Levo continues to evolve! In the Toyama's leading adult retreat garaku

Animator's name as an adult one of the Toyama hotel "River retreat ya Yue Kutchan River Retreat Garaku"The main building b1f avant-garde local cuisine"Revo"To!

Owner-chef aiming for local ingredients and a thoroughEiji Taniguchi (Eiji Taniguchi)Mr. a、Important to the producer's voice、Fully utilizing the power of the ingredients produced because of Toyama、Also、To breathe life into the writers work that represents a Toyama、With 1 plate 1 plate to be topped、It provides a revolutionary food you can feel with all five senses "Toyama" anyone of visitors!

2014Since being reopened on 22 March 5、To attract attention, and charmed to gourmet、NHK "Professional"From the cast、"Michelin Guide (Japan version)Toyama / Ishikawa (Ishikawa) 2016 Special Edition "so one star is earned.、"Gault&Millau Japon(Goya et Millau Japon) Tokyo, Japan 2017 "has not been awarded chef Awards、To top chefs to represent Japan and join! Think of too high and difficult book to、2 years ago I gave up to revisit.、I'm happy to take reservations!

Go into a store and soon knocking the smoldering incense、Tripe to "L ' évo" to be drawn!(´∀ノ`*)Good scent!

Lunch while enjoying the world of silver shone in the depths of the jinzu River with snow snowstorm。Is there ya Yue Kutchan seasons can enjoy a scenic、My first experience will come in the "winter"!

First of all, in the "Champagne Pannier (Pannier) cheers!
Is reflected across the delicate bubbles in snow、It's in the natural beauty of the feet so it's、Occasionally、Feel divinely Sun peek into the clouds!

This day will be special as dinner specials!Shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Mr. and Mrs. Unit writer "Shimoo Design""And shinagaki"on withdrawal of order tables involved quietly slipped into the screen that has the、6As a second generationMs. Noriko Matsui (Norio Matsui)Chan tradition "Matsui textile co., Ltd."The Toyama specialty maker" barge silk "becomes a delicate beautiful menu、Changes colors according to the seasons! "I wonder if what you give today? "And、This drawer to open the moment would be that no matter how exciting!

The water provided、And her husband's parentsKamiichi townIn from the outback "Valley spring water in baptism in the hole"Next、This is so called 'miracle water' stuff.、Feelings do not top be cleansed every time I go home to my parents ' House and。You can taste thanks to the andanalyzed staff will take turns to go! The rocking glass、Glass artist& Rikie shojiguchi power, (Rikie Shojiguchi)Is it the glass chipping work、Pour the water、Swaying back and figure that it is fragile!

~ prologue ~
(1) weekly, such as small macarons are "merengue beats x instrument:Nousaku and Shimoo design collaboration with dish (pinhole).
And I slowly gently mouth melt good Meringue with a rich bird and baby leaves Detroit。

(2) wooden box decorated with leaves and Black Jade "another deep-sea fish x generator:Tiny work shop (wheeled bin).
In another flavor, condensed and dried、Pepper round breaded, crispy fried、The bone taste delicious!

(3) origami to make 变化 freely shaped Tin with "Yao Sesame top in mackerel Rillettes × Syouryu (Tin is only / Shimatani Yoshinori (Shimatani Yoshinori)"
Using "Takano hard ya" made by Yao fashionable during stick-like skin、Grilled mackerel Rillettes has endured during the。This is also a tantalizing flavor、I asked about a refill product (lol)

(4) beautiful wooden plate Shimoo design "potato Vichyssoise x generator:Shimoo design (saki)、Co., Ltd. Takata seisakusho takata Factory(Tin Cup).
The Vichyssoise、White shrimp is also one of the specialties of Toyama slipped into has been for the screen、Topped with sea urchin and consomme jelly also、Building flavor's taste uncooked sigh!

(5) as art! "Kurobe, Yoshida Kosan, goat's milk cheese pastry puffs x generator:Shakunaga Yui"
Enjoy the smell of goat's milk、The finished light, savory cheese pastry puffs、Integrated into work and forget to eat so much、Like the art!

Finely crafted instruments、None matched the Toyama natural contemporary artists work、Everything becomes will exhaust our Toyama!

"Himi bonito x generator:Yukako Kojima"
Lenticels are finished with wood-roasted savory Himi bonito。Fat ride.、The soggy texture、Startled and bonito texture and tasted delicious! Served with red onions and leafy vegetables, three kinds of sauce!

Homemade bread is on the order of three "rice rice flour bread、Toyama wheat bread、Baguette "can、Will accompany the butter infused with algae!

"Iwase oval squid sepioteuthis lessoniana x generator:Koichi Uchida.
Agonizingly tender Squid in a wood-burning fire seared surface! 4 seed to other farmers who grow carrots、Let me breathe the shellfish broth flavor rich! Affixed to the instrument with a deep charcoal is Yao added a sprinkle of gold Sesame roast flavor was so、This smell is just like I expected rice too!

"Shinminato Mansudae crab x generator:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)The new (MARS、Too much drinking cup).
As a dense Mansudae crab bouillabaisse、Wear-out child、Use all the eggs of uchiko、By completing a poached egg in the mix divided dish、That's good! Buckwheat was affixed on the good work!

"L ' évo chicken x generator:Shimoo design (saki).
L gave the name ' évo chicken、As for hands、Will accompany the first fragrant Earl Grey fingerboartu。
Masuo fountain chef designation sake Lees giving food、Hiyoco was raised up to 45 days after birth。Along with the thigh and chest flesh hidden "Masuo Izumi Dai-ginjoshu" of polished rice inside、The skin surface brush rice, dried overnight and then is toasted to crisp!
SIP and、Wound in confining the taste the spittle sounds and puritsu、So while out of power good chicken soup! Adult mustard sauce are served at taste was! With delicious smoked chicken broth lots and rice、Seems like a worthy "happy life" in this dish!

"Uozu black rays x with:Gaku Syakunaga-SCHALE.
The char-grilled black Acer、With a gelatinous body cartilage is crunchy texture along with over、Vertical cut and easy to eat! Tubers of Stachys Lamiaceae in Toyama, Toga Village is coiled, a very strange shape, I was surprised! Is writing "joy elder" and the phonetic equivalent。The first experience Stachys、In taste like potato and Lily bulb during loveliness there is also very delicious! Powder Nakajima Greens and oranges and nuts, served with。

"Yao gold hair deer x generator:釋 Yong Yue (ÁGE).
Gold hair deer caught in the Yao、1Month month mesmerize maturation and、The exquisite lighting。The gravy come out every chew! Served with beetroot and onionnoubo。

"Takaoka Aloe.
First taste of Aloe Vera extract with plenty of dessert with seeded fruit production。The colorful pink flowers、Sprinkle scented with yuzu、Good throat refreshing finish!

"Saysfarm Lecce x generator:& Rikie shojiguchi power rie (fukura).
Lecce made a painstakingly crafted Himi Winery "farm SAYS"。Enjoy the rich aroma Lecce thinly sliced、Served with vanilla ice cream and frozen yogurt and。Perfect for the snow off the glass with overlapping thin ice with a dignified impression!

The ever-evolving Taniguchi chef's dishes、Unsurpassed in our couple's world without flattery! Finish from the prologue of the desserts we enjoy the perfect, luxurious!

While soaking up the afterglow "also L ' évo come savings?!" and catching for the coffee、Commemorative photo with the young Rookie of the year-Kun Taniguchi chef and serve to last me!

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