Midnight Sun coffee Kiga Curry shop's most popular vegetable salad and cake!

Sun Curry at Hamamatsu barajima-Cho as a curry shop had been operating small、"People cherish the desire not to、2012In April, Cafe 'Midnight Sun coffee"As、And moved to the countryside in hosoe-Cho Kiga、As a store House Cafe new location!

1Floor space open as a restaurant and、Refreshing the store with a white、There's a soft impression suggests a lovely mural and garden、Provides 18 seats, and increased number of seats than ever before!

Lunch menu、1Only courses、See field feast salad main Curry, today's cake drink "in 1680 Yen、Curry、Limited quantity "Curry of the day (the day、Curry attention) "and"Sun Curry (medium spicy)、"Tomato cream Curry (mild) of select from among three types of!

This time the、Order a curry of the day and the Sun curry (sauce mix hot)

Assortment of salads and appetizers "field feast salad" is、Based on various seasonal vegetables、Good colors are balanced、Eat legumes and root crops as well as leaf vegetables, the response of a salad is popular! A carrot is a tantalizing taste fragrant cumin spice taste!

"Sun curry (sauce mix hot) topped with fried chicken、"Fish fry"、To choose one among the vegetables fly fish fly (the day's sea bream) and vegetables fly choice!

And served with boiled vegetables and good color solar Curry、And blend the Cajun spices used in the southern United States、While the taste mild to moderate spiciness there、It is easy to eat delicious Curry! So provide us with fried PIDE、Cloth crispy、In Jusici, satisfaction is up!

What curry rice native to three local used、Buri attention every morning in the shop will be milled on germinated Brown rice!

And、It is also sold here I come with a set dessert cake Sun role! Before Sun Curry shop reviews in considerable reputation Sun role rumors、Fewer still "roll" to customers.

In cream、Or, using the custard cream using milk and calpis butter、A simple cake with fresh whipped cream Sun role。
The sponge moist and fluffy in texture、Excellent compatibility with the humble sweet custard! Where nostalgia and even feel、The taste so I would smile、Pull the group in Hamamatsu roll deliciousness!

Sun rolls say shop sign menu is、Souvenir was pleasing so takeout is available by reservation!

After-dinner drinks fit solar role for "coffee."。

Thailand and India、Nepal、The difference with that habit and spicy Sri Lankan Curry、Here children easy-to-eat Curry、With fun for all the family.
From the home from near places that can be、We are fallen Sun role here!

Midnight Sun coffee
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, hosoe-Cho Kiga 2287-10
Hours of operation:8:00To 18:00
Wake up 8.:00-11:00、Lunch 11:30-14:00、Cafe 14:00To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:On Wednesdays、Third Thursday

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