鷹匠移転オープン「NO’AGE concentré」酒と茶と肴と菓子が愉しめるペアリングコース

袋井で6年半静岡市七間町にてオーセンティック・バーとして21年もの間多くのバーファンを愉しませてきた「BAR NO’AGE(バー ノンエイジ)」
これまでに得た様々な出会いと経験を「濃縮・集中し」街中から少し離れた閑静な鷹匠へと場所を移し店名を改め「NO’AGE concentré」 として2021年10月5日(火)より新たな門出を切ろうとしています!

The name "NO & # 8217s; AGE" and the、First of all comes from the whisky terms、"Point was made by blending excellence ripening period variety of whisky、Have this term、様々な世代のお客様に愛されるお店にしたい」というオーナーバーテンダーである井谷匡伯さんの思いが込められています。This time the、BARの垣根を超えてステップアップするためにあえてBARの文字を無くし、Go there、「濃縮・集中=concentré」を添え新たな店の顔となるサインを御自身でデザイン



Here you will、今までのBARという枠にとらわれることなく酒と肴と菓子に「茶の世界」をプラスし「茶寮」という顔を加え、A special time of the once-in-a-lifetime meeting born from the talk between people will unfold!

Every Saturday, Sunday and national holiday only、Cocktail pairing desserts paired with handmade desserts and teas and cocktails during the day。In the evening, we offer a unique cocktail pairing dinner course that can be combined with dishes made with carefully selected ingredients using iron plate and cocktails (reservation required)。Sake appetizers interwoven with Japanese and Western dishes and sake such as A La Cult are also available!

By making teppanyaki cooked in front of you、We have renewed the style so that we can respond to various requests of our customers more!

In addition, tea utensils are installed at the counter.、As a famous production area of tea、Introducing a cocktail menu centered on tea leaves produced by Shizuoka!

Sake brewer Bartender Tadaki Iya

After graduating from Osaka Abe-no-Tsuji Technical Research Institute、I work as a cook, but due to severe roughness、Turned bartender who mixes sake。2000Founded "Bar NO'AGE" in fukuroi city in 2008.、2007Moved to Shizuoka City in 2008。Published in various cocktail and pairing books、2016Won the Yokohama international cocktail competition Creative Grand Prix in 2008。2021Cooking using teppanyaki in 2008 and "enrichment" of the past 20 years、The store name is "NO'AGE concentré" as a style to "concentrate" and newly started。

There is also a tea board at the counter.、We will serve you the best with beautiful behavior unique to bartenders。Pour boiling water at an appropriate temperature from a tea kettle、Warm tea set、Add the tea leaves and pour the hot water again.、I went into steaming.、wait quietly for that time、A cup rich in umami carefully poured into a tea cup。

Asami Single Sencha "Fulrina 29"

At an altitude of 350m in Shizuoka、The clear Okitsu River flows、In the lush mountains ryokawachi、Overlooking Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay、A tea farmer who grows more than 20 varieties of tea in a steeply sloping tea plantation with a sea of cloudsToyoyoshienMr.'s original single sencha "Haruna 29"。Find the fruit and increase it with the branch、10This tea leaf that has been loving for more than a year、Take the name of "Harun" who is my daughter、It is raised by being cherished like a daughter。Its flavor is、A slightly fragrant grain aroma with a well-balanced umami and astringency、It is a variety where you can feel the depth and aftertaste!

Cocktails、From standard traditional traditional cocktails、Fruit of the season started.、Taking advantage of the natural taste obtained from the blessings of nature、In a mixology style using homemade flavor de spirits and special techniques、The lineup that added "world of tea" to Mr. Ita's original style that becomes a cup that can only be tasted here is substantial、You can enjoy various courses and pairings!

From the left

[Sidecar]:Cognac-based cocktails。
[Shizukucha ~Aya kiri~]:Inspired cocktails inspired by tea plantations in Shizuoka Prefecture using the scents of sencha and a drop of cognac and kimmokusei。 Cocktails served at the 20th anniversary party of the Japan Tea Instructors Association。
[Smoky Martinez of Roasted Tea]:Roasted tea leaves and octagonal、Based on vanilla beans marinated in dark lamb、An arranged version of Martinez Cocktail, also known as the "prototype of a martini" paired with sweet vermouth and maraschino cherry liqueur。
[Gyokuro Martini]:One roast is at a low temperature.、Pour sake in two roasts as a cocktail。Including Gyokuro in Okabe-cho, Shizuoka City, which is also known as a gyokuro famous production area、Gyokuro produced by tea farmers in Shizuoka Prefecture carefully selected and used。Producers also change depending on the day、I enjoy matching the difference of the taste。
[Sparkling Tea Dogs Nose]:Using an extraction method that combines the aroma of the flowers of tea for each tea leaf、Based on homemade, sparkling tea finishes。It is a cocktail of LOW alcohol which arranged the cocktail "Dogs Nozu" of beer and dry gin by hanging the craft gin that the character shines there。
[Jasmine Negroni]:Twisted "Negroni", one of the most popular cocktails in the world。Using jasmine tea and various spices marinated in Campari、You can enjoy a rich taste even if it is holo bitter。
[Martini]:King of gin-based cocktails。

On this day、Indulge in cocktail pairing dinners and cocktail pairing desserts during pre-opening!

"Low-temperature roast duck pickled in red miso" × "Highball"

French duck roasted at low temperatures marinated overnight in special red miso、Here's a toast to match the highballs that quench your thirst suitable for the first cup! The moist and juicy duck meat is softly rich in duck that becomes delicious enough to chew with the mellow aroma of red miso that comes off the nose!







「都萬牛」×「赤紫蘇、violet、Japanese tea、アルマニャック」

都萬牛は黒毛和牛で霜降りをあまりつけないように肥育しておりビタミンやミネラルの豊富に入った飼料を給与することはもちろんのこと自然豊かな風通しの良い牛舎でストレスフリーを心掛け牛の生理に適った健康的な飼い方を目指しています。Also、黒毛和牛の一番美味しいといわれる33カ月から50カ月齢の牛を中心として肥育し、As a result、肉色の濃い脂と赤身に味のある低脂肪でヘルシーな牛肉を作り出しています鉄板で焼くことにより表面はカリッと香ばしく中はもちろんミディアムレアで仕上げ肉厚だからこそ迸る旨味と食感を楽しみながら頬張ります!



「川根 土屋農園の水出し煎茶と華やかなGIN







「栗のクルスタッド 赤味噌とキャラメルソース」






NO’AGE concentré
Address:静岡県静岡市葵区鷹匠2-5-12 1F
昼デザート・ペアリング・コース:Saturday、On Sundays、Public holidays 13:00-16:00(L.O15:30-
夜カクテル・ペアリング・ディナー・コース:18:00-20:30(Reservation required)
夜ディナー&BARタイム火曜日〜金曜日 17:00-23:00
夜ディナー&BARタイム:Saturday、On Sundays、Public holidays 18:00-23:00(L.O22:30-
Closed on Mondays:月曜・第3日曜

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