"Forest Farm Eri" One of france's three earth chickens brand chicken pulé noir

"Pulé Noir", a branded local chicken that is one of france's three great chickens(Pouletnoir)I was visited to Iwata Miri's "Forest Farm Eri (Meguri)" which is produced and sold!

We have been delivering lifestyle-related information centered on luxury resort hotels and Michelin-class restaurants in Japan and overseas.、Currently, there is a corona disaster, so I do not go abroad as I think, let of traveling abroad.。In there、To start what we can do even though it's coronal、Based in Shizuoka Prefecture, where we live, we have started activities to connect producers and chefs from all over Japan.。

The other day、Chef Tomoya Kawada of "Chazenka-SAZENKA-", which was awarded three Michelin stars for the first time in Chinese cuisine, is also exploring ingredients in Tosu with a food curator in the project of FIND OUT SHIZUOKA of "ONESTORY".、Masatoshi Nakayasu's poultry farm at Forest Farm Eri is also visited here.。

The pullé noir bred here、A black chicken approved for label rouge (red label) certified by the French Ministry of Agriculture, with a unique texture characterized by low lipids and fine meat texture、It has a flavorful, mellow and juicy taste.。※Poulet noir = French "Pullet = chicken"、"Noir = Black"

a pre-noir that weighs about 5 kg in adult life。
A big black chicken with a powerful bright red tosaca becomes a male、A small black chicken will be a female.。

Masatoshi Nakayasu, owner of a poultry farm, has been in Haruno town for 8 years.、I have been in charge of poultry for about 8 years and about 16 years.、It is carefully bred with black chicken pulé noir, which is rare in Japan.。

Last year, we were affected by the coronal disaster.、At one point, I was driven to a state of zero shipment、As a measure of bitterness, he told me that he had reduced the amount of breeding to the limit and oversted the difficulties.。
Including events such as "Hamamatsu Southern Cross Hossi no Ichi", which is now a popular market in the Hamamatsu Ekimae shopping street、Visit a market in Tokyo、While opening yakitori stalls, many people are engaged in activities to get to know Pulé Noir.。

First of all, you can show hina chicks that are about 2 weeks old of Pulénoir, so you can go to a hut dedicated to Hina。

Still as soft and fluffy in feathers as hair、a smallina that fits perfectly in the hands。

Don't be a hand-riding instrument.、Hand-on Pulle Noir!
Chicks hatched and shipped immediately、Because it is shipped with egg yolks stored in the stomach、It is said that they spend time taking nutrition while absorbing the nutrients of the yolk little by little.。The part of the embryo around the yolk grows into a hinah.、Some people think that egg yolks are going to be a hinah, don't they?、And Mr. Nakayasu。I also heard it for the first time!

flap one's wings、I went back to my friends.。

The hina is carefully raised over a breeding period of about 150 days.。

It is said that about 300 black chickens "Nera" native to the Netherlands, which has a high rarity value from February, have also arrived here and have started breeding.。
a male striped child、A small black-haired child is a female.。

"The most beautifully shaped egg in the world"、Nera's egg, which is famous as "the best egg in the world", will be born in August, so I would like to look forward to it♪

To minimize stress on chickens、it's been kept flat on the ground directly、By breeding both males and females, an environment closer to nature is created、Males are kept at 10% of the number of females.、It is considered so as not to put too much burden on the scalpel。

Because it is a shape close to the natural world、There are often quarrels between males fighting over territory.、If there is a male who gives off a presence like Don、Some males are like children.。

The black hair on the back of the female is removed.、Because the male rides while mating and stands up its claws.、I was able to hear a really valuable story to a raw story that I can't hear easily.。

"If it's good, please go inside!" And、If you set foot in the poultry farm,、Pullenoirs who are scared of me approaching and run away quickly。

"It's okay.、I'm not afraid! While talking to、When I sat down and was ticking, they approached me soon!

Occasionally、There seems to be a deserter.、Strangely enough, I don't go far、Morning and evening and twice、It is said that the deserter will inevitably return to the chicken coop when it is time to put food in the feeder.。

I saw him digging a hole like sand play.、These are said to be sand baths.、Hygiene management said to be for extermination of parasites and to remove dirt from feathers、I play a role in physical condition management.。

It seems that the number of arrivals of Hinah is being returned from March of this year.、Currently, about 1,000 birds are bred in this chicken coop.、Before corona, there were as many as 2,000 chickens.、Compared to Max, it is still half。

A quiet afternoon with the sound of pure noir in good spirits。

Make charcoal、They provided us with grilled yakitori grilled over the charcoal fire of Pulé Noir!

Skewering is also on your own、I was wondering how it was baked with flowing hands、In fact, in order to open yakitori stalls at events, etc.、It is said that Hamamatsu has experience of training at "Charcoal Grilled Nopo", a famous restaurant in Iino-cho.。

Mr. Nakayasu stood with the intention of training for about a few months.、The owner said, "Now、I'm in trouble if I'm stopped by force."。
He has already showed off his skills in the craftsman's area!

The seasoning is simply available with French Gelland salt so that you can enjoy the taste of pulée noir.。
At the yakitori stall at the event、3Ming-min and zarame in 2008 aged re-prepared sakae soy sauce、Wasanbon、Apple、Pineapple、We also bake a secret sauce made with kombu with our own blend.。

"Thigh meat、Sessery"

This test was a pure noir of about 3 months of growth, and I tried a child of about 1.3 kg.、The heating is also outstanding、Enjoy while enjoying the fragrant fragrance。Fat is not persistent in thigh meat.、There's no smell at all.、With a light and elegant taste、You can enjoy the taste depth of the umami of the meat that comes out as you chew。

Because the meat quality is very fine、High moisture retention、Yakitori that does not harden even when cooled。


"Breast meat、Sasami"

"Furosodes"、Chicken skin"

I'll show you the feed shed at the end.。

When it is general feed, it is composed of about 25 kinds of multivitamins, beginning with vitamin A.、Antifungal agents and antibiotics、Mr. Nakayasu says that it is difficult to say safe and secure because it includes colorings, etc.。

Here, the health of the pullé noir and the health of the person who eats it are thought single-mindedly.、Without feeding antibiotics, chemical additives, genetically modified, etc. in two feedings in the morning and evening、Rice、Barley、Lactic acid bacteria mainly for natural feed mainly on rice raised wheat、Given safe and secure feed fermented with yeast、It will be bred for about 5 months.。

Bamboo vinegar is also mixed in the feed.、many years、The technique that can be done only by Mr. Nakayasu who was also working on the business of baking bamboo charcoal。

Without being satisfied with the current breeding situation、At all times、It has been conveyed that they are thoughtful about breeding and feeding to make chickens healthier and more delicious.。

Organic eggshells are firm and hard、Everything becomes a fertilized egg and is full of vitality!

The chickens here grow up with a sukusuku、Because they also eat grass that is naturally home, the yolk becomes dazzlingly bright lemon yellow.。I usually eat orange eggs.、I nodded involuntarily with this real egg.。

2Have a precious pulle noir egg that only appears once a day、Finally, take a commemorative photo with Mr. Nakayasu!

"Poulé Noir Egg Rice"

The next morning、Freshly cooked rice with freshly made eggs of pulé noir、I'll add Guerando salt and thick sesame oil with green onions.。Prun and bouncy whites、a tiled yolk、We enjoyed the ultimate egg rice that can enjoy a thick and rich taste!

Mr. Nakayasu、Thank you for your。I'll visit you again!

Forest Farm Eri
Address:1720-107, Findi, Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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