Modern European restaurant "MUME" Restaurant of the topic in the die break in Taipei


Last year2014 DecemberTo the owner and chefRichie Lin (aka:Rich Ard)is、
Quietly modern European restaurant in a quiet alley of Taipei's Daan district "MUME"Open。
"Best 50 restaurants in the world (The World's 50 Best Restaurants)It has also won four times the first place of laurels in "
Of Copenhagen, Denmark "rental"ofRene RedzepiWe have the experience of working under
Of the ownerRich Ard(from Hong kong)Chef Center、
Long Xiong chef (from America)Kai Ward chef (from Australia)The three made the team in the system、
Incorporating food from around the world, and mix、Modern European cuisine created by blink of an eye in Taipei became popular big break!
This time the、So in a hot topic "MUME"I introduce the ♪


Free Wi-Fi, design lean, stripped-down storefront。
At the entrance of the RC wall "MUME"And the only name engraved。
The name "MUME"The、Latin representative flowers of Taiwan "Plum blossoms (Meifa)"Means and、
Taiwan representative flower "Mei UME"The appropriately named restaurant and named。


Shop、In a modern space with a dark wood、1F and the ground floor total seats to 34 seats.。
Bare light bulbs hanging from a rope and tabletop candles、
In the faint light only indirect lighting ambiance。
Boasts an up-tempo Club music background music、Store person voice also participates、
From beginning to end、Recommend to young people in a festive mood!


Canada grew up of owner and chef born in Hong KongRichie Lin(35)The、
Of Copenhagen, Denmark "rental"And
Of Sydney, Australia "Rotary"、The Hong Kong S.A.R. "JUST"By building up experience in、
Richness of ingredients grow local Taiwan some day hold interest、
Hold the dream and want to open a restaurant in Taiwan produce only、2014 April,To migrate to Taipei。
Through the preparation period2014 DecemberTo seeMUME"Open。
Approximately 90% of the food currently available and using the Taiwan food、
Technology got a traverse from different countries and、Cooking with country-specific characteristics、In addition、Stitching together of the two disciplines、
"MUME"Shoot your own originality、Try brand new European cuisine。
Just the other day、Teacher "RotaryChef "Peter Gilmore (Peter Gilmour)is
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"In the event that was held there、
MentorPeter GilmoreThe、Cute discipleRich ArdUnder the chef visited。


"MUME"The menu is à la carte and English。
Unfortunately、Because no staff currently is Japan、Will be in Chinese or English conversation。
On this day、Graphic designerAnd working with、"ZouZou Design Studio"He operated、
Coffee lover's interest、Casual pop-up coffee stand
"EAVES COFFEEIt is a Taiwanese friends have launched a "Lee Pei-SyunTo cooperate in the interpretation、
Rich ArdPlease give me the recommended cooking course tailored chef ♪


Go into a store and immediately、Embedded lighting like tie-dye
Are equipped with wet bar、Particularly、Giving off light.。
Standing for small counters are also provided on the wall、Standing are available.


Top BartenderJeffrey LeeCocktails created by the popular、Many saw your order。
Like in an à la carte menu and select、It fit in a casual style to enjoy alcohol, such as、
Dining is a good restaurant bar specific usability ♪


Three chefs in the kitchen、Six Assistant in order、
A total of nine people have been engaged in a exciting game!


「Acqua Panna」

The Acqua Panna、Without much stimulation to your taste、It refreshes your mouth、
Characterized by velvety smooth taste。
Of course with wine、Moderately fit, delicate dishes、And enhances natural flavours。


For cuisine of bartenderKurt LinRight to、Detailed explanation, including the ingredients、
LeeKun ♪ big success as an interpreter


「Cobi Crudo」 360TWD
Ajo Blanco、Buddha Hand、Black Pepper Oil

And marinated fish that COBIA in the Taiwan 漁reru、Looks like flowers。
In Okinawa at by black amberjack fish and COBIA、Has a light taste。
Sandwiched between slices of COBIA fillet Muscat、Served with seaweed and chopped cucumber powder。
Spanish source that the image of a gazpacho of、
Taiwan called Muscat and cucumber and Buddha-fruit and is made based on、
Hung black pepper oil a few drops of the accent。
This gazpacho tasted plain and has。


May Clam、Confit Egg Yolk、Grilled Toast

We have、This time from Japan ceramists in Toyama's friend
"Gaku Shakunaga"For had to bring instruments of-Kun、
Click hereRich ArdAlso chef "To travel with the series"And entitled、
In his work "Raven series" And "Tree-ring series"Introduce、
"MUMEBoth dishes "I was collaboration! (Thanks inspiring!)

Raven series dishThe、Meet me shine well red meat, beef tartare!
Complemented by Tartar using Australian beef shoulder。
And the Tartare of raw beef、And chopped coarsely、Olive oil、Salt、Season with pepper and、
Onion、Served with egg yolks with chopped celery or relish dish。
Finely cut Lotus roots fried accent of texture on the surface of tartar and thin powder。
The confit on a candied egg yolks and、The combination of the oyster flavor a homemade mayonnaise。


「Grilled Toast」

Mix beef tartare、We put toast grilled。


Young Bamboo、Creme Fraiche、Prawn Toast

Raw shrimp、Bamboo shoots、Wasabi vegetables baby leaf salad, served with shrimp-flavored bread。
Us sprinkled with plenty of homemade cheese at the table to finish。
These ingredients lightly maze合wasete、We will ride on the shrimp-flavored bread。
Pull out the sweetness airy cheese with sour was soggy raw shrimp、
And crisp bamboo、Bread and crunchy texture is accented with。



The homemade bread、Mixed rye and wheat flour and water, make the dough、
Are made with traditional methods that coculture of multiple microorganisms mainly lactic acid bacteria and yeast。
Got a specific strong acidity and flavor、In Japan they taste。


「Beer Butter & Smoked Beef Fat Butter」

Black beer with homemade butter、Smoked beef tallow with homemade butter
And France Grand salt in your choice, give homemade bread。
According to the acidity of strong bread、Have strong flavor to homemade butter。


Roasted Pepper、Toasted Almond、Tomato Raisin

Tilefish scales fit the crisp fried in paprika sauce will。
Snapper soup into cream sweet paprika sauce, mild finish、
On the side、Roasted red pepper、Sun-dried tomatoes、Roasted almonds、
Served with Mesclun with the Taiwan style pork sausage smoked。


「Cabbage Roast」 350TWD

"Tree-ring series"The image to fit、
Back menuAs were、This roasted cabbage。
Use cabbage known as products of the Lishan mountain。
Cabbage into the fire、4To roast them slowly, over time the surface is a scorcher! (Surprise)
However,、Among them are、Flavor、Sweet、Turn cabbage flavor condensed into that!
Made a butter-based sauce with crushed hazelnuts, plus the flavor。
Remove the cabbage around the burnt、Centre will be charged along with the source。


Cauliflower、Lilly Bulb Stem、Pedro Ximenes Jus

Wrapped in Taiwan from Katsura-chicken thigh meat, a fried steamed、Steamed Chicken breast。
Chicken thigh meat is the skin crisp in the juicy, soft texture。
Breast meat is moist and finish。
With a cauliflower and ultra sweet Pedro ximenez sherry sauce。
Wasabi vegetables, served with roasted Zucchini and Lily stems。


Slow Roasted Carrots、Burnt Onion Puree、Pickle Pearl Onion

Shop by most popular、Chunks of beef short ribs slowly for a long time at low temperature roast。
24Short ribs of American beef, which is low-temperature vacuum cooking over time、
Finish and beautiful Rosé color、Texture, too tender and juicy。
Source is a savory sauce based on fresh mushrooms。
Roasted wild ginseng and piccolo onions、Piccolo onions pickles、Served with carrot leaves。
In Taiwan、But ever the meat rare, US Customs、
As was preferred in the meat and cook for、
And increasingly in recent new recipes、
Restaurant in this situation are on the rise。
It is seen change little by little in food culture ♪


「Coconut Ice」

Here is a behind the scenes menu、This is the original dessert chef!
And finish into sherbet with coconut milk and longan、Lovely suites resemble with coconuts。
In a refreshing taste、Is perfect for the palate freshener for after dinner.


Vanilla Milk Granite、lemon Thyme Meringue、Yuzu compote

Breathe at Granita in a yuzu citrus Compote piece、On making meringue lemon thyme, decoration。
With the ice-cream of the Buddha (custard apple)。
At this shop is "Strawberry Cheese Cake"The dessert was like classic、
Because I wanted dessert and after dinner、The order here、
It has ended up wearing the previous coconut ice (laughs)


After a meal to a commemorative photo with the kitchen staff!
Bright and Simon staff the many、Enjoy à la carte dishes and
While various cocktails to enjoy with、Is recommended for casual use。
Rich ArdChef、Staff、Thank you ♪ (Xie Xie ♪)

Address:Taipei city near route 28 號 TEL:+886 2 2700 0901
Hours of operation:18:00-24:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday

No.28 Siwei Road, Taipei

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