Nepal tribuvan international airport to suvarnabhumi airport in Thailand

Capital of NepalKathmandu (Kathmandu)The "Tribuvan International Airport (Tribhuvan International Airport)"To the congestion does not arrive! Perfect weather till the end、This is the flight date for this day!

Everyone、Their luggage, hand、Go to the departure airport.

In the airport、We apply for a wheelchair in order to reduce the burden on both ankles swelled like a elephant legs injured during!

As it happensNaresh.Yumiko Naito (Yumiko Naito)Famous photographers know teacherDacun, Changhua next (Tugusato Omura)I encountered a san!Omura (Omura)Mr. a、By a photographer who is active mainly in Asia、1977The Year "Holy Kathmandu Nepal (mountain and Valley Stream)"That has been published in Nepal was taking photos!

As well as to return flights "Thailand international airline"In the、The capital of ThailandBangkok (Bangkok)The "Suvarnabhumi international airport"In the transfer and will be!

Wheelchair as you guide at top priority.、While everyone is watching、The first boarding. If you can't climb ladders are on their own、That is to use stair lift can carry a wheelchair each、I am slowly by hand forces forcibly unassisted went up! You'd better hurry impatience waiting for other passengers going to and、"Slowly, I'm alright! "And the cabin crew were constantly attendants gave us! People with disabilities of the body usually what feelings do not、Could have received such a sense。This time、It injured the foot while on tour、We apologize for any inconvenience to tour members are、During the inconvenience、Can touch everyone's kindness、Scenes such as this will go to meet、As soon as I want to be the person can act by replacing himself with all that。More than anything、My husband was the one closest to the、Me with my minutes、I can't sleep in pain my feet cool、Me dancing with me to avail、Really saved me the kindness! By chance、"I wonder if old age care safe now? "And the 過rimashita head、It all can you live in a spirit of reciprocal is happy!

From the windowKathmandu (Kathmandu)The farewell and views!Felivetoura! (फेरि भेटौला) again!

Thanks to us front row seats、You can stretch your legs free、Overlooking the flight and told the doctor to prevent oppression! The cabin is always wish alcohol、From knockout it takes days of abstinence。For cinnamon with plenty of nice warm Frost (Nepal milk tea).、Miho was warm body and lumps.

"Thailand international airline"The meals are always looking forward to! This time、I chose chicken!

In Bangkok "Suvarnabhumi international airport"Until the、Approximately3Time 30 minutesIn flight。Photo by looking、While reconsidering such fun Nepal tour flight!

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