance、Meet and greet at the walls of firewood that imported from the United States。
Previous、Japan restaurant in place about 4 years ago, renewed、
2011 yearThe thing from being opened as a Steak House、
It offers a steak groan aging flesh the people of the world foodie and not Taipei only ♪


Shop、Utilizing the open kitchen in the middle of the Hall and spacious open feeling、Underscoring its increased to cook in the oven、
Enveloped in the smell of cooking meat、With a tantalizing sense of live and。
French production enamel cast iron pot "STAUB"Hot steak using the provided、
The copper pot、Sturdy, high quality "Mauviel"It is a big success!
The shine on the desktop、Luxury tableware "Narumi"Has been used。
Here you will、30Name-furnished private room up to 50 people are available、
8-10 name room also has 10 rooms available。
Associates enjoy a meal、Available with a variety of applications。
(Each room every、Please check the minimum amount stipulated.)


"PRIME"="Outstanding、Top ranked"And is worthy of its name cellars、
And thoroughly manage the room temperature、Are you handling American Kobe beef and Australia produced。
In the future、Seems that is encouraging Japan beef that can be imported somehow so。
Basically45Day agingThe cooked stuff.、
Availability of meat and type、Parts、The climate "Good for eating"For the different、Day by day、Regularly checked by a chef, has been made.


The steak、Provides style wrapping firewood scent after the griddle-baked in the oven。
Firewood of oak of American production to be used not only performance aspects such as thermal and fire holding qualities
And the soothing crackling of wood、Unique elegant and aromatic smoke odors, such as highlights。
In the oak wood for use over an open fire、Remove the smell of meat and seafood and fat whiff、
Would become more expensive compared to gas and electricity.、
Will be the best way to provide high-quality food at its best。
The first burned at the teppan steak、Remains confined gravy、It is possible to smell of wood burning in the oven.


Aged meat、The first burned in the hot plate into the oven、
Leave the confines of the steak gravy、American oak firewood scent as provided。
Smoke in the oven instead of chips、And use a complete wood、
Steak marinated in Quercus acutissima Carr、Good scents、Meat flavor、Are going to so-called rich。
In here to "Grilled"The commitment、200Washington Times 'Wood StoneAnd the oven "
250Degrees or more Australian "BEECH OVENS"Of using the oven、
The ♪ has used properly by applications


Here you will、Nicknamed "Kobe (real name:Yu Houz)There are chefs that are called "!
"Kobe beef" Of "KobeIt is "(laughs)
Familiar in Japanese、Feel the love nicknames、
In the arms of his、There you can enjoy the best of aged meat.。
The launch of the original、Known as the godfather of Taiwan's Steak、
It has been working most of its major SteakhouseDeng has decanoateWas involved in the production of this、
After the independence he was also、It seems there is still his recipes and style!


"TOP CAP STEAK steak connoisseurs American selection (6 オ nn su)" 2,850TWD
(10,550 Japanese Yen)

In the menu of the restaurant、The steak is also No.1 popular menu、
Are you using valuable parts cannot be less than 10 minutes from wear on the rib-eye。
At the site in Japan, what is called the Buri、
Meat is softer than the fillet、Nice piece of rib-eye with、Especially tasty highlights。
A beautiful burning status rose color。
Compatibility with the subscript obtained garlic also would surely excellent!
This time the、But with the balance of the reservation are not expected in the restaurant、
Former football playerHidetoshi NakataAnd I'm also coming、It served in the now!
Right or wrong、Is what you want to see arms was next.


Current、At all times400The aboveThe wine cellar is stocked wine。
"Drops of GodIt is the author of "Woods stretchAnd it also is transported to、There are sign bottle。
The steak、Is still in pairing wine and enjoy!


Wine、Enjoy with a bottle is of course possible、
For those who many want to try small portions、We have completed an offer by the glass wine server.


And! And! A long-awaited second shop here of restaurants
"N ° 168 PRIME steakhouse Dunhua Museum"
2015On November 11To seePacific SOGO Dunhua Museum"So we open the、
There also Let's check it out!
Now、Next in line、2014March 5Chinese restaurant just renewed
"Double Happiness (XI GARDEN)"It is a dinner introduction in ♪

Grand Victoria Hotel
Location:104 Taiwan Taipei Nakayama, Takashi industries 4 channel 168 No.

N ° 168 PRIME Steakhouse
Hours of operation
Weekday lunch.:12:00-15:00 (Last order 14:00)·dinner 18:00To 22:30(Last order 21:30-
Weekend lunch.:11:30-15:00(Last order 14:00)·(dinner 17:30To 22:30(Last order 21:30-

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