Breakfast at the "Grand Victoria Hotel" in the elegant five-star hotel restaurant "la FESTA"


19United Kingdom Victorian dynasty of the century atmosphere was built based on、Decorated dress with classic and modern arrangements
5One boasts a star "Grand Victoria Hotel"。
Soft morning with Yang became comfortable awakening、
Romantic English is the refreshing also enjoy hotel morning stroll in the garden ♪


Located on the second floor of the hotel Italian restaurant "la FESTA (La Festa)"Breakfast will be。
"THE PARTY"、In Italy, "Festival"That means to have、
Shown in festivals、Enjoy meals in the bright and fun atmosphere that though seems to have in mind。
Is a restaurant of the shop name "THE PARTYLogo on the left side of the "is"L"、The right side "F"Upside down and、
2One is the design of image matching horse's hoofs。
In Italy Siena (Sienna) that race is a thriving city and image、
As a result、Decorated all over the shop associated with the horse.


People why bother with breakfast in the hotel。
Was fresh and abundant kinds lined in bright eyes、The height of the degrees of freedom you can select like in buffet style、
Freshly baked homemade bread butter sticking、
And more than anything probably because we need special coffee off a fine aroma!
Grand Victoria HotelThe breakfast is、Them to all possible worlds.


Breakfast is served、Morning 6:30-10:00In between the、Also on weekendsMorning 6:30-10:30Of and、
Guests any time within、It is possible that during the time you like to eat。
For that is also open to the public、770TWD / 1People (about 2,850 yen in the Japanese Yen) in、
5Star will enjoy an elegant breakfast hotels ♪


Salad on homemade bread、In addition to Western-style ham and eggs、
You can choose freely the Taiwan and Chinese dishes, such as。
A menu notation、Chinese、English、Because the Japan language representation is very useful!


Green coloured - salad and various homemade dressings。
For health management at the travel destination、
Given the nutritional balance in the morning it is best to take firmly breakfast ♪


The mushrooms and sausage
Potato salad


Kind of homemade bread rich


Toast or French toast
Bacon、Egg dishes


Is a local food from the old days of Taiwan "Chai noodles (Tan you face to face、Tan Noodles anyway)"It is。
The soup was light and took the soup with shrimp、Topped with favorite vegetables and ingredients!
With noodles and vegetables、Provides us with the pass to the chef and Cook!


Taiwan and Chinese cuisine, the menu is different in。
Today's soup and chicken and abalone congee。
In variety of toppings、My favorite flavor that is possible!


Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs、
Today's meat dishes、Seafood dishes、Stewed dishes、So, a vegetable stir-fry、
Please take your free ♪


Hard boiled eggs、Scrambled eggs


Today's meat dishes


Fried vegetables




Winner、Rice pilaf


Pan-Fried Turnip Cake


During the breakfast bread、Available from natural yeast baguette、Are provided every morning freshly baked homemade bread。
France's Normandy "Isigny Sainte-Mère (イ ズ ニ ー サ ン ト メ ー ル)"The butter filled the adoption and commitment、
Cute package、Choose unsalted and salted are good service。
Butter of isny、Retrieves the AOC granted to agricultural products in France and dairy products。
Fermented butter mouth melt better、Enjoy Milky flavor!


In the soft drink section、Coffee、Tea、Hot milk、Milk、
Fruit juice (grape、Orange juice、Grapefruit juice), etc are available.


Cornflakes and milk


Taiwan fruit


Coffee Italy · LAVAZZA


The morning sun shines a window seat to ensure and、Celebrate the cosy morning。
Arrived late hours、And relatively quiet hotel room、
Meals are served in a relaxed atmosphere。
I usually、Our dinner party is the most、If the breakfast in the hotel、I will be in the Western faction。
Husband is happy to put there to love noodles (laughs)
That is always around the same table in、
In the choice of the best hotel、Is also something different once in a while is good!


Japanese-style dressing on salad、Sesame chips、potato salad、Mushroom、Served with sausages。
Ketchup on scrambled eggs、Is a plate of roast fish!


Croissant、Raisin bread


Chinese porridge


Tantan noodles


Fragrant Italian brand "LAVAZZA"The coffee cup of awakening。
In the home espresso of Italy most loved Italian coffee.。
Because of this, tired stomach、Breakfast in Café au Lait.。
It would not in the superlative of sticking as coffee you get at breakfast at the hotel ♪

Grand Victoria Hotel
Location:104 Taiwan Taipei Nakayama, Takashi industries 4 channel 168 No.

Reservation TEL:02-6602-5671
Zhaoshiyingye time:6:30-10:00、6 weekend morning:30-10:30

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