"HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI" Check out the best to recommend want Design Hotel in Taipei


2015/SeptemberIn the opened located in Higashi-Ku, in the lively shopping street
"Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)"。
Full of shopping and food、First appeared in the fashionable city middle-generation adults gather young people from、
Hotel owners in、Is also culinary DirectorFudy ChenIt was built up
Italian restaurant "TK SEAFOOD & STEAK"The strongest culinary as well as、
Now、Is a designer hotel in Taipei most attract attention!


"1002 Deluxe Room"

Hotel scale、Compact size yet、
Amongst the most influential architects and designersRay ChenOf the design、
Using clever tricks、They produce a sense of spaciousness and depth、
While there are sharp and sophisticated image、
Through the sense of light and plus、Provides pleasant comfort somewhere warm。
This time、Helped me 'Deluxe Room"Now、
Staff very helpful!


3Floor reception

Check-out time、12:00 PMThat would be、
Flight time between there、A little earlier the hotel after。
Check out、Activate reception!


You just、Staff gave me the room introductionDeborah Yehis、
Us responsible for check-out。
Marys and fees, such as restaurant、We will sign.


Ask taxi in front of the hotel、Leave the suitcase in the luggage compartment、It is finally starting!
The destination is、Helpful staff who told the taxi driver!


Friendly and helpful staffOlga WuDeborah YehAndrea Hu
Nice photo is surrounded by three beautiful last goodbye hotels!
Good design also natural that while、
Really filled the hospitality、
The hotel is teeming with young staff's energy、
As a budding system colors the new Taipei Hotel、You'll be coming more and more flying!
We transported to Taipei by all means I would encourage、Great hotel!

Your PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI、Also, let's Love Affair Contact ♪

Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)
No period of 56 Daan Road, Taipei Taiwan
TEL:+886 2 2711 1118

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