Everest coffee at coffee bean shop "Lasso-Everest" as a souvenir!

Coffee beans were nurtured in the rich earth of Nepal "Everest coffee (THE EVEREST COFFEE)"Japan to import/sales as a coffee bean wholesale specialty shops"Lasso international Everest (EVEREST INTERNATIONAL LHASSO)"To! Here we、In addition to wholesale coffee beans has been trekking Guide, restaurant、Has been active in diversified management!

"Shimizu Lions Club" And "Kathmandu Valley Lions Club"With Exchange meeting、You wasSanta beer Rama (Sata Bir Lama)To ask the Chairman of the、Companies we visited!

"Shimizu Lions Club"With our tour leaderMasanori ASAI (Masanori Asai).、Santa beer Rama (Sata Bir Lama)The President gave price negotiation!

Previous、ASAIMr. a、Here "Everest coffee (THE EVEREST COFFEE)"To buy and take home to Japan、It so very pleasing it around to、Please we want bought in large quantities and it seems he used.

"Everest coffee (THE EVEREST COFFEE)"The、Will be produced in the foothills of the Himalayas called the Northern coffee beans are produced in Nepal "Arabica" coffee beans。Altitude 1000-ripe beans grown organically grown at altitudes of 1600 m carefully picked by hand、Wet method with affine、Are dried in the Sun。By adopting natural farming without pesticides、Peace of mind and passion poured into providing gourmet coffee。Many of the villagers involved in the process of the coffee beans can be、You can earn。Santa beer Rama (Sata Bir Lama)The Chairman of the、Especially not on a large scale farm、In that small farms in poor villages、People involved in coffee farming to support continued is that!

This time the、"Everest coffee (THE EVEREST COFFEE)"The coffee beans were roasted to medium roast and dark roast and purchased three types of"beans"、Gifts for our friends in Japan! In Nepal、Medium Roast and finished is so popular!

Santa beer Rama (Sata Bir Lama)The Chairman of the、It is a pioneer as Nepal exported coffee beans in Japan for the first time! By me drinking coffee taste mellow in Nepal、Lead to the independence of poor villagers in Nepal。1Even as many people like to know Nepal coffee、It also is sold in Japan!

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