Center of politics in the capital Kathmandu Valley "Presidential Office" to visit!

Capital of NepalKathmandu (Kathmandu)The Government institution to the center of politics "Presidential Office"To visit! The main gate is surprisingly、Tight security has been laid、Security checks in advance is required in order to access!

On this day、Visiting the Presidential Office also、Without a rude person、You in regalia、All are decorated with the Nepal flag pin badge on the chest! GuideNareshMr. a、Of the traditional dress of Nepal man "Dura-SL world (Daura Suruwal)"Has become the Imperial、It was very nice!

Here "Presidential Office"Well trained the Nepal earthquake suffered 4/25/2015 damage、Current、Temporary offices are located.

GuideNareshWith deep friendship、And served as an Ambassador to Nepal、Now Nepal presidential foreign policy advisorMadan Kumar Bhattarai (Madan Kumar Bhattarai)And it's came to the Office!

Nepal presidential foreign policy advisorMadan Kumar Bhattarai (Madan Kumar Bhattarai)Mr. a、2015Born in the year's first female President、Bidya Devi Bhandari (Vidyā Devī Bha ṇḍ ārī)When appointed President、In person and appointed diplomatic Advisor to President、DiplomacyGeneral cross.、PresidentThat is he in a position to provide a wide range of advice and policy makers.

In NepalBidya Devi Bhandari (Vidyā Devī Bha ṇḍ ārī) PresidentTo meet these、GuideNareshJust 3 months ago had me install an appointment is、Is sudden death this day.、In Nepal, a prominent writer's death it was、President will suddenly take attended a funeral there、I supposed we was granted an audience to do。

Bidya Devi Bhandari (Vidyā Devī Bha ṇḍ ārī)President。

This time we are!、Nepal President OfficeWhen to visit、What? "Japan of femininity'Or'Shizuoka、Hamamatsu femininity"Thought you cannot gift allegedly、There is a gift to the high temperatures in sub-tropical Nepal、Handling of traditional handicraft from the Edo period Enshu cotton fabric、Otaka AsahiMr. Hamamatsu, which served as a representative "Enshu cotton silk warm workshop" Of "Enshu cotton silk fan"Had we presented to the President! Durable yet comfortable and cool breeze with "Enshu cotton silk fan」!Bidya Devi Bhandari (Vidyā Devī Bha ṇḍ ārī)President the gift image geo、The beauty of elegant, deep blue-violet grace overflow、The powerful seven prismatic colors silk IRIS folding fan、I'm sure to President better make a perfect match to get it!

In addition、He loves Japan ShizuokaBhattarai diplomatic AdvisorThe、"Enshu cotton silk warm workshop"Handling the craft"Shizuoka bag candy"We have to present! Shizuoka city "Baba confectionery"And was a collaborator"Shizuoka bag candy"The、Enshū-cotton fabric with a taste of、During the lovely Palm-sized tote bag、In my hometown"Shizuoka"Boasting "Mt. Fuji、Tea、Mandarin oranges、Strawberry、Melon、Wasabi"Kintaro candy made motif slipped into has been for the screen!

"Shimizu Lions Club"On behalf of the、Tour leaderASAI MasanoriMr. more、In the works of famous calligraphers 'Kazuo mind politics its own spur (to hit parliamentary peace of mind at first)"The bookPresidentTo and presented、"Contracts, review of kinran (extremely hard, intimate friends)"The bookBhattarai diplomatic AdvisorThe had been presented as a sign of friendship!

"Makinohara-Shi International Association ""From the、Previous、BhattaraiJust when I was Ambassador to Nepal、Experienced in the makinohara-Daichi tea picking experience at Memorial photos "Katsushika Hokusai"The ornament in the photo had been presented!

In addition "Makinohara-Shi International Association ""The happi coats are presentation!

Is pink and somewhat gaudy colors in、Mt. Fuji and the rising-sun flag tea plantations and cherry blossoms、Shizuoka painted plum blossoms is lovely happi Ness tells!

Diplomatic Adviser ofMadan Kumar Bhattarai (Madan Kumar Bhattarai)Just lovely in the Park! The key point key point photography is prohibited in relation to security、Is the lush green grounds with beautiful gardens.、There was great place to be as well as garden as an outdoor meeting place and garden!

On the morning of this day、Women's Association had been meeting with the President's wife who looks glossy and Sally dressed in formal attire in the now!

"Presidential Office"Now before you let me photograph at all!

As the delegation of Nepal tour、Photo around Bhattarai diplomatic Advisor! Very valuable the time received, thank you!Dannyabirdcha! (धन्यवाद छ। ) Thanks!

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