Of Thailand to Narita International Airport in Japan from suvarnabhumi international airport

The capital of ThailandBangkok (Bangkok)To be 'Suvarnabhumi international airport' More 'Thailand international airline"In the、After approximately 5 hours and 50 minutes of flight、Japanese"Narita International Airport"To arrive! 6:40 morning Japan time birthday、I feel the cold air of autumn!

On this day、9In the three-day weekend last day of month、Typhoon No. 18The damage is a concern、But I was concerned about land to the Narita、Good luck and North direction of the Typhoon、I was able to return home safe and sound!

Come on staff who will meet you at the airport here, please it's roasted、Please inform the airport priority!

Under the clouds of the Typhoon、Cool autumn air has spread、I feel the sign of the cool all at once from the heat in Nepal!

At the airport exit、With the last set、労i journey、GuideMaharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)Is it to tell you thanks! Originally the guide is not our core business.、Paid leave for their own use.、Us to contribute to the tour、Who told much of NepalNareshA round of applause! And、All Nepal tour 11 days been with us at least、Please break up. Very helpful!

At the airport、Have to welcome the Minister had just come from Nepal. "Embassy of Nepal country"The have been served d'affairesKrishna Chandra Aryal (Krishna Chandra Aryal)And I, were able to meet!

Nepal Minister happens to be in the same airplane flight! Of the traditional dress of Nepal man "Dura-SL world (Daura Suruwal)"The design is really cool! Here the Minister、The other day、With the recently appointed by、Japan was to attend the event in Japan even to this day!

"Narita International Airport"From a beach home on Shinkansen was、Nepal tour, been with us "Hibariya co., Ltd."The Chairman of the岸山 so, (Fusanori Kishiyama)Let's see lame would be "and、The young lady to pick upAKIEAnd I'm of now that you picked us to hear!岸山Is it also in the long journey you are tired、"Like can lengthen legs to the front passenger's seat" and gentle care seat and giving us、Really I am, thank you thank you!

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