Restaurant strummed vegetable farmers stuck to the delicious agricultural + NOTICE!

Upholds the concept of farm and farm and food、Obsessed with delicious vegetables farmer "Agriculture +(NOTICE) "of theAkira Imazu (Ryo Imazu)-Kun、Restaurant which is the wish for 11 / 19 (Sunday) has been opened!

Nature rich three-way plateau located restaurant overlooking the mountainous area of Hamamatsu offers welcoming with plenty of Hamamatsu wood。
Shop、Including the counter overlooking the kitchen、Large spacious and equipped with 40 seats、Natural light poured from an open window overlooking the farm that can be、Cosy atmosphere!

As the head chef of the restaurant、Accepted into the Plains, KIA's notice。Lunch course、In the style fresh vegetables as a small dish of 8 dishes served with your weight、Gozen and main dishes utilizing the rich culture 2000 yen to my will!
The main dish of the day、Meat dishes "Enshu style tomato ginger slowly stewed pork" 2000 yen with fish "Mai Hanna from snapper cauliflower Rebtel" 2300 yen each ordered both!

Weight of your vegetables、Staff Ippei (Ippei Shimizu)-Kun will carefully explain each! From the lower-right corner to see red radish、Red-core radish、Marinate for 3 species of blue "、Soup volume egg beats、Ginger pork miso book、"Broccoli and Red radish and Japanese ginger tartar sauce.、"Silk sweet lemon sauce.、"Chrysanthemum and mushroom Leek.、"Marinated in spicy sauce chicken breast meat and lettuce.、Please see soy milk bags with cauliflower jelly"and the body healthy your weight!

Rice "strain of the miyakoda Hikari"、Miso soup with radish miso using a homemade miso Koji making plenty of!

Is your weight with rice alone also satisfied、In addition to introducing the main dish!
Main dish "Mai Hanna from snapper cauliflower Rebtel" is、Fresh cauliflower, boiled、A lot of cauliflower combined with miso paste, and will exhaust our、Toyama support our pottersWing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)Of the instrument because it has been using "one dish.、Scattered snow white one dish of cauliflower shine better!
Other instruments were also Imazu-Kun has been ordered works of the writer's favorite、It was made while considering the balance with food!

But the most interesting、Additional order of sweets!
Came riding on a big shovel、Soil as "roasted green tea tiramisu"!
Tiramisu refrained from the sweetness of the roasted green tea a unique flavor、So is the long-awaited、With a huge scoop are almost always ripoffs! (Please rely on us with the small shovel type spoon:Lol)

Eating green gelato ice cream by the broccoli surprise!
Although there is a slightly bitter、Butter ice-cream!、Nice course, body until the end.

The after-dinner drinks and homemade roasted coffee、Lindera tea also said Japan native aromatic fresh fragrance,。Arita porcelain "Li Zhuang ceramic Institute"Terauchi Shinji (Shinji Trauchi)Is it the Shingi series of beautiful instrument is adopted!

After the meal、Imazu-Kun received a farm tour!
Over the years in the field through more than 120 varieties of vegetables growing, Imazu-Kun、Watch more root vegetables is at the moment.。And yet during harvest freshly picked a little earlier "Japan spinach" raw taste you、Part of the stem is more than I've ever had any "spinach" sweet jucie!
Next year、When to harvest sugar is、Up to about 18 degrees and、I was shocked!

And take advantage of the climate of Hamamatsu、Vegetable research to actual research over polite notice! Over the counter of the restaurant、We are the original products and vegetables sales in、The future is fun!

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