Sri Lanka Curry shop boasts a number of sales of "ララカレーハママツ" in Japan

Sri Lanka Curry works in Internet sales、Sri Lanka Curry college boasts a number of sales in Japan "LaLa Curry"The shop" LaLa Curry Hamamatsu (Lara Corey Hamamatsu) ' To!

Born and raised in the fishing port of Hamamatsu City in maisakaHirohata Hideaki (Hideaki Dehi Hirohata).、Inspired by the taste of curry making Sri Lanka、Climate of Japan、While knowing that maisaka especially fishing that is similar to the culture of Sri Lanka、That mother was remarried and Sri Lankan aircraft、"Want to spread the Japan Sri Lanka Curry! "And thought is was inspired to realize、Opened LaLa Cafe Mai Osaka port for Sri Lanka Curry!

Begins Internet sales in the、Become known as also won the 1st place in the Curry shop、Now,、It has regarded the specialty stores that sell the most Sri Lankan Curry in Japan!

Such shops、In the last 2016 / 7 / 21 in Hamamatsu City、Enter sakana-Cho Street from smithy street corner (before these city) opened the antenna shop LaLa Rrey Hamamatsu (ララカレーハママツ)!
Red Lion depicted on the national flag of Sri Lanka appointed logo、The lion should have a sword in the flag.、Here is what has to spoon、Sly is (laughs)

Using authentic Sri Lankan high-quality spices fresh、At the local curry plant.、Manufactures have developed a mix suitable for Japanese Curry base、Curry and transported to Japan, based on craftsmanship in handmade is here。
Authentic Sri Lankan people "make Sri Lankan Curry more than delicious! "And evaluated, with the mouth!

Shop、Counter 4 seats、Small shop only at the back counter 4 seats 8 seats。
Curry is so long time is not、If writing a name at the storefront and wait!
(Because * take-out is also being、It may take)
On the wall in the artistic funky full illustration、It is a lively atmosphere!

This time the、I think such topics of Sri Lankan Curry taste!
Just、1Not just the celebrated its anniversary、This day is "Curry all 200 yen OFF" that there was a good service!

The menu is、Like other chicken and the vegetables of curry beef and pork、Kemah、seafood、Shrimp、While our omelettes and curries、We was in the shop most popular Devil chicken curry 880 and 980 "chicken curry"、Order a plate comes with Sri Lanka-style rice topped with vegetables!
Taste of coconut milk in the Sri Lankan Curry mild、Easy to clean and can be spicy, mild、Surrounded by rice and topped with various vegetables、Mix together while eating is a big feature!

Lentil flour fried papad decoctions are、So enjoy a good salty and crunchy texture、Accents and Chutney paste of seasonings, such as、You can enjoy while changing the flavor until the end!
Better compatibility with and and the Asian rice "basmati rice"、Oh that is while eating!

In the summer、Let's have a good authentic spicy Sri Lankan Curry!

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