Ramen noodle shop swallow in Shizuoka Edam


Not only the local Shimada、"Noodle shop" of the super popular ramen shop that makes its name known throughout Shizuoka。The other day、Because the ramen which I ate at The Sister Shop of Mr. Tsuji was very delicious and favorite ramen、I wanted to taste the main house, so I decided to stop by on the way back from Yugawara.。


Even though it's a weekday, the parking lot is full and the inside of the store is packed.。This shop is a business style peculiar to this district that is open from 6:30 in the morning to noon.。In fujieda, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan、There is a "morning ra culture" where you eat ramen in the morning.、And fujieda、In the area of Shida, Shimada、Have many ramen shops are open from early in the morning.、Noodle shop Mr. Tsuji is one of them.。Around the region、Because there are a lot of people who work from early in the morning in the relation related to the fishing industry and the tea industry、There is a theory that it is the beginning that the shop was opened early in the morning because of the needs of the customer.。Therefore, there are a lot of ramen which is comparatively light.。This noodle shop Tsuji-san's simple salt ramen is on the signboard menu.、There are various variations of salt ramen.。How to order、After all ticket vending machine。


Yan ramen salt 650 Yen

The first thing I ordered was the most orthodox ramen salt.。The clear soup、There is a lot of oil on the surface.。”Mikawa chicken”The soup extracted from the brand chicken that、Unlike a common chicken, the fragrance is good.、It's tasteful, isn't it?。Just、Compared to the white hot water soup of the return, the salt seems to be a little tight.。I had imagined a little more light、When I looked back at the menu, it was written that "Shina soba salt" was easier, so I might have liked it if I did it there.。Noodles are thin straight noodles。It is very supple, has a waist, and is often entangled in soup.。Even we who like thick noodles like this noodle.。The ingredients are soft chashu and green onion.、Chopped white leeks、Menma、It's served with Naruto and nori.。


Pinnacle onion salt ramen 730 Yen

This is a deep-fried leek oil based on the salt of the noodles.、I put five kinds of green onion and white-haired leek in the chopped white leek.、I add flavor and sweetness.。Unlike the reputation of "easy ramen" that I often hear from people around me, I felt that the taste was a little strong.。The depth of this ramen is common.、If you feel that it is rather easy、You may feel quite thin when you're so sick.。It is difficult to say which ramen is delicious because the taste is clearly divided.、It seems that the white hot water soup of Mr. Kaeshi is more suitable for us♪

Menya yan
Shimada City Mikaya-cho 8770 TEL:0547-34-2223
Operating hours: weekdays 6.:30to 900、10:30-14:15 On weekends and holidays 6:30-15:00(Discontinued) Closed:On Tuesday、Third Wednesday

Shimada-Shi 御仮 Cho 8770

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