"Amba Taipei Songshan" Trying to explore the Raohe Street Tourist Night Market crowded at night for free City Tour!


Songshan StationIn the direct access "amba Taipei Songshan"of
And participation in city tours is provided as a free service、
Very famous as a beautiful temple in Taiwan "Songshan Ciyou Temple"After visiting the、
The adjacent "Raohe Street Night Market"What。
Raohe Street Night MarketThe、Became within 5 minutes ' walk from the hotel、
"Shilin night market"And line is known as the city, 2 nights、In the 600-metre Taipei City will be one of the longest night


Any shops open from 5 pm evening、Is open until 1 am at night。
Taiwan cuisine, sweets stalls、Clothing and accessories、Gadgets、Lined with stalls including the Yu-night city、
Many locals and tourists alike crowded!


In the various stores are lined with、"amba Taipei Songshan"The staff was、
Taiwan specialty "福州世祖胡椒餅"ofPepper cakeIt is!


Are here in abundance with Minced pork seasoned with pepper and blue onion、In the stone pot oven toasted and crunchy!
For the restaurant dinner is waiting at night、But do not try、
In the evening are eating out of the city for the first time going to the Taiwan、Taiwan Tourism including the atmosphere, you want one!


Regardless of eating out is a way to enjoy the city at night、
Bird divination and fortune telling tea leaves、You can experience unique horoscopes bizarre!


Besides the pepper cake、Squid fried and 蚵仔 noodles line of spice flavor、And the pork cooked in traditional Chinese medicine、
Local food is packed!


Night in the city、Still need attention to hygiene, etc.。
Last try at own risk!


Going down the road at the lights turn right through the streets of the city at night、
"Rainbow Bridge"Which will see our bridge!
The end of the tourKeelung RiverIs the introduction of the beautiful views from.

amba Taipei Songshan
Location:No. 8, Section 7, Civic Blvd, Nangang District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2653 2828

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