Newly opened! Spice Curry Cafe & Restaurant Made by French Chef "Pasrel"

Cafe & Restaurant "Passerelle" to be born in Sanarudai of Hamamatsu!

Please see the article when I visited lunch at a later date.。

"Pasrel" new menu appeared! A great place to enjoy french cuisine like a coffee shop!

To be pre-opened today on Thursday, October 31, 2019、I participated in the reception party held earlier!

Place、Along Orange Street in SanarudaiSara Plaza sanarudaiIt becomes in the、The wine bar in the city is operated.Beige(Beige) and Hamamatsu Science Museum Cafe.Yamauchi based, (Yamauchi Motoji)Mr。

He has a history of training in Europe.、A French chef who gained experience at a famous restaurantShinya Kato (Shinya Kato)It will be a newly opened restaurant with a chef!

What is the store name "Passerelle"?、It means "bridge" in French, and "people and regions through the cuisine here"、I want to make a store that can become a bridge (Passerelle) with producers! And、It was named in the hope of Chef Kato!

At night, the illuminations are bright and calm.。

In the bright shop where natural light falls in the daytime、The ceiling where the gentleness of the tree increases warmth is full of a sense of openness because of its height.、It is a stylish space that is based on white and imaged as a Brooklyn Cafe!

On this day、SALA officials and Influencers from Hamamatsu gathered、It becomes a tasting party of the menu offered in the pre-opening、"Chicken Spice Curry" with plenty of spices and healthy "Open Sandwich" with plenty of vegetables are offered!

We have a toast to celebrate the opening of the Belgian beer "Hugagarden White" and the Mexican beer "Corona Extra" to the curry!

Chicken Spice Curry (Orange & Fennel)
With plenty of spices based on white hot water soup、Refreshing spice curry with orange and fennel aromas、Because the severity of the base becomes mild、辛めがお好みの方は1辛ずつレベルをアップさせることができます!

盛り込まれたチキンは塩麹仕込みでしっとり仕上げ、The skin is baked fragrantly.、ボリューム感も楽しめます!

自家製のハムやマリネサーモンを用いたオープンサンドはしっとりときめ細やかで優しい塩気と甘みのあるあっさりとした脂を楽しめる 「夢ポークのオープンサンド」と爽やかな香りと味わいを楽しめる「マリネサーモンのオープンサンド」の2種類から選べます!
オープンサンド用に開発された特製パンは「Boulangerie Lamp(Boulangerie lamp)」に発注されています!

オニオンピクルスの酸味をアクセントにグリーンサラダや食用花のエディブルフラワー(ペンタスの花など)を彩り良く盛り込まれているため、Insta shine, of course、ヘルシーさを求める女子にも喜ばれることでしょう!
トーストしたカリカリ食感のパンと、Open sandwich made up of two pieces of bread with a sticky texture to enjoy the flavor of bread as it is without baking、You can eat it between them so that they are easy to eat.、それぞれに具を載せて違う食感を楽しんでも良しの二通りの楽しみ方で味わえます!


In addition、わたしのお気に入りの場所でもある緑豊かな中庭テラス!


「サーラプラザ佐鳴台」は、11/1(Friday)、2(Sat.)、3(Days)、4(月)の4日間 でサーラグループ110周年を記念して「サーラ大感謝祭」を開催されるためカフェ&レストラン 「Passerelle(パスレル)」 もオープン早々賑わうこと間違いなしです!

Address:1-11-5 Sanarudai, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Sanara Plaza Sanarudai)
Hours of operation:Lunch time 11:30-14:00、Cafe Time 14:00To 18:00、Dinner time 18:00-21:30(21:00 L.O.)
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday、Year-end and new year holidays.

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