Lunch served in the panorama restaurant Suruga routes, views of Mount Fuji "kasui".

"Narita International Airport"From Nepal tours, been with us"Hibariya co., Ltd."The Chairman of the岸山 so, (Fusanori Kishiyama)Is it for you let me ride in Japan、To send us up to Hamamatsu、Fujikawa service areas on the way "Fujikawa rakuza"In the岸山Me to take a lunch break at the restaurant will be operated by the Chairman of the now!

Ferris wheel of the FUJIKAWA (up) "Fuji Sky View"From、Mt. Fuji can be, not to mention urban Fuji and Suruga Bay, overlooking、Has become a popular tourist spot!In addition、Guests can enjoy beautiful Ferris wheel drive lights were lit up at night、It is recommended as a date spot!

On the 3rd floor of the Fujikawa rakuza、Souvenir shop with local products "Especially the whole market"Such as and、As a memento of the trip will be pleased! Is the food court in addition to enjoy refreshments.、Crowded with many tourists!

Restaurant, observation lounge、"WAI's theater Planetarium"A 4 floor flush"Panoramic restaurant Suruga road"To! The restaurant、Enjoy the gastronomy of the Suruga Bay in Japanese "In Suruga ' market chitoseya"And enjoying the blessings of Suruga Bay in the ocean"Suruga fish Italian 岸山 fisheries"And getting together、Guests can enjoy a Japanese and Western at the same time!岸山The restaurants will be operated by the Chairman、Also on the 3rd floor food court.

Here is、Registered in the world heritage site "Mt. Fuji"While the spectacular panoramic view、Restaurant serving Japanese cuisine and fresh seafood in the Gulf of Suruga 漁reta. On this day、We closed the Windows during the construction of the unfortunate but、Usually a grand "Mt. Fuji"We face overlooking the spectacular!

The oldest of the Nepal tourSugiyama Noboru (Nbru Sugiyama)With 'Hibariya co., Ltd."The Chairman岸山 so, (Fusanori Kishiyama)San、And、Tokyo has come to pick you up岸山Chairman of the young ladyAKIEMs. while enjoying a meal together、"Fujikawa rakuza"The tube Department ManagerKubota Yukio 1 (Kazuyuki Kubota)With the Executive AdvisorAzegami Kei (Akira Azegami)And it gave an interesting!

"SURUGA Bowl" 1840 Yen
There is only just returning from Nepal、Without hesitation we were hungry in the Japan food "In Suruga ' market chitoseya"The order from the menu! "Suruga Bowl"The、Take plenty of Suruga Bay from raw whitebait、Dry raw shrimp, fresh、And in the port of Shimizu tuna sashimi and scallion、It is at once enjoy the grace of Suruga Bay to the ultimate Bowl!

"Bowl" 1380 Yen
At the restaurant 2-popular、A hearty seafood platter、A well-balanced atmosphere "Bowl"! Buy a bottle of natural India tuna's shops that enjoy a taste of、And fried fresh squid、Salmon、Octopus、How much、The conger eel is a luxurious breakfast shrimp!

Sushi-zanmai 1380 Yen
The most popular restaurant、Enjoy the varied tastes in local fresh fish and seasonal specials sushi 9 + egg roll "Sushi zanmai' Is!

"Shrimp Poker fried noodles ' 1080 p yen (* shrimp tempura is another dish offers)
Speaking of Sakura shrimp、All the same "Tempura batter"! On warm near the big oysters fried to、Enjoy the crispy texture!

Bowl with hot miso soup.、"Japan food after all!"And leak voice in unison、And it was 頬張ra!

Just、To see the current President, in, the son of the Chairman of the 岸山 have to check the restaurant、Your received will greetings!

On this day、And a stunning autumn Typhoon、Panoramic view from the roof-top views are breathtaking!

Although Fujikawa has gotten cloudy、In a stunning cloudless sky、Prior to snow's valuable "Mt. Fuji"Cadence! And he said dozens of years has wonderful views、We have a lucky experience returning home early!

Became a world heritage site representing Shizuoka、Beautiful and mighty "Mt. Fuji"Back to your photo! Later、Inside our car. "Maserati Hamamatsu"To send、Long able to finish safely across to Nepal tour!Sugiyama、Mr. 岸山、AKIE Mr.、As you will find with us、Thank you so much!

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