Two Taipei sho Ryu Gin Michelin guide stars earn, Japan hasn't bloomed in Taiwan!

Japan cuisine in Roppongi at the "Michelin Guide Tokyo 2018' in succession three stars continues to win."Ryugin"The first Taiwan store"sho Ryu Gin Ryugin"at the"Michelin Guide Taipei 2018"amazing earn 2 stars!

Place、Was born in 9/2014 in the dazhi area of Zhongshan district, Taipei City fine dining and building "UG worker Federation of Temple" of the 5th floor、Each placemark、Jiang Zhencheng Andre Chiang(André Chan) headed by Chef "RAW"Becomes a building!

On this day、Taiwan friends Mr. and Mrs. marriage celebration.、Revisit the dinner here! A friend and his wife to arrive、You want me to wait while we welcome Taiwan tea in the waiting area!


Open original、Hieda, ryohei (Hieda Ryohei)The chef had put together courses in conjunction with ingredients from Japan、Now、Cherish the ties with the local producers、And Japan dishes to consist entirely of Taiwan ingredients all menus、Using carefully selected ingredients for rich Taiwan、Japan food、We offer courses in Taiwan to feel quite!

This time the、Accomplished in a sake recommended personal Sommelier and wine pairing!

First of all,、Toasted in Champagne sho Ryu Gin original made in Taiwan!

(1) soup clams
Not on the menu、Delicious clams arrived in、The soup was added to the Special!
Asari smoky oil perfume colourful Taiwan Basil Soup、Is the desire to be healed in a dish thanks to the blessing of the sea enough bite in mind!

(2) "tuna fish、Cilantro、Bean curd ' × ' sake:Ishizuchi junmai ginjo bizen male town unfiltered in cursor tank milking "(classical taste full of strong wild taste)
The Burger was served as finger food appetizers、Delicious on crisp fried bean curd w/ Tuna Tartare and caviar from Taiwan with plenty of knobs! The distinctive scent of coriander flower (incense rape) also appetite!

Full of personality、Sparkling、To specialists in a variety of designs and Inoguchi、Could choose a favorite pattern individually、It is one of the more fun!

(3) "Echinoids (Sea Urchin)、Pidan.
In Penghu (Hoko) sourced was rich Taiwan Sea Urchin fit skin IPAP tofu cool fancy dish!
Has become a good, slightly bitter, green onion flower accents!

(4) see bonito fish、Squid、Ming shrimp (prawn) ' x ' sake:Heilongjiang Gin "(Apple taste spicy)
Thorn is piled up on the iridescent abalone shells、The straw smoked bonito、Strong prawn flavor、And sweet calamari、The sweet fragrance of fresh sea grapes、Enjoy two kinds of soy sauce and Chile vinegar!

(5) "eel fish、Mountain President (Yam) "x" Japanese sake:14 take in junmai ginjo sake bizen Cho "(black pepper、Ginger、With flower aroma fruity)
Taiwan-grown eel、Finishing crisp crispy skin surface、Enjoy the plump difference in texture and sense of themselves with horse-radish!
In the paired range "Takagi Brewery"And 14's are amazing!

(6) "cow tongue、White radish (daikon)、Horse advice (spice) "x" Japanese sake:14 teen corner new unfiltered take in the rice.
Is poured into elegant and gentle taste oxtail beef tongue、Was intimate and traditional gem where you can enjoy a smooth texture and rich aroma and sweet daikon is delicious!

(7) "momotaro tubo a plethora (tomato).
"Energy House agricultural cooperative" made of organically grown vegetables in the rich land of the Tainan due Tomo (Tomo Lin), got the momotaro tomatoes for the ultimate balance between acidity and sweetness balanced with beer in、Combining fresh and sorbet I dunked in Taiwan Basil with sweat!

(8) "duck、洋蔥、Grass hemp (sesame) "x" red wine:DOM. Potinet Ampeau Volnay 1er Cru Les Santenots 1978 "France volnay (Pinot Noir)
Lay the baby Arugula leaves、2And roast moist and dry weeks had Yi ran from duck、In onion sauce and you will!

(9) see 越光 rice (Koshihikari)、Sea melon child (Asari)、Samsung vegetablesx o、Plethora of tubo (tomato).、"Bean curd and mushroom appetizer.、"Red radish、Chinese cabbage、Cucumber pickles.、"Hoji"
The time with boiled rice、Side by side to clean clams、Look like the paella! For tomatoes in、May seem like a Western-style、But many in the stomach so the best so far I can't believe my gently Carne taste!

(10) "ground melon (sweet potato)、Black grass hemp (black sesame) "x" single malt whisky:Yamazaki 18 years.
Finished in crisp potato skin and flesh to entertain with Sesame ice cream!
Rare wine aged 18 years or Sherry barrels aging malts "Yamazaki"、And then we admire the ripe full-bodied drink meet!

(11) "Taiwan mango.
Sun as shining orange with mango、Delicious taste shines in successive mango got past no. 1!
Regular cut leather in the Taiwan style with both hands、Kaburi付ite, eating and、Wasanbon fine flavor and lemon sour、Ginger spice will finish and aftertaste!

In the end than Hieda chef、Dragon singing original peppery spice horse advice "horse advice hail" would like to gift、Despite the Michelin Guide photo! Congratulations on winning the Michelin!

The fun of feeling the lingering after-party Bar visit、Long enjoyed the long-standing Taiwan last night!

Shoun Ryugin
Address:5th Floor, 301 Lok Kwan Road, Zhongshan Taipei
TEL:02-8501-5808(Appointment only)
Hours of operation:18:00-21:30( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Mondays and holidays

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