Yugawara Onsen ryokan 'leaves' breakfast is a pinnacle of luxury


Kaiseki dinner with Eve's leaves up to fun、Morning waking up in a comfortable night's sleep。For even the good feelings while watching her nostalgia for sunny mountain morning bath、Eating in the morning and continue。


"Squeezed fresh yellow kumquat" fresh tangerine juice and freshen up before dinner。We wake up。


"Butterbur and oyster-matching' opens strong children、A little tight in the eyes of。


See method Lotus grass with Sesame"


The Kanto-style roll egg、Kanto-style sweetness。If you request、It's possible Kansai-style soup with egg。


"Boiled Shirasu grated Japanese radish"


"Baby Bok Choy、Small potato、Koya tofu、Mushroom-fired combination.


"The fried tofu homemade Sesame anyone '

Specializing in Yugawara and famous tofu and Yuba '12-an"And it's has been using tofu is made by cement made by rich soy milk in domestic soybean production、Mouth melt smooth tasty tofu。


Spanish mackerel fat on a roll and "grilled mackerel.、Smoothes both rice。


Using the "rice" Ibaraki Milky Queen。Advantage grain stood a beautiful Silver Hall。


Moments of bliss from our freshly cooked rice。Relax face smell rises from Rice's Japanese。


Milky Queen、Tenacious than the normal rice、Soft anyway cook up easy-to-。Harder and harder even cold、Rice and rice balls、Suitable for rice。Side dishes are all、As is provided in order to eat、Friends husband is 3 teaspoons.、2 tablespoons finished eating lighter than everyone else!


Use "miso soup with clams' Aichi Prefecture from Asari。Leaves her miso soup in the morning is body-friendly stuff and thought, basic's shell。


Perhaps you are familiar with pickled plum Minami plum recently in low-salt、A little salt feels strongly。




Has also been sold as "shrimp Compote" * souvenir。


* Gift of "minced beef" sells well。


Brown rice tea


"In the new summer Orange served with Chardonnay jelly'

Chardonnay called richest aromatic components in the fruit。Alcohol is flying in.、An adult you can scent fully。


After you have satisfied everyone rejoice "coffee," a Japanese breakfast、And ready in the room、Check out the leisurely 11 am。


The drop-off mistress and Lady、And to accompany you to the Concierge helped me with picture、Could really have spent time leisurely 2 days unforgettable luxury。Also come、I want to visit!

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Kanagawa ashigarakami ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi town miyanoue 749-59 TEL:0465-62-3808

Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 749 -59

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