Thailand suvarnabhumi International Airport arrived at the tribuvan international airport in Nepal

Become a gateway of Thailand Bangkok "Suvarnabhumi international airport' More 'Thailand international airline"For in the transfer"NepalFederal Democratic Republic "to head off!

Time morning Thailand time 9:35 time pick up、10At 15 minutes from TG aboard flight 319, Boeing 777!

This time、In addition to everyone to accompany Nepal tour、Including the kirihara etsuo, was joined from Thailand、It is a departure in a total of 14 people!

Nepal's capital Kathmandu "Tribuvan International Airport (Tribhuvan International Airport)"To、Flight time3Time 25 minutesAnd will、Perfect weather、It is a safe and comfortable flight!

The streets of Nepal's capital Kathmandu has been seen! Nepal basin with flow、Through the Bihar State of India "The Ganges River"The river confluence"Bagmati River"Flowing!

12:35 PM Nepal time arrived safely!

The climate of Nepal、6May-early September becomes the rainy season、9-Mid-may dry seasonAnd will be。We visited 9/9 is、And exactly into the dry season、The temperature isMaximum around 32 ° c.At least around 20 ° c.Next、Humidity in Japan because there is no、It is a relatively pleasant and privileged climate! So no time difference with Japan、-3 hours and 15 minutes.

"TribuvanInternationalAirport"The、Currently, Nepal's only internationalAnd airport"Kathmandu ValleyAirport"May also be called。Although the international airport、For the not so large airports、It is very easy to move!

In front of kandori Garuda statue greets us.、Hands togetherNamaste (नमस्ते)! (Hello! )

To the immigration counter、The entry into Nepal。Nepal entry visa becomes necessary。This time the、Maharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)Let's now enter smoothly thanks in advance was awaiting visa-all tour members!

2From the floor to the first floor。

Baggage claim area (Baggageclaim)At、Luggage and receive。When you receive、Please search for sure in a suitcase any failure, etc.。

In the off-airport、Be seen most tourist touts。Be addressed in a gentle voice、You will bring your luggage in for a big mistake、Caution is needed! My luggage is observing yourself!

Photographers who covered the Nepal tour this time in Nepal private broadcasting televisionGun Lage Shaka (Gunaraj Shakya)And I also hold the camera and greeted us! Shaka says、During the tour、Accompanied on each leg、And edit the Japanese have come to observe the situation and will broadcast it! Private broadcasting in foreign countries to the performers、This is the second time!

The entrance to welcome family and friends and Barker in meet many locals Nepal、Those who brim with we are!

In the local、Ares's motherPremia (Premmya)Mr. sister's(Rita)Us cordially welcome! During the tour、The Charter Liceu and drivers!

Nepal's transport system is not in place、No train。Local bus to main street、Or share jeeps and trucks.、The taxi runs、If you stay in a group、Depending on the number of cars by providing better!

That is very unlikely in Japan、Continue carrying suitcases on the roof of the bus。On unpaved roads to be thrown luggage、Ask properly ensure a place!

In the tradition of Nepal、Ares's mother received the welcome ceremony、Like the scarf and colorful "Many (cloth)"In the neck were multiplied。In Nepal、To welcome guests and to pray for a safe journey、We prayed for the end of the journey,、Thoughts are fondly 'Many (cloth)"So he hung from the neck! A warm welcome to、It is the beginning of Nepal tour!

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