Curry named Sun midnight sun coffee and cake is very popular!

Sun Curry at Hamamatsu barajima-Cho as a curry shop had been operating small、"People cherish the desire not to、
Cafe 'Midnight Sun coffee"As、Is the renewal moved to in the remote countryside, hosoe-Cho Kiga、今から5年前の2012年4月のこと!

店舗兼住宅として一軒家を構えられ、1Floor space open as a restaurant。
Refreshing the store with a white、There's a soft impression suggests a lovely mural and garden、Provides 18 seats, and increased number of seats than ever before!

Lunch menu、1Only courses、See field feast salad main Curry, today's cake drink "in 1680 Yen、
Curry、Limited quantity "Curry of the day (the day、Curry attention) "and"Sun Curry (medium spicy)、"Tomato cream Curry (mild) of select from among three types of!

This time the、Order a curry of the day and the Sun curry (sauce mix hot)
Assortment of salads and appetizers "field feast salad" is、Based on various seasonal vegetables、彩りもバランスも良く食べ応え感のあるもりもりサラダで大人気!
「本日のカレー(こだわりキーマカレー)」は、Which brand of Wagyu beef "Shizuoka grows" and Enshu dream dream pork sides native and use with plenty of、Taste and coarse ground、風味豊かな満足感の高いカレーとなります!
In addition、+150Yen ' cheese (France produced fatty cheese kick) "for、And topped with、濃厚さをアップ!

「太陽カレー(中辛)」は、Deep fried chicken、Fish fry、Mushroom、From fried vegetables topped with a single choice、揚げ鶏をチョイス!
And served with boiled vegetables and good color solar Curry、And blend the Cajun spices used in the southern United States、マイルドな食べやすい味わいのカレーとなります!

What curry rice native to three local used、毎朝お店で発芽米に精米されるこだわりぶりです!

前店の「太陽カレー」の口コミでも「太陽ロール」の噂はかなりの評判で、Fewer still "roll" to customers。

In cream、Or, using the custard cream using milk and calpis butter、A simple cake with fresh whipped cream Sun role。
SpongeBob、Moist and fluffy in texture.、In sweet humble custard cream with、The taste so I would smile、浜松のロールケーキの中でも群を抜く美味しさです!

Sun rolls say shop sign menu is、You can also take in the book because、お土産ものにも喜ばれそうです!

After dinner drinks、「アイスコーヒー」と+200円で濃厚な「ブルーベリージュース」をいただきました!

Thailand and India、Nepal、The difference with that habit and spicy Sri Lankan Curry、Here children easy-to-eat Curry、With fun for all the family.

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