Lunch at Tibetan cuisine located in the Thamel district of Kathmandu Valley "gyrince"

In the heart of Nepal's capital Kathmandu、 世界中のバックパッカーや登山者などをはじめ、Tourists gather.、Miscellaneous atmosphereThamel district (Thamel Chowk)To!

This district is、Many cheap accommodation and、From cheap prices、Around the world backpackers and climbers who sanctuary is now also looking、Cheap gourmet world where it will be! As Japan Japanese、Ramen、Grilled chicken、Sushi, etc. are offered "Tokyo izakaya (Tokyo Izakaya)"As we are!

Supermarket "Shop Right Supermarket"Now、Anything to get started. Visit handout for souvenirs you can buy at around 100 yen is necessary!

Many tourists also are、Includes many shops too!

Human-powered tricycleRickshaw (Rickshaw)The、An exotic atmosphere is useful、There are touts for tourist visitors learn for、Prior to properly activate the price negotiation!

Cheap Inns and souvenir shop、Thamel district lined with restaurants featuring international cuisine。It seems especially for mountaineering trekking supplies and sporting goods store! Tour members are in traditional cloth of Nepal "Pashmina scarf"Had been a mass of adults! If in pashmina 100%、In Japan as luxury items to more than 10000 Yen、At around 3000 yen per sheet can be purchased cheap!

This time during the tour for the first time was free to、Philistine in Thamel area restaurants NET、Tibetan famous restaurant "Gyrince (Gillingche)"To come to the ranch! Location is very confusing.、To become a location a little set back from the road、It is recommended that you see in Google Map!

In a colorful bright、To a little lunch break、Shop our couples-only chartered State! Popular restaurant is always crowded with people like is lucky!

Because the doctor took alcohol、Carbonated water "Kinley (Kinley)"60RS (Japan Yen JPY 64)In whats giyugun and squeezing the lemon!

"Ten touch chicken (Chicken Thenthuk)" 150 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 160)
Like the noodles in Japan、Like the hoto、Like the Udon noodles、Or even like lasagna (? ) Tibetan filling squares by noodle soup noodles! And contains plenty of vegetables and jelly、The spice is attentive.、優しい味わいでタンメンのようなあっさり感があり、Some nice thick soup for、Remains warm even when you can have delicious food! At your choice、Will add pungent condiments were served and tasted weird and good.

"Peaches and vegetables (MoMo Vegetable Pan fried)" 180 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 193)
At least one of the staple dish of Nepal "Momo" is "dumpling" in Japan。Steamed、Grilled、Deep fried type and divided、Seem to be using bean jam in the Buffalo。Have to jam ingredients:、Become the mainstream of us along with a spicy sauce。"Type steamed" Momo is tested in a variety of restaurants、So bake、We order the baked type!

Thin crust baked golden brown and peaches、In a crispy texture、Chose vegetables you are、With so much veggies, and spicy bean Curry、Tahin dying appetite! And get plenty of dipped in the sauce is still delicious! Peach Japanese Adam Green hardly taste I think.

Belly become one large satisfied by the way、Location and tour members、I want to shop around.

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