Into an organic farm of natural farming that produce organic vegetables to provide the "Gloria Hotel Group"!


"GLORIA HOTEL GROUP"The hotel owner
Fudy ChenGive a tour of farm produce and the、
From early in the morning、Fudy ChenAnd Marketing Maneger&Communication Dept. ofEve LoAlong with the
Would you like to go farm.


The farm "Gloria Prince Hotel TaipeiThan "、
And then North towards the North and、Arriving in approximately 20 minutes by car。
Admire the view from the car、FudyAndEveChan will tour the Taipei City.


Through the town of Beitou、Surrounded by mountains and the path forward、We see the land covered with trees。
Here isFudy ChenAnd entrance of organic farm produce.


I saw plantations spread all over approximately 3000 m 2 of grounds at the end of the tent!
Can be observed and plenty of vegetable planting。
Here is the original、It seemed to land Desolation row, lank、
FudyThe spent approximately one year, and pioneer farm、
In its own natural farming、Continue to grow the best organic vegetables!


Feet by rain the day before the soil is loose and、Is 泥濘nnde。
During such、FudyBut"This is the way moles!"And let me know! (Surprise)
In my first experience I can see traces of the diving of the mole、Exciting and mind with curiosity became full.


Showed me first、In the Green House。
Enviro-one、Underfoot are slippery, so take care and go!


FudyThe farm is、The ownerFudyAnd operated by male staff、
FudyAlso and have been working here every day。
Safety and security provides the entire hotel group、And delicious organic vegetables
Has been a great business that begins with his hands.


Potherb mustard、Tomato、Eggplant、Green pepper、Onion、Daikon radish、
Water melon、Radish、Zucchini、
NAS Tatum、
Swiss chard、Snow peas、Dill、Fennel、Eggplant、Beets、
Savoy cabbage、Corn、BuckwheatAnd so on、
Countless more to grow more vegetables!
Picking fresh tomatoes and snow peas、Flowers and herbs as bite me jirasete.、
This is also really aromatic、Sweet also has、It is very delicious in the juicier! (Surprise)


Dumb kids still hug the little buds just love to look atFudy
Nature's smile becomes serene、
Among nature's breath while、Or you'll be witness to the birth of a new food.


Fresh herbsDillThe picked flowersEveChan's smile is very cute!
Comforted by good, refreshing scent.


Presenting fresh picked vegetables "Odors olfactory last ran."And the best"Red radish」!
And the fragrance of the Earth、Feel rich fragrance inspires freshness and sweetness。
Perhaps、Or even a smattering of fresh tasty radishes is not!


Vegetables had thought although that still reflect。
FudyThe vegetables taste better、Vegetables I dislike going in! And even I will!


Here "Savoy cabbage"。
It is said that has been made in the Savoy region of France became known as the。
In Japan、From the appearance of the leaves "Cabbage"Even if known、
Is the sense of my life feels an eye-catching attraction cabbage!


Freshly cutSavoy cabbageGave us.、
While modest, feel its weight and body jam condition! (Surprise)
Compared to regular cabbage leaf moisture is less fibrous、Live, eat and becomes soft, crispy texture。
For hard to simmer、Cabbage rolls and is suitable for soup and boiled cabbage.


Fudy ChenThe、Studied various natural farming、Where I am today。
While referring to the old fashioned nature farming、And while trying to find a new agricultural system。
Now、Has been an advocate of natural farming and
In JapaneseMasanobu Fukuoka (Fukuoka Masanobu)Is it for is reading books!


Here "Big long Eggplant"。
As the name suggests very long Eggplant is from 40 cm to 60 cm。
The skin is somewhat tightly compacted、Tender flesh、Will feel springy and tried to hold。
Steamed、Suitable for cooked food.


Here "Swiss chard"。
Swiss chardThe Kanji of leafy vegetables in、In Japanese "Swiss chard (& chard)"Said.。
In table beet and sugar beet (satou大根) and the same、"Leaf virt"Even if known。
The young leaves of Swiss chardBaby leafAs likely to be used、
I think that is apparent in Mesclun sets are often sold at supermarkets。
The colours look beautiful、
Increasingly popular in the garden from its novelty and cultivation is relatively easy。
Is suitable for stir fry or pickle.


This hole bucket、The worms in this farm land
No longer want to waste vegetable and fruit、And when you give as bait, the paper has been used。
I'll provide a comfortable environment by、
Earthworm who is one day my weight and the same amount (or more) of soil and organic debris to eat!
By giving food to earthworms、Earthworm feces discharged。
The micro-organisms contained in the earthworm's feces、Help the growth of crops、
Is me adjusting the roots absorb nutrients in the soil so great work.、
Exactly whatWorm composting! (Terrible)
Worm compostingAnd the、How to make a hearty humus from the organic waste!
FudyThe farm is、Such as natural farming and organic farming and environmentally、
And actively using worms and other creatures、
Every point of view in relation to the biological、Committed to agriculture due to the coexistence of many living things、
Taiwan also has attracted attention.


Here "Fennel"。
Leaves ofFennelI hope、Parts co., Ltd.FinocchioReferred to as。
FennelThe smell fish smell because it helps put、In Europe since ancient times and used in fish、
Just、Also at my home last Christmas dinner with vegetables。
Have a specific smell like celery、A strong personality、I think what separates likes and dislikes。
That leaves and the stalk itself, cooking, and eating is possible、
As herb、It is often used as a condiment to add flavor to the sauce and other ingredients vegetables!


FudyThe farm is、Bees and ladybugs、As the Caterpillar、See the various bugs。
Of course without any insect pest, and coexist with insects、
Is a great farm soil in farming to natural living delicious vegetables to make up!


Staff began to harvest the vegetables of the day!
Cage Cup hits like delicious vegetables they grew up in the heavily.


Corn、More than height in about a month from the bed height seems to grow!
However,、Fine green house stark naked!
It was blown by the Typhoon last October, whatever! (Surprise)
Also seeOn the pristine..."And talk about、FudyJokes were flying (lol)


During their field work will continue、Tents to use as a place to work, or take a break!


"I'm in my Office!"And、FudyWill recommend this hotel! (Lol)
He、Boys like lively eyes sparkle、
My child will have talked so warmly watch over growing vegetables.


Such a thingFudyThe Office I visited gave me (lol)
Inside the tent and block wind、Quiet air settles strangely kneels to blocking even a disinterested sound!
Surrounded by nature in the mountains here、Near the murmuring of a stream's hearing、Peaceful landscapes。
And、Delicious vegetables in front of enough food to many!
"Camp let summer come here!"AndFudyIn the put request.


Fresh organic vegetables were harvested on this day、This stay in each hotel direct!


The straight、"Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"To and will return!
FudyWhen I was young、Let me see the photo album of the time spent in the United States while、
Let experience talk at that time, such as、Became a lot of fun along the way!


Directly to the hotel roof and gave us!
What is here on Earth?


"Careful with your feet!"And while and beckoned、Will lure back and backFudy


What that means!
Even on top of vegetables grown in planters or not! (Surprise)


In the United States、With lettuce that was introduced into the Wild West guarding the traditional lifestyle of the Amish people、
"Amish Deer Tongue"。
From the shape of its leaves "Venison tongue"The happy harvest leaf lettuce with a unique nameFudy


On the roof、An innovative "AF planter"Has grown, and adopted。
AF planterAnd the、With sophisticated planter with much experience in Taiwan、
And that plants grow best in!


Freshly picked vegetables and freshly picked vegetables on the roof "L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"To carry、
You want me to make a tasty lunch!
Next is "L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"The kitchen is!


Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

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