From the tribuvan international airport in Buddha air to Gautama Buddha airport

Nepal 4 day in the morning、Place to stay "Pension assert (Pension Suzt)"And leave 6:30、Touring bus in Kathmandu"TribuvanInternationalAirport (Tribhuvan International Airport-"To go、Take a domestic flight、And was the founder of BuddhismBuddha (Buddha)In the birthplaceLumbini (Lumbini)The "Bylaw Airport (Bhairahawa Airport), also known as Gautama Buddha Airport (Gautam Buddha Airport)."To!

Nepal l tour delegation while Buddhists who know that、Also theres Guide's motherPremia (Premmaya)Mr. sister's(Rita)Also by going to the grave of the father died and togetherHoly Land of BuddhismTo continue! On the eve of this terrifying suffered thunderstorms、Didn't get to sleep by the sound of heavy rain and wind too.、Worse news?、Thanks to the heavy rains that fall with a jerk、Usually high humidity the tarai Plains of Lumbini40℃The say the heat wave was the、This day Lumbini is what30℃And it has become a comfortable temperature.

At the tribuvan International Airport domestic、Of the resort overlooking the fewa Lake (Phewa Lake)Pokhara (Pokhara)Aim or TrekLukla (Lukla)、And、The purpose of thisVillava (Bhairawa)Include a line!Villava (Bhairawa)Until the domestic flight fares、1Per capita24,630CircleIt was!

Flight time is only about 40 minutes.、Aim in the car and go and rugged rough mountain road、It is a surprise because they would take anything over 9 hours!

For early morning departure was without breakfast、In the airport "Tea/Coffee & Confectionery Shop"At, buy snacks!

Light refreshments、Sandwiches and fried rice、But picking peaches、Avoiding raw vegetables, coffee and dessert。

RS. 300 "Americano" (Yen Japan about 320 yen)、"Raw cream Colonel" 200 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 214)
Fabrics loaded in to a bit of koruny、Whipped cream is so packed! The coffee is hot and amazing.、Good smell and taste、Balance of good coffee!

In the airport、Are equipped with water tank、Bring your pet, such as、Free water available!

Waiting while wonder woman on the edge、From the back of the seat was sitting、I heard word of Japan! He told us stories、From KyotoKishida HitomiAnd he and his wife are、As studentsJumla (Jumla) villageNativeAP Adhyaya DevkotaIt will be first visit to his hometown of-Kun! Also Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Kishida Nepal's first visit in、It seems so have to look forward to! Meeting to commemorate the photo at all!Namaste! (नमस्ते) Hi!

"Buddha air (Buddha Air)"The boarding time waits、Inability of domestic flight time is 8 it seems (laughs) flight no.871 boarding time:15For pointing、Prudent and wait!

Take the ramp to move from the terminal before boarding the plane.

And the roll call of tour members in the ramp、Make sure everyone riding in a safe and sound! So one night in Lumbini、Graces Goodwills Qin's pension owner's suitcase you let me put、12 days worth of clothes and travel light!

Ares's Guide、For Nepal, and Japan Japanese as well as English fluent、Along with Turkey beauty to the next story had been、We take advantage! And tell you that we also run Cave Hotel in Cappadocia Turkey friend、"Turkey is one of the country want to go there someday!"And、Also nice here as well who had the edge.

Buddha air (Buddha Air) ATR 72 9N-AJO

27166 m (89 ft 2 in),、6-Wing propeller-driven aircraft.

Flight capacity is up to 74 people.、It is a small aircraft left two seats each and will be! Flight time is 40 minutes and sometimes short、Of course no meal、Candy 1 water rationing and Buddha air.

From the clouds above、Himalaya is a hit!

It is between、Lumbini (Lumbini)Aim for "Bylaw Airport (Bhairahawa Airport), also known as Gautama Buddha Airport (Gautam Buddha Airport)."To arrive! Flowing like snakeTinu (Tinau River)Of the other、There are wilderness surrounded by trees and lush!

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