Japanese cuisine "Ryugin" Taipei advance! "Shoun Ryugin" of excellence philosophy food and tea pairing


In the University of Zhongshan district, Taipei City or district、The district's first fine dining Bill "-"2014Year end of SeptemberIn the open。
"Michelin Guide"In Roppongi to give a 3 star rating and Japanese cuisine"Ryugin"Taiwan first shop"Shoun Ryugin"Introduction、
5Into this Bill in restaurants、
This area is、In other graduate school district、In recent years, successively built luxury homes、
Consumption of the wealthy is expected、Great sensation。

-The、Hong Kong S.A.R. providing agent deployment of foreign food and beverage store brands in Taiwan and China based on "Hasmore group"The doubles Division、
Cement is a leading "Chia Hsin Cement Co., Ltd."With construction as a joint venture。
Investment amount、15Billion Taiwan Yuan (approximately ¥ 5 billion) venture。
5 stories above ground、Total floor space of 3 underground floors is approximately 1000 square meters.。
Interior、Japan and Denmark、World renowned architectural firms such as Paris has been handled。

1Voting event in floor where the British magazine "Restaurant Magazine" is organized by "Best 50 restaurants in AsiaIt was ranked fifth in the 2015 fiscal year. "
Singapore Buddha restaurant "Restaurant André"ofAndré Chiangsupervision of chef
Restaurant "RAW"Shop、Miracle book which also suggests this is happening!
2Third floor -Hasmore groupThe brand is accounted、
2Japanese ramen shop floor "Ramen Nagi"And American casual restaurant"Chili's Grill & Bar"、
3The floor steak shop is "RUTH'S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE"And to enter the shop、
And on the fifth floor、Hear this day "Shoun Ryugin"there is!


Michelin Guide 3 star acquisition of Japanese restaurants that set up shop in Tokyo's Roppongi "Ryugin"The、
The company also operates in Hong Kong S.A.R., 2nd、2014/11/1In the Taipei city branch "Shoun Ryugin"Open。
Taiwan in Michelin class Japan restaurant opening this first time。
The menu is、12dish 6500TWD (about 24,050 Japanese Yen)For only one course。
(Service charge 10%, private use 15%)
Taiwan stores materials and specialty products of Taiwan's own multi-course offering.、
Seiji YamamotoIt is the one arm of chefRyohei HiedaThe chef cooks supper for you as a head chef of the SHO Ryu Gin。
The dress code is semi-formal and is recommended、Shirts and shorts、Men sandals, the shop is in a non-、
Men、Collared shirt jacket is desirable、G bread even NG。
Women、Attention is required to unleash the scent to perfumes, etc.。
9Not for children under the age of、Please note, take a check in advance, and。


"Shoun Ryugin"Now、Course dishes with ingredients of Taiwan、Tokyo、The menu differs from Hong Kong S.A.R.。
Has been open only at night。


Dragon ornaments on the approach。
And as a symbol of wealth Kichijoji、And drive out evil dragon。
Join the gem as goddess of mercy、And is said to bestow good fortune or luck.、
And the must-haves of Feng Shui place a dragon figurine、Said to improve the flow of qi.


A solemn atmosphere and quiet rush、
Lantern lights are dim light foot、Followed by a cobbled approach。


Waiting room

Waiting room show stylish elegance and modern Japanese。


In the wine cellar、Lined up in sake of sake wine。
100More than carefully selected wine and、30There are rare sake more than。
In the waiting room、Our guests enjoy aperitifs.


In the waiting room monitor、
NHK TV program Professional"ofSeiji YamamotoTimes of chef was washed。
We haven't seen yet、Please watch!
"Fee management (otherwise specified) and cooking (tomb) Rukoto"
The desire to seriously confront、Produced ancestors Japan culinary traditions and
Struggle in the revolution that achieve a new evolutionSeiji YamamotoPassionate soul of the chef you will see!
Cook said that these people think。

NHK TV program "Professional" # 189 times Yamamoto Seiji

Masaharu Yamamoto profile
1970 year、Born in Kagawa Prefecture。1993 year、He joined Aoyagi restaurant in Tokushima。
Toranomon Aoyagi、Chef Harumi "BASARA"、Japan food at Aoyagi groups, such as the "Oyama"。
2003Year opened in Roppongi, Tokyo Japan cuisine Ryu Gin。
Michelin Guide Tokyo, Yokohama and Shonan South 2012 since、3Win a Michelin three-star in consecutive years。
As well as domestic、Overseas branches in Hong Kong S.A.R. and Taiwan。
29 ranked best in Japan cuisine in the "50 best restaurants in the world by 2015"、In its Asian edition was selected as # 4。


Welcome drink "biluochun"

Blue spiral spring (hekirashunn)、Also one of the ten great Chinese tea in Chinese tea。
The shape of the tea leaves、Got a white downy hair seen in other tea、Have a characteristic spiral shape that、
This white downy hair more、Is said to be high-flavor。
Blue spiral spring、Contributed by cold tea and King cold。
Good smell so soft、The palate is、And less bitter than Japan tea、
It is elegant green tea with a delicate sweetness ♪


Is Japanese architect's works、All dishes and silverware are works by the master craftsmen of Japan has been adopted。
The number of dark a prepared in the base seats and 36 seats
For the ratio of stores became an elegant arrangement、
Only one room seating room、6-Reservations are accepted in eight.




In a letter menu。
A stamp depicting the Taiwan land records and Sho Ryu Gin、
With the number 1、Willingness in Taiwan will be on the top or too見 by some to、
"There is a sense that it is open to one year"With that。
And、In the original commemorative stamp to stamp the philatelic quaint geek will love
Unique to seal, and engraved the date visited。
During the、"Shoun Ryugin extreme cuisine"And then、
Simply stated ingredients, such as in Japan, and Chinese、12Menu items will be available。
Menu at each temperature, and cold、Hot and cold dishes that are easy to、
Also inflate the imagination of its dishes from the menu、Also enjoy also the one blot。
To the staff、So we can speak to Japan about 3 people、No language problems.


Our tables are、Can be served as a captainNicole ChenLet's charge。
The love KyotoNicoleMr. a、You please correspond with very fluent Japanese! (Praise!)
The hospitality of her slender、To loosen the tensions of our first visit、
Was please subjected to a very meticulous attentive (Xie Xie ♪)

Of Tokyo Roppongi "Ryugin"Now、
13Of more kinds of originality full of water out tea "Original TEA"Has been developed、
Type a ring original TEA and of course very sensation。
This Taiwan branch "Shoun Ryugin"But、Developed based on the Taiwan tea original TEA、
Again it that has been established menu tea pairing!
"Just like those that 嗜ma the wine during the meal、Cup of tea as ingredients in tea pleasure and want have the appearance of including。"
From such feelingsSeiji YamamotoThe chef2011 yearThan、RyuGin sommelier teamConceived and developed、The project launched。
The other day、Exactly in Kyoto "Gion MAVOJapanese tea to match the French that I received in "
"tea pairing aya / Aya"For we were impressed by the menu、
Without hesitation、Please type a ring is also experimenting with that.。
Of course、To drink alcohol you want to be for those who、Than is the sommelier selected wine pairings!

"Sachikumo RyuGin TEA pairing" 1,100TWD (approximately 4,070 yen in the Japanese Yen)
"Sachikumo RyuGin WINE pairing" 2,600TWD (yen approximately 96.2 in the Japanese Yen)


"White foam -HAKUHO-"

As with those who are toast the first full of Champagne
It was developed from the thought that I would like you to enjoy in sparkling TEAWhite foamThe、
Taiwan teaPekoe tea (Oriental Beauty tea)Leo mizuide、Make sparkling。
All original TEA made in the kitchen、Each has been bottling。
And all glasses "RIEDEL Riedel"The glass。
Oriental Beauty tea、The benefits of tiny insects called leafhoppers on tea shoots、
Likened to honey and fruit aroma, sweet scent that is characterized by、
Follow the path of development from which resembles the scent of champagne。
In the taste and aroma is faintly sweet、
Is full of taste without too argued that while cuddled cooking ♪


Warm "pill tofu"

The egg tofu and finished from soup stock and only that finish from soft-shelled turtle
Acoustically with ginger in Tianjin green onions with roasted, powdered onion appetizer。
In the aroma of onions、
Egg tofu you intersect it with the soup spicy thick soft palate elegant, rounded cheeks. unwind and taste、
To warm up and warm throat and body、Emerges from the after effects of ginger。
Stomach become entirely into、Well mouth-watering dish!


"Sean -SEIUN-"

Has a pale pale bright green、Such as herbs or fresh flavor、
It gives off an image, such as if they were walking down the forest after the rainAlbatronThe、
It has a kind of oolong teaPouchongOf water out in。
The palate is、While Taiwan tea served in white wine and refreshing atmosphere.


Cold "okra and prawn caviar"

The prawns marinated with Taiwan, Takeshi (Geelong) 漁reta with salty caviar in very good、
Taiwan okra、Fungus、Daikon radish、Ginger、Dunked in shiso leaf buds and flowers。
And will be in the Alishan Mountain lemon sauce。
Loose body of prawns、A refined sweetness and flavor is concentrated、
Okra crisp with the texture and lemon acidity produces a refreshing flavor ♪


Temperature "Sakuraebi cracker sea urchin"

The dish was accompanied on the charcoal、
You can still manually.、Moments with a hand、I am surprised at the warmth。
I have impression that raw Sea Urchin is cold、Characters of temperature in the menu。
Dust me provide fairly comfortable warmth、I am shrouded by aroma of dry shrimp。
On the finished Shizuoka dry shrimp crunchy Rice cracker、
Shrimp in Hokkaido and the purple sea urchin、Served with Sunflower sprouts。
Melts in your mouth and dull-eyed Sea Urchin flavor spreads in the mouth and at the same time、
Feel the sweetness of the shrimp and dry shrimp spicy、
Crispy and make a nimble sound irresistible cracker texture ♪


Very pretty staffJoyce ShihWith the、Advance on facebook keep in touch with honey、
This time from the flow of the book、With information about other restaurants around Bay hot deals have been teaching various (Xie Xie!)
Interesting background she can speak, Japan、
Zhongshan "The Okura Prestige Taipei Okura prestige Taipei"In if she had drowned、
I that there may have been a high school teacher! (Surprise)
Now、Seems to have worked every day, head over heels for this cuisine Japan。
And、10In mid-MayThe retired here and、10 month(march) endMore things to be language study in Japan for one year!
In addition, we look forward to the day that you can Love Affair you in Japan ♪


Temperature "brings out the best soup red Mutsu and steamed abalone"

Ichiban dashi is also one dish to represent the Dragon House。
Best soup poured passion and commitment without stop、Also of the Japan food。
Wither the book only section using the day、Are the normal load a little more thick cut、
Like do not float when made through the kelp dashi in weight in、Has taken a very serious。
Open Bowl and Japan's budding aroma and elegant note knocking smell of dashi、
South Africa 蒸shi鮑 on in Taiwan with char-grilled and marinated red predator and wakame seaweed、On a large disk-like Taiwan cucumber with grey hair onion。
Exactly this with a frayed instinctively look delicious。
Also the Red predator truly relaxed body、Also been soft steamed abalone、Sumitomo's duty、
Clear the best soup we've become a leading role ♪


"Revlon -ROKA-"

And the smell like seaweed StrangelyRevlonThe、
Kyoto 'Ippodo"In the brewed tea、Will be tailored for you build。
Put the cover to the、Tea was born in canopy、
Scent of seaweed rich in depth、I feel mellow, refined sweetness and flavor.


Cold "of Taiwan seafood tuna、Spiny lobster、Oval squid sepioteuthis lessoniana、Grouper "

We have、This time from Japan ceramists in Toyama's friend "Gaku Shakunaga"For had to bring instruments of-Kun、
Click hereRyohei HiedaAlso chef "To travel with the series"And entitled、In his work "Raven series" And "Tree-ring series"Introduce、
"Shoun Ryugin"The food and collaboration、
This time the、"Tree-ring series"I please be expressed in the sashimi! (Thanks inspiring ♪)
As a seafood selection、Approximately 100 kg OMA tuna、
Except the tuna will all Taiwan waters seafood、
Lobster by fishers ' 漁reta、Oval squid sepioteuthis lessoniana、Grouper、Sea grapes、Seaweed、Seaweed、Packed with radish shiso wrapped bangles、
And accompanied by the shells of abalone shines like a Pearl in the Middle、Giving the splendor.。
For extra work for hidden knives, carved、Also the fatty tuna in soy sauce easy and familiar。
A shake of salt squid, so as you、
Recommend to order lobster with seaweed has been。
I dream and believe it or not in Taiwan with such fresh sashimi、
A slice of people biting off while、You could taste the sweetness and flavor.


"Special soy sauce" and "dust vinegar"

Sashimi with soy sauce.、Or、
And dust on grated daikon and Ponzu vinegar either in your choice will。
I white is by far and is delicious to get in Chile vinegar ♪


"Jinlong -KINRYU-"

Align with the pottery of the、Peach scented cameosJinlong
And brewed Golden oolong tea should be well-liked in Taiwan, provided。
Think fresh feeling faint fragrant peach flavor、
On the nature of specific tea leaves、Enjoy a higher temperature in the creamy Milky thick and rich flavor、
2It is a strange tea taste better pleasure over every time ♪


Warm "red snapper roasted barley flour baked figs Dengaku"

The red snapper that was sprinkled with white sesame to RyuGin original ball miso
You want alternating eating figs with real roasted pine 田楽焼ki and would recommend this。
After the cooking at low temperature、The snapper was burned in charcoal、Its texture、Fragrance、Taste sweetness with Carne felt、
Let's not forget the Sesame flavor in、Soggy、Fig dengaku was back and forth and、
unknown taste example unexpected is also said spreads full mouth!
Flat saying、It is too delicious for (lol)
Still based on the philosophy, and produced food、That evolution always blesses with surprise and excitement.


Warm "smell of steamed blue citron of Chiuriha and Umiuri-ko"

A melon leaf is a sweet potato leaf.、It is often eaten in Taiwan.、The sea cucumber is a asashi.。
This is a simple steamed product with the scent of blue yuzu.。
Sweet potato leaves、It is similar to the texture like Morrohaya and Tsurumurasaki by putting the fire、
Feel a little slimy and sticky and very delicious、Goes well with Asari thickness and elasticity.


"Mie -BIKOH-"

In accordance with the meat dishes were developed in red wine imageMiku
Sparkling TEAWhite foamIt was used but
Pekoe tea (Oriental Beauty tea)With homemade dried beets and extracted with water drip、
In a colorful and bright red appearance is glossy。
In addition to the captivating scent、While giving off faint taste of honey flavor is not heavy、
The ♪ has emanated compare favorably impression on strength of meat dishes


Temperature "straw baked Tosa tailoring UmaTsuge of Kobato"

The simmering straw charcoal grilled Kobato。
The alms of straw attached great、It is an article from Misty scent up tramping and appetite!
Beautiful rose color、Best burning State!
Taste the prepared two、Top is simply salty、Horse advice is back。
And horse advice、In China, the official name "mountain Tatsuki" and call、
Also known as "mountain pepper", said.、Taiwan aborigines with spices、Taste and stimulation become habit!
Will fit a Taiwan bamboo shoots。
To this cuisine "Gaku Shakunaga"Kun"Raven series dish"I please with a reversible!
Did not tell and equipment can be used with reversible black series.、
After、Ryohei HiedaHe told us the chef、Frank "Since the back of the texture was like"With that。
Characteristics of the instrument have read instantly、Savoir-faire will play great! (Praise! )
Previous、RyuginIt is created as a staff document at the WEB siteIs that、
When you look a collection of cooking VTR "Wild duck grilled 2012"For even the VTR、
1One passion poured into material, technology and philosophy、
Forget about time to devour my screen、Fascinated by、Is a moment I wished if you really love dream come true。
Wild duck, not this time, Kobato could、Deeper flavor than what Kobato tasted in the past、
And feel the depth and splendor of the food、
♪ and that marks the end of this meal was enough to become think lonely heart

"Japanese Dragons"Collection of cooking VTR


"Lin Lu"

Is your diet before you put a dish、Taiwan fruit "Wax (re nn bu)"。
Lotus mist (also called:Wax Apple)Ginger juice, lemon、It is pickled in a small amount of sugar。
In Thailand "Chomphu"Said.、It is commonly found in tropical fruit。
With "Apple" and is also called、Apple and the like、The fruit is not so sweet、
Characterized by large、Like the cool flesh texture is like eating pears、Fruit and。
Of thereLotus mist (also called:Wax Apple)Gully in the image if you like、Has been pickled、
It can be as refreshing the mouth before your meal ♪



According to your diet、We roasted green tea。
Roasting flavor、In the taste、Once、You can reset the palate!


In your diet、Taiwan flower crab "Kettle cooking"Is we have been out!
Good scents、Hokorobimasu the cheeks instinctively to cook up a good face!


Temperature "kettle cook Hanakani and leek soy sauce rice"

And then seasoned with green onion sauce made of soy sauce onion in Taiwan and Japan、
Flower crab taste of autumn in Taiwan and using plenty of Kettle-cooked。
Contact us、As good tasting cum dust using Koshihikari of Taiwan feel with elasticity。
Face good and solid grain。
And the flower crab、Called "simicigani" in Japan、In Sagami Bay sourced are a type of crab。
So is the spicy scent of green onion and soy sauce、
Taste of Hanakani is Shimiwataru is elegant cooked rice ♪



Although no pickles、Even the texture as leave Suns、In the stunning first hand how melon、
As transparent shavings, beautiful kelp pickles served with Silas。
Exquisite taste that would go involuntarily rice even in this pickles only!
Not too much never hits the salt、Physical labor involved to、Gently、Pickled products that is!



The miso soup make in off the head of the lobster broth、With bean curd。
Taste-based flavor I can't believe my body。
Overall any cuisine Anbai of seasoning does not have expected the unspeakable only ♪


"Hakka Lei Cha"

Dessert to match Kung tea (Raja)。
In Taiwan、Taiwan (Halloran) and indigenous peoples、On the other Han、The Hakka people who live、
Hakka people、Kung tea is thought to compensate for nutritional easy time busied themselves with 昔農 work。
Also、Entertaining at Kung tea to guests、And the Hakka tradition、
The tradition of hospitality、Still it remains between the old。
Kung tea of good nutrition and food intake and drink from the dynasty era、
Simple, hard-working、Is possible that the traditional culture of Hakka people known as the frugal!


Cold temperature "passion fruit candy"

Ryuginis2005 yearFrom the faux fruit of the season also has been creating specialty candy series、
As Taiwan rebuilt the passion fruit candy。
-196℃~+99Temperature difference ℃Original dessert to enjoy!
Click here alsoRyuginIt is created as a staff document at the WEB siteIs that、
Collection of cooking VTR "Strawberry candy 2011"We have to look very interesting to!
As a surprise a whole came out one cold passion fruit、
It is a special piece combines the delicacy and artistry ♪

"Japanese Dragons"Collection of cooking VTR


The passion fruit that was issued in front of the candy that mimics
To complete over the warm fruit sauce ♪


Passion fruit、Papaya、Hot sauce with fruit such as peaches.


I'm sorry about the perfection is divided by、
Passion fruit candy、And torn apart by spoon、
Ice powder of passion fruit we will come out from within!


Its over with plenty of hot fruit sauce、
Do not overbeat、Quite enjoying the texture of the candy and the temperature difference between the desserts!


Temperature "grilled warabimochi"

It made from bracken powder Wakayama natural
Robes of deficits during the homemade bracken、Is toasted。
Do you ever eat baked warabimochi! ?
Perhaps、We are first time。
To bracken's click here、Instead of flour、Accompanied by Taiwan Kung tea powder、Lightly salted! and I enjoy。
Complete, put brown sugar, wasanbon was back and forth before eating dessert。
Even food before、The size of the、
Then the dessert a little too heavy? I got a little worried、
That also was grilled flavor with a texture and dust spreading、
One bite of fish and、His stomach to stimulate、
And it has very quickly ate! (Lol)
Compounding lingering luxury、While soaking in a happy mood、Will be the last o薄!


Temperature "you thin"

Finish of o薄。
Light brown and lather up well、Is the Urasenke tea。
Instant pins and extends down my spine。
A cup of green tea、At Raku in Kyoto to become familiar with and will be!


In Taiwan "Shoun Ryugin"At night I enjoyed。
From Roppongi, Tokyo a few days after this daySeiji YamamotoStaff of about 10 people led by Chef、
I heard coming events served at a branch of arms。
Seiji YamamotoThat is unfortunately not meet directly to the chef.、
Next time I want to also carry the foot to Tokyo head office ♪


Chef Dragons clouds barnyard Tian Liangping RYOUHEI HIEDA

When home、Who go to say helloRyohei HiedaChef。
What you had seen in a photo-friendly features、
The person、Far more than his image and personality!
Also from the staff "Chef is really friendly people"And is said to also instinctively understand。
Balanced communication、Just a short time, it was、
♪ its tail face seemed to speak for themselves

Ryohei HiedaChef's last name is very rare.、Was born and raised in Nagasaki Prefecture iki island.。
Iki is the sacred Islands beginning to appear in Kojiki myths、
Known that the very large number of Shrine、Is known as the power spot。
Is said according to one theory the yamatai birthplace is not?。
The "Hieda no are," has been with the editors of the Kojiki、
Is also a theory that was born in iki heaven scampi man shrine "Hieda.、
HiedaThe ancestors of the chef、Kojiki editors who may be (surprise)

I grew up in such IkiHiedaThe chef、
19Kyoto at the age of "Gion Nakagawa"By working as an apprentice、
Will be getting the Japan culinary basic knowledge and techniques of traditional。
2005 year、Producing salt by traditional methods in Fukuoka "The salt position"In the interest、
"Workshop and took do"Operated"Gohan-ya ital"At work、
Fresh produce directly from local farmers arrive and ingredients、
And splendor of a traditional seasoning will learn about the importance。
2008A yearSeiji YamamotoAnd impressed with feelings for chef of Japanese cuisine "Ryugin"In the working、
We are master recipes bring out the best potential of the material。
2013In the years、To further expand his knowledge and skills、And then moved to San Francisco、
Michelin 3 star "Bless" And "Manresa"By learning France cuisine、
2014And then come back to Japan in、Valued godsend、
Taipei "Shoun Ryugin"Now leads, was appointed as head chef。


Sachikumo RyuGin souvenir


The kettle of Hanakani cooking


The finest of Oriental Beauty tea homemade pudding


In the lastRyohei HiedaAround the chef、
CaptainNicole Chen.Joyce ShihWith a photo。

This time、At the Taipei trip "Shoun Ryugin"To be visited、
For us、Very meaningful event。
Also referred to as the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine "Ryugin"。
At the branch、Height of Japan people and technology、And feeling proud of Japan dishes is more significant。

"And that it Ryoru the Li and cooking"

Suitable for the word good natured food exists here。

"Healing cuisine by Japan in Taiwan"

The preciousness of some dishes that appeal to Japan and Japan、
We were reminded us in Taiwan.。

We are this WEB magazineladeThrough、By delivering the information we gained experience、
Connecting people to people、All sorts of things are shared by。
Original "information"、That means that some knowledge is obtained through them、
Not only get their own knowledge、And then output the knowledge、Think it's important to be shared。

"And that the reward information and information"

I think we'll continue and delivered from this valuable information。
HiedaChef、"Shoun Ryugin"The staff、Thank you very much!

Shoun Ryugin
Address:5th Floor, 301 Lok Kwan Road, Zhongshan Taipei
TEL:02-8501-5808(Appointment only)
Hours of operation:18:00-21:30( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Mondays and holidays

5th Floor, 301 Lok Kwan Road, Zhongshan Taipei

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