Opened Hamamatsu cloth bridge as "an mickel" Spice India Curry shop

And specializes in catering considering India's food culture and religion、The Spice Curry lectures were held on a regular basis "ERI CURRY (Erika La).Erika suganuma (ERI Suganuma)Chan、2018July 20, (Friday) to desire opposite the "Hamamatsu shinkin Bank, Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku cloth bridge intersection angle of the shop"Take specialty spice Curry ammikkal anmiccalu"Open!

And the name "ammikkal anmiccalu"、And referring to the hand-operated grinder made of stone mix, crush herbs and spices of India、Say 'ammikkal anmiccalu' in Tamil、In India, are being used! (* In the Hindu language Silvester)

She became hooked on the charm of spice to that traveled to India、A visit to India with knowledge and technology、To socialize with friends like India and India、And plunge into the world of deep、And spices know preacher、Very popular is developed to take advantage of local agricultural products 'India's pickle (India pickles).、And sold at various events and active!

And with only a small shop、It sells daily spice Curry Bento 680 yen were charged on the morning of the day!

The specials of the day、"Chicken with citrus fresh (Citrus Chicken Curry) Curry" and becomes a lunch Bento box Japanese mustard spinach and chickpea Curry (Chana Dal Kootu) "commercial mango pickle" was set!

At other stores、Various spices and ingredients of India started.、An indispensable companion for Curry "India's pickle (pickled vegetables of India)" and better stocked local agricultural products are sold、On this day、Shizuoka industrial lime and Fukuroi from shikuwasa offering at an affordable price! Seasonal fruit fragrance, with beautiful colors as well!

Morning 11 am ~ sold lunch Bento box is tentative until 2 pm、Makes 30 rather than put the train every morning to have sold only about 40 pieces of、It is also sold out soon after lunch by the time day!

Even to this day in all kinds of ways.、Comings and goings of Shizuoka student regardless of age until the Lady bustling shop!
Friendly landlord also regularly has visited the us in、The anmiccalu were warmly greeted everyone in your business is in the same neighborhood! Among them、Core will go to buy frequently every day so it might fan!

Actually,、I had become obsessed with the Spice several years ago to make Erika-Chan Indian curry house、Since opening the Curry lectures at home、Addicted to curry making yourself completely、Is was challenged while last summer so that daily and arrange in the taste of your favorite spice!

Possible roles home moving salt wedding first party held at the weekend、I'm trying to provide Indian curries I make、Along with the lack of spices we buy lunch Bento box!

Go to my home、Immediately、Wooden instrument to change shift at lunchtime!

Charm lemon and vinegar Tachibana、Now enters if seasonal sweet potato and chicken "chicken with citrus fresh (Citrus Chicken Curry) Curry" is finish and、"Curry stir-fried Greens and chickpeas (Chana Dal Kootu) is tender and flavorful Curry even though good for your health!

The spice、Digestion and fat burning、Or is told of various effects, such as anti-aging、There's history, has been used since ancient times to alternative medicine、I'm happy for the health effects seen!
In addition to health is not、The color and aroma of spices stand out and helped to increase appetite、In the summer to eat, such as loss of appetite、As a warm up from winter meal、Will better help our body!

On this day also happens to be、And visit our pregnant daughter mother having、"Daughter Gravidarum severe appetite couldn't understand but I、Say you want to eat this Curry but eaten! "and had been attending a buy!

"Anmiccalu" with various spices raise miracles!
It is still eaten please come visit!

Take specialty spice Curry ammikkal anmiccalu
Address:2-16-2 cloth bridge, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:11:00-14:00 Takeaway lunches vending
17:00-19:00 Spice、Halal food sale
Closed on Mondays:Mostly water、Soil、Sunday (* closed for an event in the business calendar please review)

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