"RAW" The advance in Taipei! Young chef who are active under the Andre Chiang of the world's top chefs!


In the University of Zhongshan district, Taipei City or district、The district's first fine dining Bill
"Hasmore Building-"2014Year end of SeptemberIn the open。
5The floor is "Michelin GuideI got a three-star rating in the "
Roppongi Japanese cuisine "Ryugin"Taiwan first shop"Shoun Ryugin"The open and、
1Vote for events that the British magazine the floor the "Restaurant Magazine" organized
"Asia’s 50 Best RestaurantsSingapore Buddha restaurant that was ranked fifth in the 2015 fiscal year. "
"Restaurant André"of
André ChiangRestaurant to supervision of the chef "RAW"With continued、
2-Is on the 3rd floor "Hasmore Ltd. Group"The brand is accounted、
2Japanese ramen shop floor "Ramen Nagi"And
American casual restaurant "Chili's Grill & Bar"、
3The floor steak shop is "RUTH'S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE"Enter the store。
5Into this Bill in restaurants、
This area is、In other graduate school district、In recent years, successively built luxury homes、
Consumption of the wealthy is expected、Great sensation。

"Hasmore Building-"The、
Hong Kong S.A.R. providing agent deployment of foreign food and beverage store brands in China and Taiwan based on
"Hasmore Ltd. Group"The doubles Division、
Cement is a leading "Chia Hsin Cement Co., Ltd."With construction as a joint venture。
Investment amount、15Billion Taiwan Yuan (approximately ¥ 5 billion) venture。
5 stories above ground、Total floor space of 3 underground floors is approximately 1000 square meters.。
Interior、Japan and Denmark、World renowned architectural firms such as Paris has been handled。

The day before of this building 5F is "Shoun RyuginI was allowed to suggest "!

Japanese cuisine "Ryugin" Taipei advance! "Shoun Ryugin" of excellence philosophy food and tea pairing

2014On December 9th.In the opened、Restaurant "RAW"The、
We are calling the topic as Taipei is difficult and most booked restaurants、
This time、You could take the book miraculous! (My joy)

This year 2016 "Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants"The、
In Bangkok the announcement and ceremony held on 2 / 29、
Same as last year、1Bangkok's "Gaggan"、
Similar to last year in Taiwan、Attracts attention as a female chefStorm Shu chen (Chen Lanshu)Of
"Le Moût Restaurant (La MU)-Lok gear system with a 餐廳"On the 30th ranked!
In addition、Here "RAW"First rank and 47 were in! (Wonderful!-

The attention from foodies around the worldAndré ChiangIt's also a new challenge for chefs.、
Great Taipei Branch "RAW"I will introduce ♪


Go into a store and、There is a leisurely waiting space like a luxury café.、
I use a lot of southern pine、A natural material, but also
The back of the bar counter with a stylish and innovative design
Approximately 60 seats (in chef's table, including) the main dining space。
This is the status quo.、Always half buried subscription、12 O'clock (noon)To start 15 days after reservation、
Are accepted only on the Internet。
Shortly after the start in just 15 seconds.、It becomes a full 60 minutes for lunch and dinner! (Surprise! )
The number of access10,000Also seems to be、The scale extends to what 100 times!
That's why even now, growing to less popular、Get to know what visitors think、
Through the filter of our、I can tell you at this point.

12162626_ 10156028678755417 _ 658381731 _ o

RAWThe、Located in Singapore "Restaurant AndréWe have run a "André ChiangThe chef
"Taiwan was born and raised in、A Taiwan food use.、Say to the people of Taiwan ever experienced their"And
2014 DecemberThe restaurant was opened in Taipei。

André ChiangThe、1976In Taiwan-born。
Originally we were aiming artistsAndré ChiangThat is the、And opposed to his father、Up the road, went over to Japan at the age of 13、
Will help you get started in a Chinese restaurant in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture to open his mother、
Only when、Will hit the wall in Chinese the world is not suitable for your。
At that time、Had suddenly appeared in the "Iron Chef" on TVHiroyuki SakaiChefs produce dishes we shocked、
Hold interests in France cooking、After that、Cross into France。
In France、Montpellier's famous "Jardin des sens" in nine years between the cooking basics learning、
Louanne "Troisgros.、Atelier Joel Robuchon、Balzac [Pierre Gagnaire.、And "astrance"、
Experience of grandmaison, famous in the world of cuisine France、We built up a foundation as a chef。

André ChiangThe、In the "Jardin des sens" age "Hiramatsu groupHe has been working as executive officer of "
Kotaro HasegawaMs. may worked together、
Apprenticeship、From early morning until the evening mountain with walking around、And there went the game hunting together、
A time of memories as cherishHasegawaIs it to have learned。
From a restaurant pastry chef had a driver's license、And the pastry into the mountain with three、
First thing in the morning and release the hounds、Pheasants flew moments、It is hunted off Pampanga and a gun。
Also after the first day's harvest、Only a bird pheasant。
Exhausted, and then home、André ChiangThe game dishes made me a mother eating together、
It still remains in the mind as memories。

In the "Ass trans" "Quintessence"ofKishida SyuzoIs it the introduction、
Have a short period of time as the training worked together、
In recent years the collaboration event of Diners Club sponsored "Quintessence"By holding、
15Is played for the first time in years。


André ChiangThe、In Singapore "Jaan Par Andre"After launching、
2010 OctoberTo seeRestaurant André"Open、
2013The Year "World's 50 best restaurants"The ranked 38, draws attention to。
In the New York Times as "10 restaurants in the world worth ride in an airplane for you just go there"The chosen、
Continues to attract lovers all over the world。

André ChiangThe、Learned in apprenticeship in France than the techniques
Said to understand the material well.。
To open a restaurant at the independent、And you want to double-check your cooking style、
Put the situation was isolated from all、Cross the Seixal Islands in southern Africa with the team。
In the limited ingredients only、You can tell guests what to think、
To impress your most、And the meaning of food、Reaching there、
And the background story and realized that the。
After that、Return to Asia、The thoughts、While France cuisine with traditional roots、
"Taste is affected by the storage and experiences" is finished philosophy plus the idea that
"octaphosophy = octaphylosophy™"What is。

"octaphosophy = octaphylosophy™"The、
"In the dining experience、Very simple entertainment "and thought、8One is configured by the element。

1. PureEnjoy the taste of the material itself without seasoning
2. SaltNatural taste and grace that comes from the sea rather than a salty
3. ArtisanSkills of respect and craftsmen to producers
4. SouthUsing fresh ingredients.、Can be sour、The image of southern France with a generous heart
5. TextureThe emphasis on texture to bring out the various aspects from one of the ingredients
6. UniqueThe combination of unique ingredients、Or unique ingredients cannot be taken in the very limited time only
7. Memory-Not only from the present and future of creativity、Memories come from the past
8. TerroirHymn to the Mother Earth

André ChiangThe、Order to fully exploit the qualities of the material are important to、
Leads to the emotional, seasonal kaiseki cuisine。
Techniques, not depth of knowledge.、That is good idea of ingredients。
Susceptible to fads and trends、Has said wants to strive to make their dishes in good faith。

12164915_ 10156046061320417 _ 943445226 _ o

It has been holding events around the worldAndré ChiangThat is the、
Recently in Japan "LEXUS Lexus"Sponsored"DINING OUT ARITA with LEXUS"The are participating in the event。
This event is、And became the forerunner of the JAPAN brand Arita、
The sea and mountain products Oki Saga ingredientsAndré ChiangThe elaborate but the idea
Many called the "ultimate machine and food fair" held on the theme。
Saga carried on the feet、Voluntarily chosen soil, and design、The detailed arrangements for selection of ingredientsAndré Chiang
As was the event while enjoying the collaboration with the pottery early childhood experience in Japan and hobbies。
In detail until the event ready background and on the day of、Because it is delivered at the official site、
If you are interested in、Come again、I hope you'll read。


André ChiangThe、That there was originally a wannabe artist made himself with。
Pottery / sculpture can empty head、By being a good refresh has continued as a hobby。
Always been natural motifs、And approach are similar。
Deep knowledge in the art, such as painting、Decorated items in his shop store。

Interested in such ceramicsAndré ChiangTo、This time we are、
Artists that are let me be friends to both public and privateShintaro ajiokaMs. of 'Flower song book"We have to get。
14For months、AjiokaLet's pick the flowers、Vase、Continue taking it, my daughter is、Haiku is a catalogue of one clause that was written all together。
"Admire" the praise of any、Extract from "part" of。
That is a record of the year loved flowers。
Illustrated guide to Wildflowers of the seasons as well, and includes a lot of familiar wild plants、Each variety of flowers can be enjoyed。

Soon greet the 40-year-oldAndré Chiang
I asked the goals for the 40-year-old man、Told me this way。

40There's no thought of achieving something at the age of。
I thing is to continuously create always cook with passionate and talented staff.。
Create my cookbook and space、And to be able to share a philosophy with the staff and customers of my greatest pleasureIt is。
Taiwan food、Not yet internationally in Japan sushi cuisine、
Because it is filled with good quality ingredients rich in Taiwan、Now、It is a drastic change is required。
But based on tradition、What I learned in my suit、You want to convey the richness of the Taiwan food and fun。
And life style of Taiwan、It is sending to the world。
André Chiang

12116584_ 10156028678845417 _ 1441045748 _ o

Zor Tan (Zoa Tan) Chef

1986Born in Singapore。
We are interested interested in artistic dishes from childhoodHardThe chef、
At the SHATEC University of Singapore hotels management for learning、2009He graduated from in。
André Chiang"There was open to Swissotel The StamfordNAIG by André"In the
Blossom talents as a chef while studying French、
2010It was opened in the new concept in October year "Restaurant André"The will be selected as a chef。
2012In Spain "Diverxo" or "El Celler de Can Roca" – as a trainee、
To learn the art of gastronomy、2014In the year "RAW"The active brain as、Where I am today。


RAWOn into the shop、Pride is like most featured a smooth flowing lines like sculptures、
I use a lot of southern pine、Width between front and、What!65mIn is a huge counter that span too!
It was worked on interior "Camiel Weijenberg"The、André ChiangCollaboration in the design store design from 2013。
Like a giant whale and also、Also watched with great future ships, take it as streamline-strange。
Cut the wood using traditional shipbuilding technology、
It is designed so "corners" are not fully revised interior design。
Different impressions from various angles、
This interior design clearly remain a strong impact as dynamic、
Just the other day、"Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2015In ASIA Division I has been awarded the highest award of "!
By the way is、And twist toilet Interior click here、
And the image of wine barrels、Because you're making very unique、
How to eat、Don't forget to go to the toilet.


In the main dining area、
Featuring custom designs made from ash wood table and chairs。
Do not take comparable to height of 3.8 m ceiling height、The stout and thick table top、
Has a different shape。
RAWIn too many times to visit、The scenery was projected from the table every、Different from each、
It will be the design that can be found the fun of each visit ♪


The menu is now、Lunch only and the same course 1 course、
Cuisine eight 1,850TWD (approximately 6,845 yen in the Japanese Yen)And will be。
(Both bread and drinks、Service charge 10%)。
Food is changed according to the season、Fine dining is a people-friendly prices。
This price is that about one-third of Singapore price、
In fact、André ChiangDoesn't mean you are cooking.、
Top chefAndré ChiangAre catching on that the dishes under the supervision of。
60Seats (in a chef's table that contains) and elaborate interior is also a shop、Interior can be enjoyed, not only to eat.


RAWAnd the、"An incomplete" or "as raw materials.、Have meaning, such as "immature"、
Here、Instead of capturing so negative.、
To the dictates of nature
Sow the seeds、Raised in the land、Hope that it will eventually grow into a daiki、
Under the positive attitude is named。
Was raised in this Taiwan、André ChiangVolunteers are seek to、
Proud Taiwan spirits's also a place go to bloom ♪


Here is、20Dual-seat chef's table、8 persons minimum booking is required。
(* Less than 8 if、16000 TWD minimum charge required)
Kitchen watch、Would be nice to enjoy a meal at the table seats can be said here.


This time、Our tables are、Me with the Japan staff (Xie Xie!)
From the right、Director of theVivian Ho 28-year-old
Hall chargeYung Chiao Lee(Emily)30-year-old、For the kitchenWilliam 30-year-oldFor 3 people。
3Both of them are very liked Japan、Japan is very good!
This time、The flow of the book and interviews with managersVivianIn the position、It really helped me! (Thanks!)
3Among other peopleWilliamThe、Nice to be reading and writing of Japan、
I recently visited during the holidays、As the leading restaurant tour of Tokyo are studying hard! (Terrible! )
CuteEmilyThe、Lovers call in now! (Japanese men only:Lol)
Staff in foreign lands Japan me is、It is very reassuring!


He showed me a seat at the table closest to the chef's table for、
Unbelievably vivid photos of the kitchen table seating in our、Filled with live。
This time the、Sommelier selection
"Wine pairing (glass 3 cups)"TWD1,200 (approximately 4,440 yen in the Japanese Yen)Also asked.。
And to order、
Here you will、Are you sick of fluffy and swell, just with a little water used、
A small tablet in the inner instant, is transformed into a high-quality tail hand wiping! (Surprise)
This is also one of the unique production ♪


Built into each table each chairs each drawer。
Large cardboard vegetables design has been subjected to simple will be menu ♪


In the bottom of the menu、By 6 sets of cutlery for meals、Also、Can hold a napkin。
Lean and refreshing the design tables、As a stage for the comfort food、
André ChiangIt is pumped put design of thought ♪


RAWNow、Based on the concept of the menu for the Taiwan calendar "Solar term"Using。
Solar termAnd the、1In the concept of the season divided in 24 years、
Taiwan customs and lifestyle、And the freshness of the ingredients、
Solar termIt is deeply involved in the "Seasonal food"Is believed to want to give。
This is、Its called the "control freak"、
So do calculates all the 1 plate 1 plate、In large numbers likeAndré ChiangOf it is specialty!
Fundamentals of France cuisine based on、Taste、Aroma、Sticking to the body、
Assemble one course every season、124 courses offered throughout the year。
Then it was madeRAWThe menu is、24The proposed season along、
Each represents another most of season one is used。
Exactly what、Cuisine terroir。
RAWIn the diet、"I know Taiwan"、"Taste the TaiwanI think that it is lead to the fact that "♪


"Sanpuregurino" 180TWD it (about 670 yen and the Japanese yen)

Red Star with Italy of the characteristics of mineral water "S.Pellegrino" logo。
Here is、VOGUEWith collaborative design。
Water's include carbon dioxide in water、Granular carbon and mild in your throat!


"Bread" 150TWD (about 560 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Homemade rye bread、Has been burned crisp and savory、While no longer was sweetness and flavor depth with dust。
The smooth homemade butter、Chocolate and hazelnuts and garlic oil、Along with buckwheat。
Also the taste of the bread natural are understandably、
Homemade butter、Taste cameos never tasted until now to balance brain affects the impact!
Complex aromas、Smooth and crunchy texture balance、
Depth and maturity there to Minister Mari、Even if you are not delicious!



To sheet-shaped thick duck foie gras、Red onion、Chervil、Dill、Along with the milk powder、
And accompanied on the rye crunch biscuits and enjoy a different texture!
In the whole、Curved crunch show the beautiful scenery like the bridge on the river loose enters full of German。
And the crispy texture、The dish can be satisfied in the sense of volume and an exquisite foie gras smooth!



Dry shrimp with oil made with shrimp and garlic mayonnaise、Crisply and fragrantly fried。
Dry shrimp powder to spread his mouth filled、
It goes well with crisp mouthfeel of chips made with black rice of ancient rice ♪


RAWThe sommelier is two、
Our tables are、Kimberly Chang♪ that someone gave me in charge



Delicate and persistent fine lather、Beautiful rose, such as salmon。
And the taste of fresh white fruit as a long palate with good acidity and elegant、Ideal for the beginning of the meal.


Kitchen is open at all times and、You can come out to the。
Young volunteers, reaching approximately 20 persons so engaged in the intently cuisine。
The amount of heat that is put in the dish is it comes through odd without ♪



Based on the peanut butter sauce、Covered with snow peas beans、
Roasted asparagus、Raw asparagus thinly sliced、Snow Peas with Urchin。
Snow pea ice cream turned out、Very refreshing, rich flavor! (Surprise! )
Think of vegetables taste so delicious、Say this though、Taiwan is rare and hard to find!
Urchin is fresh、No fishy smell、Goes well with sweetness of green vegetables。
It provides raw asparagus with roasted asparagus、
And pull the flavor the same vegetables in different for each taste、
It completes in 1 dish、Enjoy is also nice!



Can homemade chili pepper fried pork skin、
Small onion slice、Garlic powder、Tomato、Garlic sprouts、Served with snow peas beans。
Shine in beautiful green powder sauce、Garlic buds is based on、
All combined and has been recommended to eat it!
Crunchy is a Mimiga、Covered with the homemade chili pepper gives off the aroma complex、Very classy effect that turned into a snack!
Contents of the homemade chili pepper corporate secret it is.、
Our favorite Cajun exudes the flavor such as spices ♪


"Cotes du Jura les Sarres Chardonnay 2010" France Cotes du Jura

1997The independent years、Instead of a commercial wine、
Jean richer started winemaking in making their own wine to drink during meals。
As well as Montrachet (Montrachet)、With the soil from the late Jurassic ancient、
Rare white wine grapes grown in the groves of mountainous region Jura region near the border of France and Switzerland make。
Grape varieties:Chardonnay。
A rich show plenty of minerals and expansion、
Acidity and deep taste and delicate, such as citrus fruit, joined、
With a tantalizing aroma、
In the acid out of the structure to、Guests can enjoy the afterglow.



The squid tentacles Ya in the head of the squid
Green peppers、Paprika、The diced Eggplant、Inspired by Ratatouille stuffed with。
Basil & lemon juice sauce to wakame、Served with slices of fennel。
Speaking of Taiwan、Tapioca sounds!
Using this unique soft texture to the dish。
It is a delicious and refreshing it was salad ♪



Wrapped in the dome-shaped clams and sprinkling with shredded lettuce and sliced scallop with Kohlrabi、
The image of Thailand's Tom yum spicy soup。
The dish taste the tsmucat flavor of the clams and the crispness of the lettuce at the dome to wrap。
Red curry paste based on mushrooms and Lemongrass、A soup made with fresh herbs, lime leaves、
I can't believe my good as in mild sour taste is spicy。
André ChiangThe ♪ wife of What creative cuisine was born precisely because Thais


We have、This time from Japan ceramists in Toyama's friend "Gaku Shakunaga"For had to bring instruments of-Kun、
Click hereAlain HuangAlso chef "To travel with the series"And entitled、
In his work "Raven series" And "Tree-ring series"Introduce、
"RAW"I was collaboration with dishes! (Thanks inspiring!)
It is a up-and-coming to flutter nowRAWMaine chefAlainThe、Just expressing how?!


Alain Huang

1982On July 20, was born in。
National Kaohsiung University of applied science in learning about France cooking and baking、
Graduated and competed in every competition in the world、You will learn the techniques of top chef。
After that、"Restaurant André"The chef to join、
"Philippe MILLE" in France winning M.O.F、
3-Michelin-star winning "S.T.A.Y.、Justin's signatures.、Brush technology in "Jonas Restaurang.。
2014 year、"RAW"The promoted as manchev、
Though it inherits traditional French techniques and incorporating recent bistronomy、Taste of the new Taiwan has delivered to the world。



The micuit with straw smoked mackerel、
Spicy carrot straw smoked chop and source use.。
Roasted carrots、Red onion、Served with Chervil。
Also divides the two recipes to taste the carrots、Enjoy the same vegetables in a different texture and taste!
And smoked, chopped carrot and important texture and flavor of the Earth、
Feel the freshness and sweetness to roasted carrots、Do not take comparable to leading Spanish mackerel is delicious。
Surging without sense of togetherness in 1 dish produces the ingredients of each dish。
thereGaku SyakunagaKun "Raven series dish"It was me with! (Xie Xie!)
Incorporated in the Center with dark margins and a solid sense of make、
♪ has shines beautiful red people and of the carrot


"Coteaux de Peyriac Bel Serrat" France Languedoc Minervois

France role Minervois village in 80 hectares of Domaine La Tour Boisée。
Grape varieties:60% Merlot、Cabernet Sauvignon 40%。
Cabernet Sauvignon、While bringing a touch of spice and depth、
The Merlot、Fruity, supple palate.。
Aroma is fruity and spicy, strong tannins that have、Guests can enjoy body feeling firm!



56Over in about degrees 36 hours a Calvi American beef at low temperature cooking
Barley and rice、Serve with fried pine nuts。
Chips made with oatmeal、
Under the、Potato、Egg yolk、Served with a spicy puree of black garlic。
Baked potatoes with onion and chicken broth based on Bouillon, complete。
It has with here was an image of how the cattle are eating the food on the farm! (Interesting!)
Just、"Earth"It is an image of"Tree-ring series"Please use this dish、
It is excellent collaboration! (Xie Xie!)
We are usually、Not fatty ribs and eat too much.、
And with around Millets、But the persistence of、Really sweet and helpful!
Also black Garlic Puree mixture and egg yolks、Rich flavor is great with added!
A cow with a good warm flavored sauce、I enjoyed the taste (laughs)
The last、"Shoun RyuginThe staff of "Joyce ShihFrom
"Also visited many times RAW、Each time I gave inspirational and amazing!"And was looking for.、
Exactly what it says、Our first visit is、
Hospitality and interior design、And "octaphosophy = octaphylosophy™"The cuisine based on、
In all、Excitedly and gave a surprise to endless excitement to and withdrawals!
"Next time will come to pop out what kind of food?"And、
This time ♪ already got off myself swear revisit


「RAW original pineapple cake」

I was re-build a pineapple cake, which is also one of the famous Suites in Taiwan
RAW original pineapple cakeIt is。
This is the other day.、André ChiangBut of Japan "Daikanyama Tsutaya bookstoreWhen "and played a collaboration event
It has been provided "Taiwan flavor Jue new body omen"Of the 1.。
This time、UsladeWas please provide special also! (Xie Xie!)
A leading pineapple、"The young ones、The ripe stuff、Something too mature "of three to、
The bavarois would be the main fabric、Use a ripe pineapple、Represents the texture and temperature of the frozen。
The jams、Used too much and ripe pineapple、
The Outer fabric、Used in traditional crust、Brioche dough、Place the butter cookies are a mix。
In the last、And topped with 1 drop of young pineapple jelly、Pineapple cake made!
Chilly with cold、Crisp texture、Spread is a refreshing sweetness、
there、Pull together a whole flavor in jams with a caramel-like flavor、
Has wrapped the whole fine flavours。
Cream of coconut milk, served with vanilla ice cream。
Better than any pineapple cake eaten in Taiwan、You can taste the deep impression.



Mousse of hibiscus、Sangria smoothies、Peach、And cherries、A Compote of Roselle
Make wishes with blackcurrant jelly with green herb tea is used as a herbal medicine in China。
Served with cherry like Elle。
This dessert is not just delicious、Funny、
And concealed in the pachipachicandy、
In some places、Unclear sense of crackling micro-current flowing through his mouth to play (laughs)
Resurrection is enjoyed by pachipachicandy at an early age、Only scattered smiles!


"COFFEE Coffee FIKA FIKA CAFE (Kenya AA)" 220TWD (in the Japanese yen about 815 yen)

Here you will、The other day we also visitedYitong ParkIt is in front of the eyes
"Fika Fika Cafe"Of using coffee beans。
Coffee beans、"Kenya AA"。
But the added flavor、In the crisp clean and good、
Taste wines to fragrant fruity taste and aroma spreads。
Finish the meal in a cup、As is also the cool lightness is advisable.


"OOLONG TEA Oolong" 220TWD (about 815 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Use the Alishan high mountain oolong tea。
The gentle sweet fragrant like flowers and rounded with subtle deep oolong tea、
It makes the stomach after a meal it as refreshing ♪


All guests of course finished out、Our staff is devoted to clean up kitchen。
And our show kitchen meal carry foot and、
In the kitchen already organized、Watch staff comes a sense of relief after doing the job!


I'm happy to put in the kitchen by surprise、
We let you a commemorative shooting along with the kitchen staff! (Inspiring per million! Chest is full!)
Lively eyes sparkle、André ChiangThe pride of working under the chest、
Big dreams and full of young volunteers who hopeful is gathered!
The size of the produce teamwork in their power、Made us feel immeasurable!


Here is、Gathering Hall staff and bar staff! (Xie Xie! )
Facing one of these from the smile、"Unbearable is fun like the hospitality!"Such as、
The freshness was me let me greatly feel!
High guest satisfaction、A high repeat rate、
Such aspirations High I think because there is a mind of staff our hospitality ♪


Once a monthAndré ChiangTheir、HereRAWTo visit、
With them at all times food continues to create.。
"RAW"The、Energy of the young volunteers in the Taiwan food、Will continue to grow into the great big daiki.

Address:1st Floor, 301 Lok Kwan Road, Zhongshan Taipei
(Internet online booking only:Appointment only)
Hours of operation:Lunch:11:30-14:30、Dinner:18:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday、On Tuesday

1st Floor, 301 Lok Kwan Road, Zhongshan Taipei

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