It is popular in Taipei! Good curry "Cari de Madame" 20 seeds spices spicy


Italian restaurant "Baffi Italian Trattoria"And the new brand of the Group
The Curry shop "Cari de Madame"。
And mixed origin imported from the 20 species of spices、
Offers European-style broth simmered in Curry。
In the material、Taiwan-Pingtung County Ranch in barley pork meat specialties cheek,、Different according to the characteristics of the ingredients used for cooking、
Cari de MadameThe study the unique blend of curry and order matching。
Sticking to them、The price is reasonable。
So conscientiousCari de MadameThe、Giving out rendition of the stylish space like Café、
Now、Taipei will be talking about Curry。


Shop、While colours and chic black wall and Interior、And the impact of the yellow color to color、
Well embraces the casual elements in chic。
Including the counter seats seats about 30 seats。
The menu is、Fast-food outlets in simple easy to understand and is written on the wall。


Types of curry、BEEF、PORK、CHICKEN、The other basic four types of SOUP
There are limited Curry and stew。
The pain of adjustment and egg toppings、Or, set becomes possible at an additional cost。


ManagerGuo y. m. (aka:Yong)PR and theChiu-Jung Chen (aka:Jocelyn's)2 people、
Shop obsession, menus explained。
On this day、Worked on the WEB site designer & interpreterLee medium Kaoru (Lee Pei-Syun) commonly known as LeeCum started.、
This is Taiwan-based gourmet fellow Japanese grumeblogger "Eat Taiwan"Mr. reunite after a long time、
4Decided to eat in people、Recommended Curry will be 4 parts each.


For each table、There are wooden and aluminum order stick、
System menu you'd like to stick to pass。


BEEF、PORK、CHICKEN、To order the basic four types of curry SOUP.


Wooden stick is in the toppings menu、
""The additional spice、"Egg"The omelettes add、"Howard"Is set、"Sweet"The dessert。
Taste the toppings and enjoy!


On the counter side、Are the origin from the 20 species of spices。

Turmeric (ginger Wong) and Bay leaves (leaves Mon Katsura)、Fennel seed (籽 Kong Yiji)、Cardamom (sautéed beans 蔻)、Fenugreek (葫 Lu BA)、
Coriander seed (芫 荽 籽)、With dried chili (dried preserved chilli)、Cloves (Ding Shang)、Caraway (GE 縷 children) etc etc。


Show me actual mix Curry spice!
Faint fragrance flavor whets the appetite。
Stewed slowly 20 hours using this spice、10Curry is likely to finalize the can sit an hour or so.


"Pumpkin soup"

Is a set menu with pumpkin soup。
Without the cream a little thicker rough、Enjoy the natural sweetness of the vegetables.


Homemade bread

This set comes with homemade bread、It is a potato bread enriched with flavors of black sesame seeds!
In Taiwan such as rice flour chewy texture is preferred in、As well as bread、Potato、Whip lash texture.


BEEF Curry 280 TWD (Japan yen approximately 1040 yen)

Wooden boards Curry with Braised beef cheek meat、Stick to molded the rice each in separate bowls can be。
It is good to eat according to the preference of eating。
Served with vegetables、Lotus root、Broccoli、Will young corn。
Of each commitment because、Is another plate and to enjoy the benefits of each.


BEEF Curry、20Made from spice kind of cooked beef bone broth。
With mild spiciness-based、It is a tasty bite in children。


Try BEEF topped with eggs and、Was wearing a plain omelet omelette!
Join trickled to Braised beef cheek meat omelette、A mellow flavor.


""In order for additional spice。
Because it increases the very spicy with a small amount、In addition please keep an eye on.


4And with the kind of curry、It is a hearty!


"PORK Curry" 280 TWD (Japan yen approximately 1040 yen)

Pork, and fried soft moist cloth、Cheddar Parmesan, served with。
The pork Curry、Made from chicken bouillon、Has to!


"CHICKEN Curry" 280 TWD (Japan yen approximately 1040 yen)

Chicken breast meat in a low-temperature cooking moist and soft finish and、
Are vegetables with sauce together.。
Chicken Curry with pork and Lou、Made from chicken stock.


SOUP Curry 280 TWD (Japan yen approximately 1040 yen)

The Curry ingredients、
Cabbage、Tomato、Mushroom、Pumpkin、Makomo mushrooms、Young corn、Broccoli、Potato、Green peppers、Croquette filled with if、
Pour the Curry to color was artfully, is completed.。
The Curry、Smooth and has a mild flavor makes it、
Was coordinate with original spice。


Dessert "Panna cotta" 80 TWD (Japan yen and then around 300 yen)

After dinner "Sweet"For dessert, stick out。
Taste is dense and smooth Panna cotta using whipped cream in France、
With spicy caramel sauce was delicious!


ManagerGuo y. m. (aka:Yong)PR and theChiu-Jung Chen (aka:Jocelyn's)A small souvenir from Japan、
400Also a Shizuoka specialty with years of history "ASU no Yoichi Yamada" Of "安倍川mochi"We have to give!
Yu-sanSan、JocelynSan、Thank you. Xie Xie!
Now、Next in line、"Eat Taiwan"Is it shops is a party!

Cari de Madame
Address:Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City 165, Lane on the 14th
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:30-21:00 (Sun.) 11:30-21:00

Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City 165, Lane on the 14th

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