Santa feel at home! Hold the flying Christmas party!

Christmas Eve and Christmas day、May not quite fit schedule、A little early flying Christmas Party held at my house!

This time the、Surrounded by round and young people、Dress code appropriate Christmas becomes a lively party there!

The manicurist whose birthdays fall during the Christmas Eve this year 12 / 24 (Sun)Stone Hara Takashi (Yuki Ishihara)Chan,、That and the marriage ceremony performed happily that day! A nice celebration overlaps is blessed cheers!

In addition、My sister is so cute nurseMatsui AyakoAnd I'm from good news came with a double.

On this day、Meat like Yuka 貴chi Nyan's for、In addition to seafood hot cioppino soup"and"paella"、Double meat-eating women ayaco for whole providing a "rotisserie chicken"!

This year later little has、Ladies and gentlemen,、Mind enjoy warm Merry Christmas!

[Christmas Menu]
▪️Lease bocconcino di Buffalo and Kaneko farm tomato salad
▪️Extra source of salmon rose Spain produced extravargenoyle
▪️Oil of white mushroom sauce
▪️Cioppino soup
▪️Baguette baguette and SAWAMURA
▪️Rotisserie chicken
▪️Assorted fruit (pineapple、Muscat、Red cheeks getting pettanko)
▪️Earl Grey tea
▪️Small candy (Marrons glacés、Pole Bologne)

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