Kathmandu Durbar square at the entrance to the coffee shops Nepal Tea House

NepalOf the capitalKathmandu (Kathmandu)The "Durbar square (Durbar Square)"The shops you can buy souvenirs at the entrance! This time、Nepal tour we again seeFrost (sweetened milk)"Very good for、Even back at home "Frost"To enjoy"Nepal tea"Well I have been wanting to try as a souvenir! "Nepal tea"Tea leaf shop deal there but see here、SIS decided none selecting a good、After all、GuideNareshAnd I decided to come to the shops!

CapitalKathmandu (Kathmandu)The "Durbar square (Durbar Square)"The full entrance、1983Nepal tea shop was opened in the year "Nepal tea house (Nepal Tea House)"To! Questionable handwritten "Welcome" written in Chinese and Japan signboard is (laughs)

Go back inside and、Many of the walls are lined with tea! In the over the counter、For Frost, tea leaf Assam CTC tea、Assam gold leaf、Ilam tea、In addition to the Darjeeling tea、Very rare white tea and Silver tips、Puwamai green tea as well as some deals! "Frost for" tea leaves "CTC"、Crush (crush)-、Tear (tear)、Is the name Agnetha in curl (round)。Tea leaves、Each can be purchased in 100 g!

He told us the owner recommended the tea leaves、So he let me sniff scent of tea can all、Pick anything that even smells the most noble、Click here "Himalayan Shangri-la Gold (Breakfast Tea)"The purchase! By the way、The owner of this restaurant does not help any discount。"Whoever does not discount! "Owners of this custom seems!

A box filled with colorful and crates filled with delicate wood carving、Buy gifts for tea leaves price goes + α.

In addition、He told us the most expensive tea leaves in this shop、Came out still more tea leaves!

"Himalayan silver chips (Himalayan Silver Tips)"The、And wearing the white downy hair (Silver tips)、Only the core buds haven't opened yet、Them carefully by hand picking、Natural dried tea leaves.
"Golden Needle (Golden Needle)"The、Sweet like chocolate、Flavorful tea.

In a conversation with the owner enjoying、Table suddenly becomes noisy and are wondering "You must become President welcome back!"And tell me thanks、Just at a glance、Come in the back seat of the carBidya Devi Bhandari (Vidyā Devī Bha ṇḍ ārī) PresidentCould be apparent! Coincidentally and great memories now!

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