Misato kitchen the last supper! Before field mikatagahara farewell party at your favorite store!

Handa Park pant of solder in the quiet residential area of Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, "misato kitchen (Misato kitchen) ' To!

Is here desire "genres in delicious and we provide.、Kimbara and his wife owner of really delicious food provided、Lunch lunch deals、In the Meditteranean perfect night drink together can enjoy an a la carte restaurant、Will our couple's favorite shops!

Shop、In a space filled with the warmth of wood、One severe photos of the kitchen over the counter plate、Exudes a colorful shades of Western-style tiles and wallpaper are bright and cozy atmosphere! I had to bother at lunchtime for、Atmosphere of the night for the first time visited the difference with face of the day、Soft air is flowing!

On this day、Before leaving the mikatagahara kimbara and his wife's a greeting、Dinner in the neighborhood with friendly French chef Onoe, Shigeaki doubles as a farewell party! Also that weekend Friday、Book and packed!

You bring the wine、Sparkling wines of Italy, "Aneri Prosecco Brut" is toast!

misato kitchen Dinner à la carte Menu
(1) "celery, pickles' 480 Yen
The pickled celery cut all this leaving the stem and leaves、So soak in、While retaining a crisp texture、The aroma of sweet celery bonito, good flavor、Perfect for the sake of dish!

(2) "gizzard steamed" 680 Yen
With plenty of vegetables, stewed gizzards are good crunchy、The soup was delicious as you can drink!
Pot but it's time for、Cooked this soup series have been missed!

(3) "Octopus Carpaccio" 980 yen
Standard menus other than、There is the day's special menu!
This is at least one.、Order the Octopus-like we have without hesitation!
Fresh Octopus is soft and chewy、Wrapped in the scent of dill、Cold cozy caper and herb salt salty snack!

(4) "Mai Hanna produces with mozzarella omelet" 1000 yen
From Mai Hanna produces is an omelet with lots of、Poached in fluffy finish、From the mozzarella has melted-(s) enjoy! And rucola salad to add color!

(5) "my chicken (balsamic vinegar sauce)" 1200 Yen
On the menu、There's "my chicken" and "my pork.、Delicious I'm seen like 2 people said (laughs)
Is chicken baked roasted skin side, while jussie、With balsamic sauce and lemon will be squeezed tightly!

This year、When I returned to Toyama got "Says Farm & Winery"The suit"Cabernet Sauvignon 2016"!
Cabernet Sauvignon were nurtured in the Himi、Is the dense dense depth of ripe fruit.、Taste wine feels soft while firmly felt nothing! Japan and Toyama wine kimbara and his wife, onoue, praise and thank glad!

(6) "Penne gorgonzola" 1300 Yen
Rich Penne with Gorgonzola flavor!

(7) roasted chicken curry 1250 Yen
To finish、To talk about this shop Curry never 外senai and order 2 "Hamburger"!
With plenty of chopped onion Curry、Without using any butter and flour, healthy、Complete and original spices!
Savory baked chicken at Jussieu、Each vegetable is burned and、After the type taken for color is beautiful!
Nice spiciness of curry、Well even into the butter and flour taste our delicious menu.

(8) "steak with demiglace sauce" 1100 Yen
Brand beef in Shizuoka in "Shizuoka wisdom" and align the Hamamatsu brand pork、Vegetable hamburger steak is offered in the hot plate、Plump in Jusici from spilling gravy、Its texture is soft flavor rich! Red rice is rice!
Are you as you enjoy a rich demiglace sauce and poached eggs cooked taste、In Hamamatsu hamburger taste of hell! They never load in mouth

The end of a very enjoyable dinner、Kazushi's master and his wife Yoko、And in photo, and Onoe!
10To move from the sanaruko Lake、A pity that a little away, must be、Also、This always helps you turn towards it!

Misato kitchen
Address:5-19-20 mountain Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi
Hours of operation:11:30~ 14:00、17:30-21:30
Closed on Mondays:Every Monday、No. 3 Sunday

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