Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm grows herbs and Western vegetables using farming methods passed down from generation to generation

It has been improved based on the farming method that has been passed down from generation to generation、主にハーブや西洋野菜を中心に栽培されている「Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm」の農園見学に行って参りました!

We have been delivering lifestyle-related information centered on luxury resort hotels and Michelin-class restaurants in Japan and overseas.、Currently, there is a corona disaster, so I do not go abroad as I think, let of traveling abroad.。In there、To start what we can do even though it's coronal、Based in Shizuoka Prefecture, where we live, we have started activities to connect producers and chefs from all over Japan.。

Let's show the farm to Shigenori Suzuki, the owner of the farm for about 30 years, who has been making vegetables!

It is also cultivated in alleys while being mainly used for house cultivation.、Including seasonal vegetables grown every season of spring, summer, autumn and winter、Herbs and vegetables that can be cultivated on the 20th anniversary are also visible!

First of all,、5Harvest experience at the house of summer vegetable "Zucchini with flowers" that can be cultivated from early July to July!
Original、The harvest of zucchini with flowers is special this time because it is said that it is the most delicious state to be harvested before the morning sun rises.。

"Zucchini" is a companion called Pepo pumpkin of the Uri family and is also known as "no-belled pumpkin"。
As the name says, there is no tinge.、It does not grow vertically, but you can see that large leaves spread widely on the side、It seems that you need enough space for each turnip per share!

Zucchini with flowers is characterized by the texture of petals and the slight sweetness of juvenile fruit.、French and Italian restaurants often use it for dishes such as "stuffed flower zucchini" and "frites of flower zucchini".、Because it is not so common in general supermarkets、It is very fresh to see the cultivation process with flowers!

By pollination work performed by hand、a fruit that is enlarged by pollination with stass pollen on a pistplist。
Because the frit made with a small zucchini baby before it was enlarged was the most delicious and made me have cute children of different sizes、I would like to try it at home!

When harvesting zucchini with flowers、Because if the petals are damaged, the value will be ruined.、It is shipped as an important product with great care in handling。

By removing the flowers, it became the figure of zucchini that we usually see!

Next, go to the house of "striped green beans"!

野菜へ注がれる鈴木さんの情熱を知るシェフたちから「こんな野菜やあんな野菜を作ってほしい」との要望が入ることもあり最初は種を仕入れては手探りで育て、Select only delicious food while having chefs who go to go to you taste it.、そこから自家採種して育てていくことで長い年月をかけて現在の品質を確立しています。Repeat the interaction with such chefs、Mr. Suzuki is said to have made this vegetable.。


Vegetable making in cooperation with farmers on the side of actually growing vegetables and chefs on the side that cooks them deliciously。まさに理想の形がこの農園にはあります!

Striped green beans with black stripes on the pods、It is said that it is treated as the finest green beans in France.。

To harvest in slender、a striped green beans who can take their delicacy into their hands。
This stripe disappears when heated、Become a bright green、その食感はシャキシャキと柔らかで細身で収穫するため筋張ったところはなく豆本来の甘味が楽しめます!

We check the growth process in detail every day.、While keeping the field in good condition、agricultural work that is mostly manual in the process。
The burden on the body is also felt by repeatedly bending down and stretching。
No matter how much time and effort you spend carefully raising it、It doesn't start without a place for harvested vegetables.。
This farm also received the aori of coronal evil、In March last year, we were hit hard by the severe conditions.、This place is a stepping place and it is carefully cultivated by facing forward.。

In the vacant space, it is called "experiment" and a new seed is sprinkled and raised、We are also focusing on discovering new vegetables with the desire to make and eat delicious vegetables not only in Japan but also around the world.。


In fact, there is "Onion Nouveau" which is registered as a trademark as one of the vegetables representing this farm.、This is december to March, so I would like to see it again for fun until next year!

「錦爽鶏もも肉のロースト 筍オニオンブランシュカラフルキャロットのグリル 新玉葱のソース」


It is "arugula (rocket salad)" of the anniversary herb that was put on the net so as not to be hit by the wind.。

With arugula that you can enjoy a sesame-like taste with a delicious herb with a tangy spicy accent of salad、This place is finished softly for salad、Improved to reduce bitterness and hotness。

Arugula growing up in the net (right)、If you compare the arugula (left) that has grown up outside the net、The hardness and taste of the leaves are wonderfully different!
Arugula that has grown up without permission blown by the wind is hard in the leaves and has astringency and bitterness.、Arugula raised in the net is soft and delicate leaves and fragrant、While it is full of freshness, the bittersweet accent is also used and you can taste it deliciously!

Compost, which is the basis of soil making, is possible to live like a mountain in a compost house.、I'm sleeping quietly waiting for that time of activity.。

The compost of "Kawai Ranch" of three days is adopted here.、The ranch provides the high-quality food necessary for the health of the cows.、The feces are mixed with ogakzu and carefully cut back again and again (stirring) It becomes compost made so that there is no fermentation shortage.。As a result、こちらの堆肥の匂いは全く臭くありません!これには驚きました!近隣の方に御迷惑がかからないように匂いや音に関しては特に気を配られているそうです

The farm uses high-quality ripe compost that can be slept in this compost house for several months.。
If compost is sown in the field during fermentation, it will ferment in the soil, and the ground temperature will go up and the roots of the vegetables will be damaged.、Because feces and urine are raw materials, strong ammonia is not good for vegetables.。

In order to grow by taking advantage of the nature of the land called dune immature soil in this area、Thorough soil improvement by spraying plenty of finished high-quality ripe compost。Supplement nitrogen and minerals by adding compost、We will raise the sand dunes peculiar to this area to a good state.。By doing so, the rooting of the vegetables will also be better and delicious vegetables can be made!

土壌改良された土地をぐっと踏んでみるとスポンジのように戻ってきます!砂地に堆肥を混ぜることでスポンジのような状態を作り出し適度な水分を保つことができるそうです。Also、In the surrounding area, safe and secure tenryu water well water, which is also used as drinking water, is used for cultivation.、Can properly nourish the field。

Let's see the fields of alley cultivation!

A fennel field where fluffy leaves are swayed by the wind!
Fennel in English、Fenouil in French、In Italian, it's called Finocchio.、The Japanese name in Japan is a plant of the genus Seri family Ukyo called 茴ka, a herb that has been widely used for food and medicinal purposes since ancient Greek and Roman times.。

Fennel is often used as a spice or herb.、Marinated salads and fish、a part of a leaf used in meat dishes、Delicious stems and rhephil parts can be used for soups, etc. even if eaten raw or pickled、The part of the flower can be eaten not only in appreciation.、Because aroma oil can also be extracted from seeds、花・葉・茎・根球・種と上から下まで全て無駄にすることなく使うことができる万能ハーブです!

While delicate feathery leaves spread、Yellow buds are in bloom.。The parasol-like gleas become adorable even if they accompany the dishes、It is characterized by a sweet and refreshing scent similar to anise, and you will be intoxicated by this goodness.。

The red one here is "Ubitsuki-oja(Uzumaki Beets)"


「旬野菜のシーザーサラダ ビーツキオッジャ(うずまきビーツ)フリルレタス、Kale、赤と黄のパプリカ縞インゲンラブリーさくら(赤と黄のミニトマト)」

I tried to make a salad at home.、この「ビーツキオッジャ(うずまきビーツ)」が入るだけでインパクト大!|

While inging the harvest experience、A fulfilling day will pass quickly by listening to the experience story of a farmhouse。





日暮れ前の農園はとても静かで朝が早い農園にとって、During this time, the vegetables also seem to be resting in the ground.。

A green onion boy with a cute round figure like a dandelion cotton hat。
I've heard that tempura is delicious.、This is not edible because it is left for seeding.。

There are still other fields on the farm.、Let's have you visit in a different season!

The harvesting experience while studying the flow until vegetables were made became very study!
Mr. Suzuki、Thank you very much for your valuable harvest experience!

When I returned to the office shed,、"Earl Grey-kun" of Waimanaler, managing director of Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm, greeted me with a cheerful cry♪
Waimanaler is a hound with a glossy and beautiful gray hair color with drooping ears。
A muscular body with a solid skeleton and beautiful lines, and has a dignified and elegant posture。

Waimanaler is very clever and affectionate about his family.、It is a breed that is often vigilant and distanced from others.。
"If you show up two or three more times, you'll get used to it," Suzuki says.。Let's let Gray get used to it!



今回のBBQは愛知県豊橋市の「Toriichi Meat Shop」が誇る希少ブランドの合鴨「あいち鴨」と他では味わえない美味しさと安心安全を追求した「ヤママツ鈴木農園」の旬野菜と共に味わいます!

「あいち鴨の生ハム 金柑のマーマレード クリームチーズのカナッペ」


「あいち鴨の低温調理 サラダ添え」


「飛騨牛シンシン 茗荷 大葉添え」




脂肪融点26度のあいち鴨は脂がヘルシーで旨味があり、The mellow and rich taste is exquisite!


Mr. Suzuki、また次回も楽しみにしております!

Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm
Location:725 Shinoharacho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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