"L'IDIOT RESTAURANT" Tour of the kitchen which was caught charcoal aged butcher finish delicious vegetables!


"Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The 1st floor restaurant
2014JulyOn the 1st floor original restaurant was "La fanten"Renewal open。
While hotel owners also culinary Director responsible for、
In addition there farmerFudy ChenOrganic farms produce a fresh organic vegetables and
Has been reborn as the restaurant can enjoy the delicious seasonal hand-made dishes。
Morning 6:30-10:00Until the guests breakfast venue.

Location:The ground floor
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 17:30-21:30、Snack 21:30-23:00
Book by phone:+886 903 393 098


The name "L ' IDIOT (lidiot)"、
Put it in France, "Innocent"、Layman's terms "Idiot、Stupid、Goofy"That means to have、
Is used as the image character
Stupid laugh at bare ass (Donkey) of objects and images that you can。
Hotel ownerFudy ChenThe desire to、
In the restaurant、Wrap up great food、
Hope you had fun in constant laughter that the brotherhood is.


Shop、In the white space to the neutral floor within the rinban floors spread over key
Is decorated with a design of creative、
Wood Interior and a drifts natural warm atmosphere、
Naked light bulb hangs on rope-like spacious floor、Soft light is delivered to the dining table.


On the wall、Velour style complete with、Provides a space for relaxation、
You can also enjoy spacious and decorated with random images.


Keep private feeling like a semi private room with curtain off five seat round tables are provided.


Private rooms are available for private parties in the small and、Set the table layout can be changed is suggesting.


Settled for 10 private rooms around large tables、You can take advantage of meeting and dinner with the family。
This time、We will be dining in here!


Already in preparation for a business lunch、In the kitchen
The Chief ChefJack TsaiThe spotted a staff follow the vibrant appearance.


Freshly picked vegetables, fresh everything, not、And pickles made with homemade!


Only just taken on the roof "Amish Deer Tongue"
"See ate"And hold outFudyIn good graces、Hand washes.、1Cards are almost always ripoffs of fish in your mouth and、
And fresh crunchy crisp、Enjoy the flavor of the vegetables firm and gentle blue sipping。
Natural freshness is outstanding!


Spacious and uncluttered、Amazing kitchen!


Spain was born in charcoal oven "Josper"In the
Aged meat and fresh vegetables here finished in the State from the best offers。
Also used Jack Daniels whiskey aged in oak barrels with smoked chips.


In the more compact refrigerator、Miso marinated Wagyu beef (WAGYU)、
Yi-LAN duck breast prosciutto、Homemade sausages, etc are stored。
For the beef and Taiwan still cannot be imported beef to Japan、
And beef (WAGYU) of the United States and Australia.


He showed dry resulting in temperature-controlled cellars!
Oven temperature, 0-4 ° C、Humidity keeps around 80%、Create a constantly moving air around the meat is aged。
Here are offers, aged 28.


The Chief ChefJack Tsai/(Photo left)、
Hotel Owner&Culinaly Director&Of FamerFudy Chen/(Center of the photo)、
Chef of Western Cuisine,Cuisine Art Dept. ofLouis Chiang/(Right photo)。


Fudy ChenAppetizers using the organic vegetable produce in abundance, including、
Cuisine based on fresh seafood and fried in Taiwan's Keelung harbor a pasta or risotto、
Further 28 day aged beef main dish, such as can enjoy à la carte!
FudyHe said、Like each choice to love、
Family and friends and eating delicious, fun style is preferred.


FudyThe is grew up watching her grandmother has cooking in the kitchen。
And America is the adult、The practice of cooking in a Michelin-starred restaurant。
Upon this mortal as important ingredients in cooking。
Fresh, seasonal ingredients、In addition to choose natural foods、Find flavor components.、
Continues to explore the origins of foods organic farms in California,。
As for Gloria Hotel Group 2、FudyThe gathered farmers and service staff and chefs have a passion、
In the restaurant's brandL´IDIOT RESTAURANT & BAKERY
He is carefully selected seasonal fruits and vegetables.、Fresh fish and seafood、And not just sticking with homemade dry aged beef、
Making food from the heart is a nice restaurant that is important。
He farms on the outskirts of Taipei every day fresh restaurant shipped directly from.。
From the desire of customers get along very fresh flavor
Groups will join together and are offering innovative cuisine。

In it、FudyYou will immediately be dishes!
Next is "L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"The introduction of our lunch!

Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

Location:Zhongshan district, Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 369 1F
TEL:+886 2 2581 5811

Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

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