From airport of Gautama Buddha in Lumbini in Buddha's birth leave!

And was the founder of BuddhismBuddha (Buddha)In the birthplaceLumbini (Lumbini)The "Bylaw Airport (Bhairahawa Airport), also known as Gautama Buddha Airport (Gautam Buddha Airport)."What、At approximately 40 minutes flight arrived safely! Here you will now seeInternational Airport"And under construction、Is completed.2020 yearWe expect!

AirportVillava (Bhairahawa)The formal area name、Siddarltanagar (Siddharthnagar)I hope、The summer season's heat of more than 40 ° C, temperatures usually say、Thanks to thunderstorms on the eve of decline up to 30 ° C temperature、Or imagined more than a mild climate.

For very small airport、And doesn't need a ramp far away、When you get off the airplane becomes a walk!

The cabin is not make-up and Hairspray all moving in one together my checked luggage、This voucher and receive in Exchange!

At the entrance of the airport、Liceu had reserved two thanks for waiting for、Divided into two groups, ride!

Siddarltanagar (Siddharthnagar)The、Different landscapes and the streets of the capital Kathmandu and Patan city watch revealed、Calm air is flowing! For the small vehicles and motorcycles、Also somehow air clean, I feel the ease of spending.

In the lush green landscape、Pastured cattle and goat figure is often seen、You can feel the relaxing time!

Running a car、In some places "English School"And are scattered throughout the school、Elementary school-children of junior high school students about the floor!

From the airport、Was one of the roadTaulihawa road (Taulihawa)Go about 20 minutes、Tinu (Tinau River)Cross the bridge! For the road is very narrow and no bike path、Big Horn again sounds to indicate that the car is coming to people who ride the bike! Something is through next to the floating driver techniques、Such traffic in Japanese that peering is (laughs)

Taulihawa road (Taulihawa)FromVishnu Peru road (Vishnupura Road)To enter the、The straightLumbini (Lumbini)The hotel will thank you!

Here's one side、Green continued to cover the countryside、Is a very good city to make me feel comfortable Japanese pampas grass swaying in the Breeze or rice in time.

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