Royal Curry Nepal who make real Nepal very popular Curry!

The India-Nepal cuisine was inception in Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City "new handy"、2017March 12, "ROYAL CURRY (Curry Royal) and name change、Has been renewed! Namaste (नमस्ते)!

Although the owners are abiding、By switching to the local staff of Nepal、Redesigned menu、In the renovated inside and outside the、Near the India-Nepal Curry lovers from very popular called buzz!

Shop、Tearing down the old kitchen counter、By increasing the table seat、Changes to gain more customers、In spicy smoky red and Gray's contrast with sharp.、By designing a kitchen in the back of the brick wall、In the Interior clean and nice mixes Asian!

Current staff、Nepal's capital Kathmandu from Chef Samir,、Hall is Samir's wife Santa Claus is responsible for、Because they both speak well Japan Japanese、No permits in order, etc.。
Ramesh says one chef、There is still Japan, 1 year、In Japan to study situation。
That will come first from being renewed、Lighter atmosphere than ever before、That increased seat cosy became to feel good!

The menu is、And various curries of India and Nepal、Other dishes。Provides course for all you can eat and all you can drink、It is possible to reserve a party a little!

On this day、Freshly baked naan bread or rice and Curry choice (chicken、Chicken Korma、Kemah、Vegetable、Daily) to 'lunch' 700 with a small salad and Curry and rice (kemah、chicken、Daily) to order a mini salad rice Curry 680 Yen!

And enjoy a variety、To revisit at a later date、Cheese naan with small salad and a drink、"Cheese Nan set" 1150 Yen Curry can choose one from the menu and choose either rice or naan bread、Chicken tikka 1 P and 1 P tandoori prawn with small salad and a drink、Order a curry from the menu choose two "special set" 1250 Yen
Curry cheese Nan set、And I love spinach Curry "chicken SAG.、The 2 types of Curry's "special set"、Chicken Tikka Masala delicious Edible vegetables and tuna-cheese is made "keymacheese" concentrated, mild!

The huge naan baked in hot、Sweet smell、Also I immediately have texture refills are available so popular one!
Hall Santa Claus "would you like a refill?? "With me around to hear!
Too hard to、1Are vouchers enough tummy becomes full、Young boys had gladly refill!

You can choose five of the super hot from the mild spiciness of curry。It is easy to eat on the pretty mild taste for like the five of the hardest super hot but spicy curry!
Because it will give the spicy pickled "Achar"、Along with the odd taste even better!

Drinks are、"Ginger ale" and as the thick Lassi unique to India and Nepal!

Welade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineThe、Republic of South Asia in friendly relations with Japan "NepalFederal Democratic Republic "to the" Nepal President Office "of your invitation、9/8 of the month-11 days、Nepal tourism & to go on tour、Because from now on I will used to Nepal food little by little and I was、Tasty Nepal Curry shop nearby my home, has come in handy!

Samir's staff to Japan and Santa got to the、Can to ask everything about Nepal、Became a very pleasant lunch! dannyabird (धन्यवाद).

Nepal Curry、Because it is relatively mild and fit the Japanese tongue taste、Enjoyed the delicious、It is perfect for summer with plenty of sweat like poker!

ROYAL CURRY (Curry Royal)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku inception town 1257-1
Shop TEL:053-488-4027
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:00~:14:30、17:00-21:30
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays
Parking lot:Aerobic

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