"GLORIA RESIDENCE" Buffet style breakfast that incorporates plenty of fresh organic vegetables


2010Opened in the year "Gloria Residence"The、
24Of the hour "The Lounge"Morning 6:30-10:00To the breakfast room and is freely available。
Using local ingredients、And seasonal buffet style、
Located in the same column "Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"From the
Freshly baked bread every morning and picked to cook with fresh organic vegetables fresh with plenty is provided.


Spacious with pride、Because they can afford even the placement of the table、Space with consideration to the privacy。
It is possible to choose your favorite seats vacant.


Several kinds of hot dish menu will change daily、
Provides a delicious stew feel seasonal and classic Western-style system.


Roasted tomato、Yaki Udon

The cooked dishes are all located next to
Gloria Prince Hotel "L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"From America.


"Bacon & sausages.


Sauteed mushrooms & vegetables


Boiled eggs and scrambled eggs


Japanese corner is available、White rice with grilled mackerel, plum、Beans、And garlic
6You will have more than pickles。
Also、Taiwan breakfast indispensable soy bean soup and porridge.


Soy bean soup


Rice porridge


White rice


Onion、Bacon、Cone、That can be topped with cheese omelet、
Provide fresh per order。
Omelette is a popular item that not be removed even in still anywhere in the hotel!


While hotel owners also culinary Director responsible for、
In addition there farmerFudy ChenBegin to make
Hits the better salad with plenty of organic farm fresh organic vegetables!


"garden Salad & Fresh juice Bar.

Is good organic vegetables grown in the home garden filled with fresh salad、
Better efficiency、To you at the same time large quantities of vegetables、
"Robot coupe"The juicer、It is possible to enjoy the luxury of fresh juice from morning。
Choose vegetables and fruits are also good.、
As to make delicious juice recipes、It would be helpful。
The last、Amadeus 'HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI"In the
Restaurant "TK SEAFOOD & STEAK"In and hooked
The organic vegetable and fruit juices、
Offered throughout and taste delicious!

PhotographedGloria residenceThe reception staffPary LinThe、
Working at the Gloria Hotel Group, is a veteran of more than a dozen years.

Gloria residenceIn this story.。
To stay close to the 90-year-old elderly guests were:。
The guest is slow、For undiminished memory、It did not remember what I ate every day。
In therePARYThe、It is prepared while maintaining his breakfast every day。
PARYThe reason free from passion。
"My customers are all family."And。
Filled with love-friendlyPARYThe、In full vigour, to smile、As we talk to friendly in Japan, me。
PARYThe attention to details and passion、While at the hotel alone "Feel like you are home"Please let me in、
Including our guests more、Has become an unforgettable now!
Gloria residenceOf the staff、
Such family closeness, trust relationships you can build between the guest。
Will be one of the reasons it is safe, you can stay.


Coffee maker


L’IDIOT BAKERY baked bread


Organic vegetable garden salad


That delicious green salad and fresh vegetable juices from the morning、
It is a very happy and think about travel health service!
"Salad would be none the same taste?"It is making a big mistake if what you!




Organic vegetable salad


Fluffy tuna omelet


After dinner return to the packing room、1At the reception we will Checkout。
The fluent Japan language to checkin as well as Front Office SupervisorLouis Lu♪ that someone gave me in charge


Front Office Assitant Manager helped meBetty WengAnd
The front Office SupervisorLouis LuWith photo! (So thanks! )
Feel like home comfort and stylishGloria residenceThe、
We recommend to stay longer!
You arrange a taxi at the front desk、Go to your next destination! (Look! )
Next is "Pâtisserie Francis" introduction!

Gloria Residence
Location:Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 359
TEL:+886 2 2531 0699

Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 359

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