Casting technology "work Taipei, Japan Toyama crafts Taiwan Expat!

In the traditional casting technology of Japan Takaoka city、Cast metal manufacturer founded 102 years 'NOUSAKU"、Taiwan area、Here "Taipei Marriott Hotel Taipei Marriott Hotel(Hotel-Patriot) "in the、2017On October 7, "Resolution made Taipei Wan Australian store | Nousaku Taipei Marriott Hotel"Grand opening and、We played overseas!

The "work" of 0/1916 (1916)、Begins manufacturing Buddhist altar fittings casting technology of Takaoka 400 years handed down and continued、The tea ceremony and flower vases were manufactured、Here in recent years、Tableware and accessories、And working in lighting fixtures, architectural hardware,、On the design of a familiar Interior and Japan's own efforts、Not only Japan but also、Overseas has gained explosive popularity!

Because my husband was born in Toyama、Uslade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineAlso in Taiwan has been instrumental in the promotion of traditional crafts、This time the、Be active as a DistributorHirakawa, Koichi,、About Toyama charm and appeal of the "work"!

In the over-the-counter、Pewter sake Japan cuisine also covered many started.、Decorate the table tableware and vases、Wind chimes or incense stand、Accessories such as、With a simple design、Feel the cool brilliance in an attractive product lined up!

Here you will、We would recommendShimatani Yoshinori (Shimatani Yoshinori)Let's create "Syouryu" the "Tin is in" also exhibited and sold!

In Japan since ancient times or was、"Rust and metal trumpet" as the Tin has been auspicious、Has been popular as gifts and wish prosperity for、As a gift to give、Just perfect items! Actually,、We also choose the 'work' wedding gift、We have made gift!

With everyone watching products、Fallen for it has enjoyed the technical and、"Would you like sake of taste in a Tin?? "And we will eat!

Pour the sake of Toyama in plastic cups like、And、Inside the gilt-painted "glass – (Cup)- II Gold.、At the end of 100% Tin ' Cup – (Cup)- II. of the order in the order and、While the same Japanese sake、What different tastes so far! It is amazing and become mellow!

Anything、"Tin and absorb impurities、To purify the water ' and is、Due to the high ion effect with Tin、It's soft and mellow taste of alcohol!

Made of Tin、Heat too early for、Warm with early、Hot to keep、Cold sake is faster、Creature can feel long, cool!
This summer season,、In pewter sake chilled and kin want to drink!

After a day of shopping,、Facing the front lobby、Canada artist "Moss & Lam" and as a result、阿里山をイメージして描かれてた美しい孔雀や蝶の舞いが印象的なアクリルキャンバスの「The Wishful Monkey(蝶雀呈祥)」の前にて記念撮影!

Now、この後は「ミシュランガイド台北2018」の2つ星に輝いた「祥雲龍吟」にてディナーです !

能作 台北マリオット店(NOUSAKU Taipei Marriott)
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan, Lok Group 2 channel 199 No.
Taipei Marriott Hotel (Marriott Hotel) Taipei Causeway on the first floor

2018/4/26Taipei Taiwan travel /Marriott and work


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