Leave lunch at "la FESTA" of the "Grand Victoria Hotel" 5-star hotel


5One boasts a star "Grand Victoria Hotel"The、
China、Italian、There are 3 restaurant and Steak House。
2It is located in the floor Italian restaurant "THE PARTY"、In Italy, "Festival"That means to have、
Shown in festivals、Enjoy meals in the bright and fun atmosphere that though seems to have in mind。
Winning the Michelin one-star hotel located in the Italian Piedmont restaurants "The belief"And signed a business alliance with Italian restaurant。
Thus Taiwan's five star restaurant Michelin approved restaurant partnered with、
To develop a brand new original、Open original、For the first time in Taiwan。
THE PARTYThe、With fresh ingredients and technological excellence、Seafood and pasta、Homemade pizza,、
Traditional taste of Italy cuisine includes an ingenious freshness。
This time the、Italian restaurant "la FESTA (La Festa)"In the、Following the breakfast、
2015 yearOf Italy who has been appointed as chef toMarco Lotito (Marco Lotito)We received a Random lunch of chef ♪


Is a restaurant of the shop name "THE PARTY"The 'L' is on the left side of the logo、On the right side becomes more upside-down with the 'F'、
2One The combined is a design of being image of a hoof of horse ♪


Restaurant、In Italyシエナ(Sienna)In the name of said horse racing is a thriving city and image、
As a result、Decorated all over the store related to horses。
At the entrance、In the Taiwan artistsChen Qing Yao (Chen Ching-Ya)Decorated with the work of、
Italian motorcycle manufacturer "VESPA(ヴェスパ)"The horse made of parts、
Italy flag pattern become colorful。
Why are decorated with objets d'art of the Vespa、
"Vespa"The Writing in Chinese"Wei Shima"Next、While the horse is!
To work here、"The desire to travel around the world riding on this horse"Nice thought has been put ♪


Please see the immediate ceiling in the reception room after entering the entrance!
Horse's hooves are dotted with、Because it is a very lovely design、Not to be missed and enjoy!


The left wall on one side wine cellar filled out and、Over on the island of Sicily from North Italy Alpine regions、
Many regions from a selection of brands、Approximately half of the wide variety in the wine became the exclusive contract、
Are unique only in Taiwan。
Italy 3 is known as a large-brand "GAJA (Gaya)"、"SASSICAIA (Sassicaia)"、"SOLAIA (Soraia)"Such as、
Because the highest ranked DOCG accounted more than half、Those who love Italy wine is nice selection。
2006Wines of the year and 2007 open when there、Is priceless!


This is counter、Those who want to enjoy an aperitif or、
Bar for after dinner、We also have for supper。
For those who want to enjoy wine in small chunks、Available for ordering by the glass of the month。
Wine server that was imported from Europe "Enomatic (Enomatikku)"By providing、
Without compromising the flavor the wine by the glass and enjoy。
Wine stored temperature control is properly made and、Prices appear cheerful accounts, the wine Server、
At that time、Faster than any one in Taiwan will be introduced a revolutionary thing.


On the ceiling of the cozy restaurant atmosphere with soothing colours、
ceiling picture Taiwanese painter drew for the hotel will attract the eye!
And represent the town of Siena Italy、Is also the appearance of the clock tower in the Central、
You can ask to also as though represents the Grand Victoria Hotel ♪

lunch time
(Weekdays) 12:00-15:00、(Weekends and holidays) 11:30-15:00(Last order 14:30-
Afternoon tea
15:00-17:00(Last order 16:30-
(Weekdays) 18:00To 22:00、(Weekends and holidays) 17:30To 22:00(Last order 21:30-
Midnight snack
22:00-24:00(Last order 23:30-


This time the、From the à la carte menu、The cuisine of the chef。
Because the menus are renewed every season、Guests can enjoy a taste of every season。
First of all、Asked in a gas-filled diet during the first bottled water!



Red Star "S.Pellegrino"The logo is the Italy of the characteristics of mineral water。
Water's include carbon dioxide in water、Guests can enjoy fine carbonate and a mild throat、
It is ideal as a drink in food ♪


"N ° 168 PRIME SteakhouseIt has a staff of "Albert Fanchiang (ア ル バ ー ト)Mr. a、
AlbertMr. a、Have experience cooking school in Japan, Kobe was studying for 3 years.、
In Japan speak、All this time in charge of a translation、
Of PR Marketing ManagerElvila ChenPlease describe the cuisine along with Mr. ♪


Italian Marco Lotito (Marco Lotito) Chef

3Bill was born in the family of seafood restaurants followed by、
In Italy、Marriott and four seasons hotel、
Win the Gambero Rosso and Michelin two-star restaurant work。
Using a good seafood.、Utilizing the characteristics of each ingredients、
Italy traditional dishes based on、Cooking with more natural ingredients and。
2015In the year "la FESTA (La Festa)"On being sworn in to the chef、To the present。


It has in the Italian chefMarcoThe chef always stand in the kitchen、For the supervision of all the dishes、
While staying you can enjoy authentic Italian in Taipei ♪


Homemade bread

Focaccia with Sun-dried tomatoes、Rosemary pain、Offer three kinds of freshly baked bread with black olive Pan。
With wine vinegar and chopped olive oil olives of your choice and add the、
Also increases flavor、Taste delicious!


Cod fish mousse with polenta and balsamico
"Delicious cod mousse polenta aged vinegar" 320TWD
(Japan-Yen about 1190 yen)

In 1 dish polenta is a former traditional cuisine that Italy was arranged、
Polenta (ITO:polenta) and the、Is boiled cornmeal gruel in Italy cooking。
Dried squid ink infused bread、While using the cod of Japan、Celery、Onion、As of the stew with vegetables、
And mash with potatoes、Has endured the chives and black pepper accents, made Moose。
Polenta was arranged under the、A porridge made from corn sauce served with balsamic vinegar。
Dish and enjoy a smooth texture and crisp mouthfeel with creamy ♪


Roasted scallops with rice pie on creamy pumpkin
"Scallops ride dense black rice cakes pumpkin" 380TWD
(About 1,400 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Long for large Italy U.S. squid risotto cooked in black finish like jealous, and Foundation、
Sautéed scallop with ROE。
Add onion to squash the relit the sweet sauce。
It is a dish to enjoy the taste of fresh scallops because ♪


Soup of potatoes and chestnuts with hazelnut oil
"Chestnuts hazelnut oil potato puree" 280TWD
(About 1,040 yen in the Japanese Yen)

It is a rich thickened using chestnuts and potatoes feel the autumn
Tender and flavorful soup。
And plus its spicy aroma of hazelnut oil、
Fragrance、Draws a taste of soup filled with sweet Bacon flavor.


Another dish of soup、In situ pour me complete!


Bean soup with octopus and mussels
"Puglia white bean soup mussel octopus France" 350TWD
(About 1,300 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Fresh white beans in tomato、Celery、With carrots and other vegetables
We hung a thick soup。
Flavor increases in fixtures using the Octopus and mussels、
Fresh pasta is the Southern Italy Puglia of seafood soup with a sense of volume by entering ♪


In this homemade pizza is one of the most popular menu、
Pizza craftsman (pizza Lee Oro) and I can enjoy performance full of live feeling of homemade pizza produce is!
Directly cooked in the oven in the back、Serving freshly baked piping hot pizza.


Plenty of tomato sauce, melted cheese、
Colorful baked、Received it the aroma of pizza!


Margherita DOP : tomato, buffalo mozzarella, Basil
"Ma price Korea especially Empress arytenoid hisatsu:-Eggplant、Buffalo KIA workers、Luo Shule "TWD 500
(Yen approximately 1,850 in the Japanese Yen)

Use of cheese imported from Italy、Seeking a taste of real simple。
♪ that I was allowed to take a pizza freshly baked piping hot


Homemade pappardelle with king prawns and artichokes
"Hand broadband face large prawns artichoke" 520TWD
(Yen approximately 1,930 in the Japanese Yen)

With homemade pasta、And Pappardelle with black ink is mixed with Squid
Pasta with shrimp and artichokes with lots。
And tender shrimp in addition to a unique texture crisp artichokes、
Guests can enjoy a meet and eat was Motchiri of pappardelle ♪


Napoleon with olives, fennel and saffron sauce
"Tsing Yi oven roasted fennel saffron fish sauce" 820TWD
(Yen approximately 3,040 in the Japanese Yen)

As the fish of the day、Can you cook with fresh fish caught that morning。
Finishing with plain white fish、
With black olive sauce and saffron fennel marinated sauce。
Enjoy the Italian to healthy in accompanied obtained millet ♪


Slow cook leg of duck with chickpeas puree and vegetables
"Low-temperature cooking spices and vegetables hummus seal Yatui" 850TWD
(About 3,150 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Of Yi-LAN from the duck and cooking for a long time at low temperature vacuum、Peel roasted、When you are finished and。
Under the、Cauliflower puree、
And balanced from a duck bone soup with orange of France classic sauce。
Because it is close to the bone、This exhaustive in come and get served!


White chocolate mousse with mandarin sorbet
"White chocolate mousse orange smoothie" 300TWD
(Yen approximately 1,110 in the Japanese Yen)

White chocolate rich mousse-like finish、
Grips with the crunchy texture of the tuber、
Will be enjoying the texture of strawberries with sour。
Refreshing ♪ served with orange sorbet


Homemade Italian ice cream: vanilla, hazelnut, chestnut
"Hand righteousness 大利 冰淇淋:Herb or Haruna played possibly congratulation "250 TWD
(About 930 yen in the Japanese Yen)

The homemade ice cream or sorbet、Vanilla、Hazelnut、Over chestnut Parfait made!
It is delicious and you'll fit together while dividing the chocolate ♪


Here you will、Is sticking to the after-dinner drinks、
In the coffee、Fragrant Italian brand "LAVAZZA"That has been adopted、
Tea also of Singapore brand "TWG Tea"Has been adopted、It is recommended。
Got a delicious breakfast with coffee、The lunch to finish off dinner decided to get tea.


「WHERE Tea 1837 Black Tea」

It is known as a typical tea TWG Tea "1837 Black Tea"The、
Timeless timeless leave lingering anise caramel and ripe Berry flavours that blend。
Fragrance、Flavorful、In several layers of flavor to enjoy high-quality black tea、Enjoy a blissful time.


After the mealMarco Lotito (Marco Lotito)Chef gave us go to say hello!
MarcoThe chef、In Milan from Italy、3Dynasty as son of the restaurant followed by、
Born in a family of cooks turned。
Transmitted his love of cooking from the heart、Very friendly and niceMarcoChef is ♪


It is the owner of princessValerie LuMr. was also, please Demui to Greetings!
As you can beautiful good-lookingValerieMr. a、Japan language so fluent in、
"Japan loves ♪"And I please speak! (Happy)
Just this year also spent vacation in Hokkaido in、
I love the one Michelin star of French "KAMIMURA"ofVillage YuichiIt is the give us introduce the chef!
Because many restaurants to go to Hokkaido、
AlsoladeIt will but deliverHokkaido tourI would want to organize!
"THE PARTY"For you guys、Thank you very much for an elegant lunch.

Grand Victoria Hotel
Location:104 Taiwan Taipei Nakayama, Takashi industries 4 channel 168 No.

Reservation TEL:02-6602-5671
Zhaoshiyingye time
6:30-10:00、6 weekend morning:30-10:30
lunch time
(Weekdays) 12:00-15:00、(Weekends and holidays) 11:30-15:00(Last order 14:30-
Afternoon tea
15:00-17:00(Last order 16:30-
(Weekdays) 18:00To 22:00、(Weekends and holidays) 17:30To 22:00(Last order 21:30-
Midnight snack
22:00-24:00(Last order 23:30-

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