Patan Durbar square restaurant "Si Taleju Restaurant & Bar "

Nepal is of the pattern "Durbar square (Durbar Square)"The oldest adjacent markets"Mangal Bazar (Mangal Bazar)"The people are crowded and、You can also enjoy shopping! Pattern of her sister who quite strongly、So relentlessly Chase、If you are not interested in products like down!

"Mangal Bazar (Mangal Bazar)"Ago Durbar square in the handling of a women's clothing"Pahiran Ghar"And went up the stairs located between the Shoemaker、Restaurants Nepal cuisine while overlooking the Durbar square "SI Taleju restaurant & bar (Si Taleju Restaurant & Bar)"To!

On the stairs to the second floor、There are small wet bar、If you eat you will be directed to the upper floors!

4And guide to dining floors、To order a beer in early will moisten the throat dry and、Be a little early for dinner! In Nepal、The air-conditioned restaurant is less、涼mimasu in a wall-mounted fan here! But in Japan always accustomed to air conditioning、Nepal is so high humidity is not、In room if the heat does not particularly care.

For the first time in this restaurant "EVEREST"Beer and enjoy! Sit by the window、Panoramic view from the window was Durbar square、Will be the best location!

"EVEREST"The、Everest beer brewery in Mount Everest has built Premium Lager、You ever seeTUBORG' , 'Gorkha (GORKHA)"Even more crisp and spicy in taste by far! But beer must be dry! Everest beer ingredients、Chosen to stream water from the Himalayas with domestically produced barley malt and aromatic are used in、Is the Mt. Everest 8848 m above sea level the world's highest level of deliciousness!

"Mushroom soup"And lavished with mushrooms、While a thick and dense texture、A tender and flavorful soup、Tired feeling in stomach dust 染mi渡rimasu alternative!

"French fries"Served with spicy sauce。

"Nepali (Chowmein)"Yakisoba in Japan will be! Interesting textures, such as Buffalo Jerky!

"Momo (MoMo)"In Japan" gyoza "! Steamed、Grilled、Deep fried type and divided、Seem to be using bean jam in the Buffalo。Have to jam ingredients:、Become the mainstream of us along with a spicy sauce。During the skin folds fully equal with curvy、Ground Buffalo meat and vegetables with plenty of、Appetizers are great!

"Croquettes"Truly I finished round potato croquettes、Aziz's hoc Hoch! And with ingredients: sweet bean paste、As we taste and was served with spicy sauce!

After a meal、5To the floor! Provide table seating on the roof、Get cool hours、Much to recommend eating on the roof!

That is a nice restaurant overlooking the Durbar square from which floor、But the view from the rooftop is the best!! In the distance is the sight of locals felt like a miniature、Enjoy the historic red brick and stone buildings slowly!

Durbar square in the background of the delegation of Nepal tour with photo! It is very good!

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