Enjoy the taste of autumn 'valve one"! Long-established culinary arts at dinner with owner attention at the bar!

Founder and 0/1924、2014Greeted the 90th anniversary year、Traditional garnishes city Hamamatsu greeted as early as in 1994, this year's "culinary artsValve one"To!

Their appearance not only food, tasteful、Each sum of the quiet room is available with、Arranging and great number of indicators、And、And gathers the shopkeepers attention at the bar、At that time in the season, carefully crafted and、In the spirit of hospitality is provided!

3Handed over to the main current of goodwill has been in perpetuity、Junichi Suzuki (Junichi Suzuki)San。

And left the store from 0/1991、That started.、Request from across the country hard to find ingredients and seasonal ingredients and is enjoyed in arms、For a wealth of knowledge of sake suited for cooking and wine、Favorites and tell you to leave and is safe!

Is your store、1Name-10 to accommodate private room available only。A full seat warmer for、Legroom is easier to、It is possible to spend hours slowly!

This is 2-6 people we have available between ya and enjoy the taste of autumn of course seasonal meals 12960 Yen!

First of all,、Domestic premium beer flavor in food and beverage stores limited produced GARGERY (Gallery) at 750 Yen cheers!

[Valve one, seasonal cooking course]
(1) "homemade 唐墨、Glutinous rice、Ginkgo biloba '
Valve one, I made wishes abundantly 唐墨 your good home-made rice glutinous rice no longer was and click、Tenacity is succumbing to the pressure of the 唐墨 bed、Friendly staff!

(2) [Fukuoka chestnut fruit、Kyoto Tango small potato、Hamamatsu peanuts with sea urchin though.
Each hand has been made、Taste the bounty of autumn mountain assorted.
Is a mysterious shape remains in the impression of、In the oddly shaped like looks have graced the bats、Associated with Halloween just in time! But this is only in the flesh is、Body for nutritional value outstanding of actually used in traditional Chinese medicine is one of the happy autumn! Small Potato's Tango、Hokku littlet soft anyway good addition and subtraction of salt because、Moist texture is fine! Local、Stunning size at Hamamatsu industrial Peanut Soup with bite and texture each to smell and taste、Finished in a smooth sea urchin though!

2The second cup、Maturation in the bottle "GARGERY23 Xale" remained and the fruity sweetness served in Burgundy glass and experience our luxury!

(3) "pike conger maisaka and Mikawa Shinshu" MATSUTAKE "mushroom steamed soup.
First of all,、Can't believe my soup with the aroma of Matsutake mushroom soup for you、Hot from the inside of the body.
On the way、Hanging a little vinegar Tachibana attached in a separate dish at taste change、Let the soft Conger, beautiful osteotomy was too!

(4) "Mai Hanna of sea bream、Omaezaki from mackerel baked Frost build、Kelp tightening of the Miura peninsula chrome c.
Maturation of seasonal fish、Here in the most delicious timing, recipes offer three sashimi!
Elasticity、Sweet、Tahin、And the sense of taste on the tongue and also、Will appreciate the rich tasting each finely tailored on the bounties of the sea!

(5) "Mai Hanna tilefish、Black and natural derivatives of phenylpentanone sauce.
Skin surface puffy nipples I saddle and savory baked sea bream,、Along with the source of the derivatives of phenylpentanone has a fair complexion, a beautiful umbrella will be! Natural incense mushroom is a distinctive flavor and glamorous and strong attack、Sour and sweet and sour pickled Japanese ginger has accents!

Ishikawa Prefecture "Co., Ltd. car-still - dance Tengu brewery- Shata Shuzo / Tengumai"The Tengu Mai in s. Grand ginjo
Toji in Saburo's painstakingly crafted one by one this bottling and is his name, will be shipped to special limited edition、So fragrant clear elegance、Enjoy the fine taste of fine quality goods!

(6) "Kobato and aroma mushrooms.
The incense with fresh、Smell is just too intriguing appetite、Fleshy texture is also distinctive flavorful taste will fit!
Firmly shake the salt、So savory grilled in charcoal、Incense mushroom in rich tasting candy! And the youthful elasticity to enjoy!

As main dish、Tochigi Prefecture "Unzen fowl Jozo co., Ltd. sennkinn"In the premier limited edition rare junmai daiginjo" Li (urara) along with! Enjoy a lushly gorgeous floral aroma、In smooth on the tongue taste too good a dangerous drink!

(7) "from the Kakegawa chestnut rice、Mushroom and tofu miso soup、Pickled turnip in、Konnyaku shiso pickle、Often pickled.

(8) Moose Ruby
Desserts offered only at delicious dessert!

Here is "New politics still"The Super suit, jyouji liquor of rare [Yang] Island 10th anniversary Memorial brewing liquor Love for the Phoenix"!
Noughties "might forget all the taste of sake, jyouji alcohol and drank before the" Suzuki-San!
I enjoyed delicious none the、Still at the end of the last "this valve ASU no Yoichi! "And told to make、Unleash the full, rich flavor intense and brought the Cup!

As always、Fun food with newfound taste while Suzuki will appreciate、Commemorative photo with Shizuoka was joining the new entrance currently scribe writers and Mr. oosugi Hiroko works! Mr. Suzuki、We'll also suggested!

Culinary Arts valve ichi
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 313-13
Hours of operation:17:30-23:00( L.O.21:30) * Lunch by appointment only
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

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