In Taipei's big break! "Jolly Brewery" 6 beer, at the same time tasting!


6Is where you will find a tasty Thailand food with a beer kind of buzz beer、
Opposite the Songjiang District Ching Cheng district of Japan Exchange Association
2005 yearIn as the No. 2 "Jolly Brewery + Restaurant (Qing City)"Open。
Along with spicy hot Thailand cuisine、6 in Taiwan as a shop and a beer calculator、
Beer rating、And the roaring day and night
It is a Japanese gourmet bloggers of Taiwan residents "Eat Taiwan"Is it to ask、
Flow of the party has been doing。
Is the name of the shop "Jolly"The、In English "Jolly、Fun"That has meaning。
"I want the audience everyone to taste even a fun mood along with the taste of the beer of Jolly"That
OwnerEddieYes wish's are rice ♪


Not just in the shop、Terrace for smokers outside is also saturated with the sellout crowd!
Ask staff to do table seating in the back about 15 minutes when、I decided to wait at the counter of the monitor before parting。
In the head office located in Lake and Chongqing City store beer is、Equipped with various types of alcohol other than beer、
The beer will be provided、Made in a factory in the city of fresh "Jollyブランド"The only beer。
In Taiwan、2001 yearOf the companies has shops make a beer after the WTO accession is、
Here among theJollyIt resounds his name as authentic ♪


Of the ownerEddieMr. a、After it was learned the brewing Brewing school in the United States and Germany are two、
For the first time in Taiwan、Able to get the beer brewing master license!
EddieJust the master brewer licenses are exhibited in the shop。
JollyThe beer is、Natural, healthy and motto、
Saccharifying enzymes in the brewing process and precipitants、No preservatives, no、Is made without wheat。
For this reason、Brewer's yeast, and various minerals、Vitamins、Contains rich protein、It is becoming a mild taste。
In the back of the L-bar、Large tanks are aged beer、
Like a pipe organ in beautiful beer tube lined、Attract the eye。
And creamy froth of each tube enters the order with amber-colored beer that we poured into the glass、
The appearance also thirst even stronger、Director's previous experience is the best!



Taste of rye with stick and Thailand flavor to dips in and through and comes out。
By eat love Thailand food shops and pretty much had to、
Because my stomach was filled、Happy meal, order a beer at all!


For those who like to eat、
Tasting set the three also properly six of your choice can be set with a glass of 100ml "Jolly Beer Set"It is recommended by far!
6That is the kind of glass at the same time bring us、How to set of tables designed, very unique!
I think that your favorite taste by comparing drink sure to find ♪


「Jolly Beer Set」
3Type 100ml/152TWD、(About 560 yen in the Japanese Yen)
6Types 100ml / 304TWD (about 1,125 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Current、JollyIn a beer can、6Type。
From the left in the order、Not too bitter made from wheat 'Weizen'、Light taste made from barley "Plilsener"、
Introduction to beer most standard "Pale Ale"、A rich black beer "Stout"、
Taste the aroma of the Scotch whisky "Scotch Ale"、"Vienna" for women with a fruity flavour。
And you taste so good stuff left to drink and tell me so、
Certainly、From the left gradually and taste thickens like、Each feature can be enjoyed!
All the beer without filtration、Non-heat treatment、Has become a secondary material no no pure draft beer、
For the brewer's yeast that remains alive.、Rich in vitamins and minerals、The taste is appealing flavor!
You find a favorite local beer、
Size S (250ml/115TWD)、Size M (375ml/173TWD)、
Size L (600ml/276TWD)、Select a size from the size XL (800ml/368TWD)、
You may want to add order ♪


Taiwan beer is light and delicious、
Local beer to enjoy the sweet and delicious flavor that is made in Taiwan is also really recommended!
Hot talk with beer, TIDDLY in、On this day of the party。
Now、Next in line、Hotel "amba taipei zhongshan"To return、Introduce the basement bar.

Zhuo Li manual Niang Thai food restaurant wine shop Jolly Brewery Ching Cheng + Restaurant
Address:Taipei City Songjiang district, Castle District 29 No. B room
Hours of operation:(Date-tree) 11:30-14:30/17:30-24:00* Fridays and Saturdays next day 02:00Until the
Closed on Mondays: Open every day

Songjiang District Hing Shing Street on the 29th Taipei

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