"Bojan Griha" Nepal folk music and folk dance is a popular dinner show!

Kathmandu (Kathmandu)The restaurant unfolds in a Nepal folk music and folk dance show "Bojan Grech (Bhojan Griha)"To!

At the entrance、Welcome blessingTICA (Tika)We received!

Here is、150In a renovated historic house in Queens for more than a year ago is the historic buildings! Approximately 6 years have otherwise spent on renovation and repair here was on the verge of collapse、In the corridor、Decorated as a self-portrait of the King and Queen!

And each room with a spacious dining room、Can hold about 250 people in all seats。Here you will、Nepal cuisine offered in courses with fine dining.

Was set and sit in a Chair on the table、The aperitif will be served! The pre-dinner drinks poured from a jug of thin brass mouth、A splendid arch painted glass! Turn off pour brim、Stop well, instantly knocking wrist gesture is beautiful、As of the beginning of the show seem like、I will be fascinated!

At the sake of aperitif!

"Popcorn (Popcorn)"Nepal is、Had spread as a cheese popcorn、At each House's veranda, large amounts of corn drying 伺etari、Moving sales are quite good!

"Peanut fries (BADAM – ALOO TAREKO)"Taste me appetite in a potato dish with spice Nepal!

Ventisquero Reserva Carmenère 2013 (Chili) 2400 crore (Japan Yen JPY 2570)
Chile Carmenere rests against a spicy dish!

Late lunch、Dinner was less without feeling hungry。Small plates offered little dishes on alcohol will be red wine!

"Meat-filled dumplings (MOMO)""Dumpling"in Japan"Momo"is one of the staple dish of Nepal。Steamed、Grilled、Deep fried type and divided、Seem to be using bean jam in the Buffalo。Have to jam ingredients:、Become the mainstream of us along with a spicy sauce。During the skin folds fully equal with curvy、Ground Buffalo meat and vegetables with plenty of、Perfect for appetizers!

Here is every night.、Orchestra has been sent from the Embassy of Nepal could live folk song Nepal!

In addition、To collaborate with Nepal folk music and folk dances show is very popular!

"Pea soup (Kwatti ko Jhol)"Gentle warm bean soup!

1 pair men and women became the folk dance、The story of the husband and wife each plays。Fishermen catching fish are good at catching large amounts of fish、Approaching women "lifetime somebody."、Farmers harvest rice and to cultivate rice "forever secure." and there are stories that he、Watch a fun dancing to live music tempo frequently nimble!

Ethnic musical instrumentsSarangi (Sārkengī)Middle-aged men playing is very unique、Kyu Sakamoto "Muite on"And the nursery rhyme"Tulip"While playing the、Take up laughing, imitating the cries of goats and frogs、Ethnic instrumental CD (RS 500) of himself with toys sarangi (5000 rupees) sale was tie!

"Mix vegetable Curry (MISMAS TARKARI)"The condensed sweetness of the vegetable Curry!

"Chicken Curry (KO MASU KUKURA)"Spicy curry of chicken curry if the volume!

"Steamed rice with herbs (SADA BHUJA – JHANEKO MAS KO DAL)"、"Fried fish (MACHHA TAREKO)"、"Spinach Cummins TA (JEERA PALUNGO)"、"Seasonal vegetables (MOUSHAMI TARKARI)"Assorted plate it is!

"Yogurt (Sikarni)"Dessert is yogurt!

"Ilam tea (Ilam Tea)"Whats the unusual Nepal using the finest leaves grown in the Ilam area facing across the Darjeeling region of India and the border to neighboring Nepal tea"iramutea"! Is a noble aroma.、It is a mellow be relieved after meals with milk!

And is relaxing after dinner drink while、Restaurant owners kindly go to greeting! Is the food you enjoy Japanese group in Nepal is in addition to our sight.、It is a nice restaurant commune of Nepal's traditional culture!

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