Flying start 2 hours earlier than the Costco Hamamatsu warehouse store opening time!

Shizuoka Prefecture became the first branch outside affiliated member-retailers "Costco Wholesale Hamamatsu warehouse store"9/1/2017、Uenishi-Cho, Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu City celebrates open day for heard to observe!

11 countries around the world and has more than 700 warehouses in the region、20Costco Hamamatsu warehouse stores operated by global companies with employees all over "Costco Wholesale Japan" became the 26th store in Japan、Tokoname-Shi, Aichi, Chubu airport warehouse in Tokai region、Becomes the third next to Gifu-Hashima-city Gifu-Hashima warehouse。
Built in Ito-Yokado Hamamatsu Palace bamboo shop site、Opening hours are usually 10-20 and the、Also open on the first day will open at 8 am for congestion relief plan from from early in the morning 6: less than two hours before a flying start in the believe it or not!

Is our Costco membership.、FriendsMatsui AyakoMs. comes together with the Grand opening scheduled morning arrived at 8 a.m.。
Without having to encounter traffic jams near the local、Avoid parking congestion、Complete and parking than you think!

Costco-only large cart to receive admission restrictions, and、In the long line of visitors。This time、Visit only at our、Rather than require a cart for the planned purchase at a later date.、By presenting your membership card at the entrance、Without waiting for any shop to it!

As you know Costco is membership.、Per member per accompanying person 18 years of age or up to 2 people together it is possible to enter the shop!

Our tremendous inventory build-up near the ceiling in a warehouse!
Appliances and daily necessities、Outdoor、Sporting goods and equipment、Started to household goods.、In the food、Fruits and vegetables、Butcher、Fish in bakeries、Prepared foods、Alcoholic beverages,、Big how are American products becomes complete.、Overwhelming sense of not seeing the usual size and surprise price!

Also as for the Halloween and Christmas party goods、Greeted with a spooky Butler's ghost house a huge voice, so、Small children may be surprised (laughs)

Open every Sunday 9/1 to become the Grand opening celebration sale until 9/3、Featured popped out and、Visitors Cart for sale become a heaping、Checkout the crowded line!(° Д °;)OMG!

A large cart、Combined become a weapon if you run into the person not to、Caution is required!

At the food counter、Every booth and arranged a tasting corner、Fruits and pancakes、Cured ham、Tasting of cheeses with、In addition to the、Tasting of wine and sake has been great success!
Including free samples、Performed perfectly and are inspected for、I think next time shopping at the store want to help!

While many visitors at、Got a TV crew、In Canada who serves as the representative of the current President & CEO, Ken Theriault has been depending on the reporters、Officers from the headquarters of many!

You will be near、Staff at Hamamatsu plazafrespo Jr style an overwhelming pride.、Steak specializes in the nationwide "suddenly steak can be opened at the same time、It is expected the hustle and bustle!

The first day started.、Will "one day per 100000 people" of the Costco Hamamatsu warehouse stores the company expects the number of visitors。
Hamamatsu City and area、Costco synergy is born I am overjoyed!

Hamamatsu warehouse store Costco Wholesale
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, Miyatake town 337
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00、Opening hours of the end of the year (12/31):8:00To 18:00
Open every day
Parking lot:About 800 parking spots

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