9From using the "IPass" is available at the Taipei MRT fares 2 percent at attempting to ride!


Accommodation in Taipei trip this time as I "amba taipei zhongshan"The、
Located in the Central Mountain area in the center of Taipei。
Meeting up with friends, to、
Good access conveniently located where the biggest highlights.


The last time3MoonThe Taiwan trip as the local hostGuides & interpretersTo ask、
Become a friendLee medium Kaoru (Lee Pei-Syun) commonly known as LeeCum and seeamba taipei zhongshan"In the meeting、
Lots of stories is due to、I got into the room。
LeeThe core business of swallowGraphic designerIn "ZouZou Design Studio"Launch
On the other hand has been active、Coffee's love interest、
Now near the Taipei main station standing Cafe "Eaves Coffee"Also operates、
Wearing two pairs of straw sandals。
Also ask interpreters in various scenes and your、Providing us with various Taipei information helpful!
On this day、LeeIt was responsible for the WEB site isTalking about CurryTo
Head out together for dinner!


In time for the dinner reservation time、
Hotel "amba taipei zhongshan"Out、Zhongshan stationTo a and o!
Hotel Zhongshan North Road and go south.


"Regent Regent Taipei Taipei"And
"Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei Hotel, Royal, Fisherman's Wharf, Taipei"Beyond the、
Turn West on Zhongshan North Road and Nanjing West road intersection。
Near the intersection of here "The Okura Prestige Taipei Okura prestige Taipei"There。


Walk a little shopping and、The upscale department store "Shin San Viet Nam West"You will see the。


Zhongshan stationOf3 ExitFrom s to the underground and get off。


MRT freshwater lineOfZhongshan stationThe、
At the next stationTaipei stationAnd are connected by a long long underpass、
We enjoyed walking around15Minutes inTaipei main stationTo arrive。
In the mountains under the cityThe、The world's longestUnderground BookstoreKnown as、To continue the book unusual elongated shape、
In books like we walkZhongshan station to Taipei main stationOf the intervalUnderground BookstoreYou want to enjoy!


Taipei CityThe move is、MRT (train)Very convenient、
If at close range、Fares areNT $ 20-30 (Japan yen and then around 80 ~ 120 yen)And cheap、
2~ 7 minutesOf the runs at the interval。
If the originalMRT ride ticketsPurchase (* How to ride buy tickets) Is、
This time the、Previously I got "Limited 1000 copies Quaternary just IC card"ofIPass (one 卡 Dori)I want to use。
To the IC cardIs the charge Office.In the can、This time the300TWD (Japan yen approximately 1110 yen)We charge。
By using this、Than the usual fare20%Also you can take the cheaper it is! (Deals! )


IPass (one 卡 Dori)Is primarilyKaohsiungThe card is、
In the Taipei City's normal automatic ticket gates、Not availablePlease note will be。


2015/SeptemberThan、Taipei CityIPass (one 卡 Dori)For use with、
Click hereYellow automatic ticket gatesOnly you can pass。


At the station、Japan Japanese support Taipei MRT mapLet me get there!
Taipei MRTThe、Is 5 lines in total.、The route map is installed at the station、
Muzha line (Wenhu Line):Line number 1 (Brown)Freshwater Xinyi (Tamsui-Xinyi line):Line number 2 (red)
Matsuyama Xindian line (Songshan-Xindian Line):Line 3 (green)Neutralization new welfare (Zhonghe-Xinlu line):Line 4 (orange)
Plates South line (Bannan Line):Line 5 (blue)Easy-to-understand and different color has been。
In addition、Recommended destinations for points each with a description, it is useful。

Also、In Taipei CityInterior of the MRT and buses、It's also a stationNow、
Food and beverageisAll prohibitedHas been、
Fail to comply withNT $ 1,500 ~ (Japan yen and approximately 5,850 yen ~)The note would be fine.


Matsuyama Xindian line、Zhongshan stationThanSmall cock IPAP station Taipei arenaTo and head。


Small cock IPAP station Taipei arenaMore located within 5 minutes ' walk
Talking about Curry "咖 mairu daughter Cari de madame"To go!
Next in line、Introduction of the Curry.

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