"Amioka Shintaro's Yutani house" under the sun of fresh green trees leaking、Tea ceremony held in mud dyeing tea room

Sandwiched between the Uren River and the JR Iida Line near Yutani Onsen in Shinjo City, Aichi Prefecture、Artist in forest overlooking Itashiki RiverShintaro ajiokaTo the "tea ceremony" held by establishing a "mud dyeing tea room" which is a work of !

There are 94 stations between Toyohashi Station (Aichi Prefecture) and Tatsuno Station (Nagano Prefecture) between 195.7 km、JR East Iida Line with an average distance between stations of only 2.1km。Beyond Yuya-Onsen station (middle station) one in the middle of the IIDA line、Walk 5 minutes IIDA towards a peaceful alley、Cross the tracks past the Tanoshima Railroad Crossing。How to go to Yutani's house、There is no way but to cross this track.。

a small house with a red roof that can be seen over the tracks。This is artist Shintaro Amioka's villa "Yutani no Ie"。

A mud dyeing tea room is set up on the site.、Mr. Amioka devotes himself to preparation。
Because the tea ceremony is held after dinner、First of all, let's come to the stomach preparation!

The cooking at the tea ceremony on this day is in charge of Goethe Takahashi's wild grass dishes familiar from "Wild Grass Association" and Haruo Natsume of toyohashi wine café "Natsuma"。

Haruo Natsumi is the owner of Natsumi Wine Cafe in Toyohashi.、Cook is.、And he has the title of Senior Sommelier certified by the Japan Sommelier Association、1We operate a restaurant that is limited to one group per day and is a complete reservation system.。

Mr. Amioka and Mr. Natsube have been ing together for a long time.、Natsume's restaurant itself is also created from the ground up with Mr. Amioka.。

On this day, using a large hagama cooked in 3 sho, firewood is put in a brick stove in the garden and rice is cooked!
Because there was no lid of the hagama、Mr. Amioka said that he made the lid him owned to match the size of the hagama.。
He is a dexterity person who can really make every thing by hand!

About 10 years ago, Amioka-san's own house in Yutani has been renovating.、Not only the interior with the atmosphere like an art gallery、All buildings are works of art!

His art works are regularly replaced.、Choose a flowerware and decorate the flowers of the wild mountains for each season to create the four seasons。
There's no such luxury。

A sense of balance in the cutting and pasting of Washi paper and fine work by hand even if it is one wallpaper。

It is a work of 2008 which wrote haiku poet Masahiko Hoshino's phrase "Kagome Kagomeko etc. and immediately empty"。

This is a Buddha who was got by Mr. Amioka's eyes at the antique market of Oyama Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture。
of an old age with a little gold leaf、The back of the light is painted with gold powder on an old hoe and shines.。
The pedestal is blacked out from the firewood and placed in a place according to the Buddha。

"Hanashosho: Living Wild Flowers"
14For months、Mr. Amioka picks flowers blooming in the field、Vase、My daughter, Akisato Miyata, kept taking pictures.、It is a catalog that summarizes what the haiku poet wrote the phrase.。

"Admire" the praise of any、Extract from "part" of。That is a record of the year loved flowers。
It contains many familiar wild grasses and is also a picture book of wild flowers of the four seasons、It is a super big work that you can enjoy the change of flowers from time to time!

Surrounded by green forests and mountains as far as、Peaceful land of cool toilet。
Cover the hearth、The Japanese-style room with a single-board seat table is comfortable on your bare feet.。
The glare of fresh green from the open veranda and the 囀 birds make you feel extraordinary moments。

The seseragi of the Uren River becomes the background music of healing、Yutani's house where rich time flows。

Goethe Takahashi, a master of wild grass, picks wild grasses from wild mountains and makes wild grass dishes!

This is one of the wild grasses planted by the Yonezawa domain, which had famine, to outsoever hunger.、The Yonezawa domain perused the book "The One" which put 140 kinds of rough plants as a popularization book of the plant which can be eaten.、It is said to have surpassed the predicament of famine.。There is a culture of food that eats wild plants, the blessings of mountain nature、That culture is still passed down.、We can also touch and eat wild grass.。

"Tempura of Wild Grass"

Freshly picked tea leaves、Light bamboo、Kogomi、Seita Kawadachisou、Seri、snapdragon、Roses, etc.。
The tempura of freshly picked tea leaves has a good fragrance.、A tasteful taste where you can feel the blessings of the mountains and mountains。

Taking the time to participate in the "Wild Grass Association" held here several times before、I'm really a fan of wild grass dishes.。

"Taguchi Shio chicken"

A dish that does not require the time and effort to grill seasoned chicken thighs that are familiar in Oku-Mikawa。
The meat is softened by salt koji.、The dashi is salty with concentrated umami using scallop dashi!

"Hagama Cooking Onigiri"

Cooked in a hagama、Onigiri, which is gripped with the aroma of charred and flavorful white rice, is wrapped in nori seaweed with umeboshi on the ingredients.、It is held cutely and roundly in a small size that is easy to eat。

"Hand-picked tea"

Hand-picked tea that is cooked by hand and then boiled in a pot。

Aldning that it was not sunny on this day、20in a climate that is easy to spend around the、The swaying leafy sound of the trees and the wind are comfortable on the veranda。

We enjoyed our time with our guests.。

Visit once or twice a week、Mr. Amioka comes to care for plants and plants and manage the house, mainly mowing the grass。
It seems that a few pine trees have withered.、Instead, the new pine buds seem to be growing as they begin to appear, and I feel the power of the earth.。

Families with small children go down to the river、Wading。
The boy's shoes got wet.、Isn't this also a scenery with a taste unique to early summer?。

It can also be said that coronal disaster、This tea ceremony where each gathers at 3-5。

Guests waiting in front of the mud dyeing tea room for the order of the tea room。

This mud-dyed tea room was held in 2017.Aichi Ceramic Art MuseumIt is a tea room created with children at the workshop "Soil color discovery, Rakuyaki making and tea ceremony experience Earth, color, tea ceremony"。

Let elementary school children experience tea leaves by hand picking、I had the tea leaves finished in matcha in Nishio.、Make a teacup out of clay.、Draw a picture, make a matcha teacup, and bake a teacup in a rakuyaki kiln.、Mud dyeing experience that becomes part of the tea room、Matcha tea bowls picked by their own hands and handmade、And、At the grand event of ing a tea ceremony in this mud dyeing tea room、It took about four months to produce.。

A wonderful event where children can enjoy the joy of manual labor and the joy of manufacturing、Mr. Amioka told me that it was very difficult but very fun!

Because our turn came around、I'll disturb you in the tea room.。

Mr. Amioka who can serve as the husband。

And this time, it is ceramic artist Inayoshi Osam who is based in Toyohashi who will make matcha tea.。

Tea confectionary "Acorn"、Bitter gourd、Small eggplant、End-made figs、Summer Citrus Peel"
The tea confectionary was prepared by ceramic artist Omura Inayoshi.、Bowls and chopsticks are made by Amioka。
The branch of the chromozi which Mr. Amioka got in the mountain in Haruno-cho which mr. Amioka spent 9.5 hours climbing was adopted for this chopsticks。
You can enjoy an elegant and refreshing fragrance full of woody and transparent feeling、It is healed by the fragrance of chromozi, which is also used in high-quality toothpick materials and essential oils.、Finally, I had it as a souvenir! (Thanks)

Finish serving wild grass dishes、Mr. Goethe Takahashi, who was going up to me, looked into the tea room.。
Thank you for your delicious wild grass dishes!

Teacup "Inayoshi Osam"
Matcha has been prepared for each。

Teacup "Inayoshi Osam"

The teacup used for this tea ceremony、Works by shintaro Amioka, who is also a ceramic artist, and works by ceramic artist Osam Inayoshi。

I'd like to receive a point.。

When I hear that it is a tea ceremony, I feel an extraordinary and rigid image.、The tea ceremony held by Mr. Amioka、It may be done in a rough summary、I think it's a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture and people's warm care.。

Mr. Amioka himself said, "I would like to hold such tea ceremonies regularly."、Eventually, a permanent tea room will be set up in this Yutani house.、It is said that it is considering the creation of a tea room with a sea river.。

Of course, the art work placed in the tea room is Amioka's work.。

This is a work that cut a round tree into quarters and turned it over, and it is a work called "Enchu no Shibun no Ishino-no-Kyu".。
Solo exhibitions of only these works、It will be held at "Hirano Art Gallery" from Saturday, June 26 to Sunday, July 18 next month!

The mud-dyed tea room is made from the sun and is a warm color dyed in the soil.、It exudes an indrudable soft texture.。

Mud-dyed tea room in fresh green trees。
Previous、I had seen it in the indoor exhibition.、After all, it seems that something close to the natural world is present in the natural world.。

Just、A train running on the JR Iida Line has arrived!
1Although it is a route of about one time、I would like to take this train once and take a leisurely blunt train trip!

You can proudly see the faces of the vessels that have been cleaned for today's use.。

Demolition work of mud dyeing tea room where branches are attached with strings and assembled。
It is a parting for a while until eyes of the day are looked at again.。

Ajioka,、I'm so happy to see you again after a long time.、Thank you for the good time!

Also、We look forward to seeing you again next time.。

Mud dyeing tea ceremony
Venue:39 Tanoshima.
Mud dyeing tea room:Shintaro ajioka
teacup:Shintaro Amioka / Osam Inayoshi
Wild food:Goethe Takahashi
Rice cooking:Wine Cafe Natsumi Haruo Natsumi

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