Enjoy the wine engage in "La Cave Aburi" Japanese owners and multinational cuisine restaurant (closed)


In a back alley in Taipei's zhongxiao dunhua、originally"Tokyo Curry Shop"Where it was、
Using the new concept business model changed、
2015Two days in October.It was reopened to "La Cave Aburi」(2016Closed 1 January-。
In Tokyo and Taiwan "Tokyo Curry"Introduction、Other stores will be food and beverage outlets Japanese owner operated。
Friends inHieda.、Here he introduces Japanese owners in、
"Grand Victoria HotelChinese restaurant "
"XI GARDEN"In to testify after the dinner.。
Shop name、With recipes "Broiled' From 'Steam"And are named。
The concept is "Japanese tapas"
K.、Spain、By combining the cuisine of Mexico、
International cuisine to enjoy along with the wine mix of delicacy of Japan
It is available on tapas sense ♪


Entrance is on the side glass charm、
Shop、Surrounded by the natural wood grain、The cozy。
Lunch、"Tokyo Curry"of"Curry set" 160TWD ~ (about 590 yen ~ in the Japanese Yen)Is provided、
"Tonkatsu set meal" 280TWD (about 1,040 yen in the Japanese Yen)Also it seems to be popular!
The menu is、From Japan to Western cuisine rich in variations, and international cuisine。
It was smoked moment in straw"Champion Paella (seafood paella)" 380TWD (about 1,400 yen in the Japanese Yen)But that of the most popular!
Wine、Owner, he said、
"I want to spread the more wine in Taipei!"With love how they、
While they still have varied constantly over 80、Are provided at a reasonable price。
In addition、In the shop here、2 runners-up by competition on world tastingKure YulonMr. cleber Adviser、
Sake selection is that it。
9Over the years、Low-temperature aging.WuSeems that sharing his private stock、
In Japan it is possible to get at the shop liquor also here like unobtainable ♪


Continue to the counter and deeper into the Red chairs are memorable、
Kamado also hear about how the kitchen is provided ♪


Going further afield、"La Cave"And as we saw in the shop name
"Cellar (storage)"like"cave"In such rooms are provided。
Quietly nestled on the secluded interior location room、
10Participants can、
In the guise of cool、Space for events such as the wine a perfect!


"Louis Judd / Colton Puje Grand Cru Louis Jadot Corton Pougets Grand Cru" France Burgundy

Louis Judd company、1859Founded in the year、At the Domaine owns 154 HA vineyards、
Bordered by Charlemagne vineyard became inclined to lightly top "Les Haley" Grand Cru "of the field、
5One is surrounded by vineyards、Is a great field combines the features of both the chalky and iron-rich marl soil。
Black Ruby, vivid colours、RIM has long purple、
Rich and ripe sweetness、Thick 100% Pinot Noir bouquet、Deep、And there is the flavor of berry fruits and barrels。
You can enjoy as a wine of powerful configuration and rich fruit ♪


"A9 + WAGYU BEEF RIB LOSE" 2 skewers 320TWD
(Japan-Yen about 1190 yen)

With Australia producing high-quality WAGYU、The bite-sized skewers。
Outside the middle and crispy will feel the fine fat of sweetness to Jushi~i ♪


Current、"La Cave Aburi"The chef's、
Michelin with star restaurants you from SpanishLorenzoChef (left) and、
Paella in Mexico held contests in 2013、2014Mexico who won the annualMariaTwo chefs (right)、
While incorporating the goodness of the home country and in also it expands the multinational cuisine!
To the staff、We also staff、Also in Japan, available and secure。
The next time、Jessel in hungry!
And the Japanese ownerHiedaMr. go together intact for current and、3Go to the next meeting。
Taipei night、Still continue.

La Cave Aburi (2016Closed 1 January-
Daan District, Taipei Chung Hsiao East Road, Sec 216, Lane 32 on the 10th, Lane
Hours of operation:11:30-14:30,18:00-23:00
Closed on Mondays:Unknown (contact us)

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