The whole body of the sea bream ramen made by Kyoto "Hyotei" Michelin three-star ryotei

Boasting a history of more than 450 years at a long-established restaurant in Kyoto、Three Michelin starsHYOOTEIYoshihiro Takahashi, the 15th president of the company、"I want to deliver a luxurious cup that you can enjoy at home!" And wishes、Ramen making challenged!

At Hyotei、Akashi sea bream has been served in the making throughout the year、This time, the bone is dried and matured.、Complete the superb soup packed with the deliciousness of sea bream、It will be full of finished whole body! now、Developing ramen with corona disaster、Crowdfunding Project"Makuake"also participated in、Far more money than expected than the target amount、It is said that the funds are being poured into the development of new menus for online shops!

The ultimate gourmet that becomes the best cup packed with the hot feelings of the chef of such a long-established restaurant and the technology of outstanding Japanese cuisine、Hamamatsu"Angel Sound Muskmelon"From Masaya Kageyama, who produces、I came to my house as a middle source!

In the box that arrived by cool delivery service、"Sea Bream Ramen (2-person) "And a set that can be made"Sea bream"Appeared in a set like a meal kit!

"Sea Bream Ramen"

Sea bream soup、Shellfish Extract、Sea bream salt koji pickles、Sea bream grilled fu (sea bream miso)、Low-water ultra-fine noodles、Yuzu Aburaki、Black Shichimi、Kujo Leek。

"Sea bream"

Luxurious "Sea Bream Ara-cooking" using the head of a high-quality Akashi natural sea bream、Using one natural sea bream luxuriously、Liquor、Mirin、It is cooked sweet and spicy using sugar.、Packed。Because the broth is boiled、Warm in a saucepan as it is、Bamboo shoots and cows boiled 蒡、clumsiness、It is also good to cook and eat with vegetables such as、Along with simmering, there is a "sea bream ara-cooked rice" that can be used as "sea bream cooked rice"! The fine attention that the buds of the tree used when the platter is attached is also a stylish taste that seems to be a ryotei!

"Sea bream ramen" bowl:釋 Nagatake "Aage ÁGE Thin Bowl"

(1) Sea bream soup:Dried sea bream bones and baked tomatoes、I combined flavored vegetables such as green onions and pulled them.
(2) Shellfish extract:Extracts extracted from clams and dried scallops
(3) Black Shichimi:Hara Ryokaku's specialty features a unique flavor and tangy hotness
(4) Yuzu Aburaki:Flavored oil with a yuzu flavor transferred to taihaku sesame oil
(5) Kujo green onions:The fiber is soft and light.
(6) Sea bream grilled fu:Homemade sea bream miso wrapped in fu of "Fuka" and grilled
(7) Sea bream slices marinated in salted koji
(8) Low-water ultra-fine noodles:"Menya-no-Ya-no-Oya", an ultra-fine noodle with 棣鄂

"Rice cooked with sea bream":釋 Nagatake "Gen gen Thin Bowl"

"Sea bream ara-cooking" at Hyotei、It is the one of the back menu existence to make only when there is an order from the 责輗、It is a dreamy attempt to be 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Because my house loves cooked rice、"Sea bream ara-cooked" was cooked and arranged into rice!
Put "Sea bream ara-cooked" on top of 3 white rice dishes with simmered broth、Light mouth soy sauce、Mirin、Turn a little sake、If you put chiyo's first out of one bag、Mix lightly and set the rice cooker on the "cooking button" and cook it up!

A delicious fragrance stands in the kitchen、When the signal of cooking comes out and opens at the same time、The beautiful sea bream is cooked with a lot of cheeks! The long-awaited burning is also made、It is the completion of the cooked rice of the luster which condensed the umami of the sea bream ara! Ceramic artist in 釋 on a "gen thin bowl" of Mt. Naganaga、Beat the buds of the tree with bread in the palm of your hand、I will add a fragrance!
The collagen and umami of the pull pull from the head of a delicious sea bream oozes out、Chopsticks advance with sweetness and spiciness、Oh, my God.、Enjoy plenty of cheeks and tight tails、It will be the main dish of the leading role class without needing side dishes!

Because it is this time、Because the expected value and demand for the order gourmet are increasing、I think that you can enjoy various inquiries in the future! Mr. Kageyama、Thank you for the feast!

Address:35, Nanzenji Kusakawacho, Sakkyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

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